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1927 University of Chattanooga Yearbook, The Moccasin Advertising Section

These ads are taken from the 1927 UC Yearbook.

Welcome to a stroll down Memory Lane, I remember many of these businesses and some are still around. Enjoy the trip!

If you had an ancestor who owned or worked for one of these companies, or maybe you worked or shopped there, be sure to order one or all of the ads. These ads look great framed, and make a nice gift.

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Item # 10252B, Single Page Price $2.50
Item # 10252C, Entire Ad Section (13 pages) Price $6.00
Name Comments
Benson Printing Co. Nashville, TN
C. F. Murphy Co.
Chattanooga Gas Co.
Chattanooga Medicine Co. Full page ad
Columbian Iron Works
D. B. Loveman Co. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Davidson Clothing Co. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Dearing Printing Co.
Dow-Griscom Full page ad, engravers & artists
Edwards & LeBron, Inc. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Fountain Square Drug Co.
Friedman, Morris Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Fulmer, Reeves & Ware Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Hardie & Caudle Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Harris & Hogshead Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Hotel Patten
Jas. M. Shaw Co. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Johnson Hardware Co.
Keese, Bill Insurance
Knoedler & Meredith Gulf Gasoline & Federal Tires
L. C. Smallwood Contracting Co.
Landress, Tom L. Manager of Phoenix Mutual Life
Love and Oliphant Insurance
M. B. Eaves & Bros. Fruits, Vegetables & Groceries
Martin, Edwin O. Provident Life
Martin-Thompson Co. Athletic Equip.
Miller Bros. Co. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Milliken & Williams Steam & Coal
Moore Coal Co.
Myer-Leach Jewelry Co. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Parrent's Paint Store
S. T. & W. A. Dewees Co. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Stovall Hardware Co. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
T. H. Payne Co. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Templeton's Jewelers
Tennessee Egg Co.
Tennessee Electric Power Co. "Ride The Trolley!"
Tindell's Inc.
Trinity M. E. Church, South Rev. R. N. Havens, Pastor
W. F. Fischer & Bro. Co. Retail Merchants Assoc. Ad
Warrior Cement Full page ad
Winer & McCollister Jewelers
Woodworth, C. N. Life Insurance
Wright Coal Co.



















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