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Tennessee Licensed Veterinarians & Educational Background, 1914


There is no genealogy information on these people, but if you want a copy for your genealogy scrapbook or your files we will run copies from the original book. For prices send an e-mail to:

Item # 10110

(From page 278)

Adair, H. H. Bristol, TN
Adams, L. H. Knoxville, TN
Allen, F. W. Bardwell, KY
Allen, Geo. H. Union City, TN
Alston, John L. Henning, TN
Andre, Victor J. Osceola, AR
Ashley, Lewis P. Memphis, TN
Audrade, J. S. Chattanooga, TN
Ayer, Hobart C. Memphis, TN
Banks, C. B. Memphis, TN
Beaden, A. C. Ripley, TN
Becker, Chas. J. Bolivar, TN
Bell, Arthur J. Pulaski, TN
Bell, John Nashville, Tn
Bell, W. M. Nashville, TN
Biggs, C. H. Kingston, TN
Blackman, Geo. B. Nashville, TN
Britt, I. W. Sharon, TN
Brown, Albert J. Fayetteville, TN
Brown, C. C. Memphis, TN
Brown, Eldridge N. Nashville, TN
Brown, Jessie C. Nashville, TN
Campbell, Chas. E. Lenoir City, TN
Carter, J. M. Milton, TN
Chilton, J. L. Gunter, TN
Collins, R. E. Memphis, TN
Collins, R. G. Nashville, TN
Connell, Jas. C. Martin, TN
Cook, J. G. Nashville, TN
Coplin, W. L. Jackson, TN
Culley, E. M. Paris, TN
Davis, S. W. Shelbyville, TN
Duncan, Frank Indian Mound, TN
Eagle, W. N. Spring City, TN
Edwards, H. H. Lewisburg, TN
Edwards, J. B. Fayetteville, TN
Ellis, Charles Palmersville, TN
Gates, W. L. Memphis, TN
Giles, W. M. Franklin, TN
Gill, J. C. Clarksville, TN
Giltner, G. B. Murfreesboro, TN
Glasson, Ira Union City, TN
Gondy, W. S. Memphis, TN
Gregory, J. J. Humboldt, TN
Gunter, R. H. Chattanooga, TN
Hall, J. L. Eagleville, TN
Hall, J. W. Smyrna, TN
Hall, W. C. Smyrna, TN
Haworth, D. E. Halls, TN
Hecker, Frank Camden, TN
Hibdon, J. W. Chattanooga, TN
Hobbs, C. F. Jackson, TN
Hodson, M. P. Maryville, TN
Holmes, H. N. Bedford City, VA
Holt, John F. Pulaski, TN
Hughes, D. W. Knoxville, TN
Hunt, C. C. Memphis, TN
Hunter, J. N. Woodbury, Tn
Jackson, J. C. Shelbyville, TN
Jacob, M. Knoxville, TN
Jehle, James M. Chattanooga, TN
Jones, A. I. Morristown, TN
Jones, J. M. Lewisburg, TN
Jordan, J. M. Fayetteville, TN
Joyner, John W. Covington, TN
Kennedy, A. O. Columbia, TN
Kite, Robert A. Baileyton, TN
Lacy, W. W. Shelbyville, TN
Lamb, Luther O. Dyersburg, TN
Landes, P. J. Nashville, TN
Leach, A. T. Somerville, TN
Lewis, John S. Gallatin, TN
Lewis, L. T. Gallatin, TN
Lumby, C. L. Chattanooga, TN
Luttrel, A. B. Glen Alice
Mangram, J. Smithville, TN
Masgana, George Chattanooga, TN
Mattice, M. P. Memphis, TN
Mayberry, H. H. Nashville, TN
McCalla, H. E. Jackson, TN
McCrary, H. D. Petersburg, TN
McCrory, C. D. Petersburg, TN
McCrory, H. D. Ostella, TN
McLean, M. H. McKenzie, TN
McMahon, J. H. Columbia, TN
McMahon, O. L. Columbia, TN
Meador, D. J. Selma, AL
Meador, J. P. Gallatin, TN
Metcalf, G. A. Knoxville, TN
Miller, J. C. Ripley, TN
Misner, A. C. Union City, TN
Moore, Frank B. Nashville, TN
Morey, B. F. Martin, TN
Morgan, D. B. Fayetteville, AR
Morgan, F. W. Chattanooga, TN
Morris, Geo. W. Somerville, TN
Morris, N. E. Franklin, TN
Morris, Walter Somerville, TN
Mosley, B. F. Dresden, Tn
Murray, W. H. Memphis, TN
Murry, Wm. Covington, TN
Myers, C. V. Greeneville, TN
Perry, Frank M. Greenfield, TN
Plaskett, Joseph Nashville, TN
Plew, Early Paris, TN
Prater, H. A. Louisville, TN
Prater, J. L. Maryville, TN
Prater, W. B. Dayton, TN
Pylant, Jas. T. Mulberry, TN
Rader, W. M. Bull's Gap, TN
Rauch, John P. Memphis, TN
Reams, W. C. Bells, TN
Reed, S. W. Cleveland, TN
Ridgeway, T. B. Kenton, TN
Robertson, A. E. Nashville, TN
Robertson, J. G. Triune, TN
Robertson, R. T. ?
Rose, Robt. L. Springfield, TN
Scheibler, J. W. Memphis, TN
Shaefer, H. R. Memphis, TN
Sharp, N. Friendship, TN
Shaw, W. G. Knoxville, TN
Siress, J. I. Paris, TN
Smith, J. L. Dresden, TN
Smith, R. H. Sweetwater, TN
Smithson, S. A. Greenfield, TN
Spillman, J. E. Beech Grove, TN
Strayer, W. J. Memphis, TN
Summers, S. D. Gleason, TN
Talbot, Tom Mt. Pleasant, TN
Taylor, P. C. Shelbyville, TN
Terrell, J. B. L. Dresden, TN
Thomas, S. G. Bluff City, TN
Thompson, W. M. Alamo, TN
Topmiller, A. C. Murfreesboro, TN
Topmiller, E. B. Winchester, TN
Topmiller, J. L. Bowling Green, KY
Waldron, A. W., Jr. Tullahoma, TN
Walker, D. A. Friendship, TN
Walker, D. A. Friendship, TN
Watkins, W. P. Memphis, TN
Wattam, C. W. Memphis, TN
Webster, H. P. Mt. Pleasant, TN
Weems, John R. Baileyton, TN
Welsh, Jos. R. Memphis, TN
Whitaker, L. D. Nashville, TN
White, Geo. R. Nashville, TN
Whittington, G. P. Morristown, TN
Wilson, Carl Athens, TN
Wilson, M. R. Brownsville, TN
Woods, S. H. Murfreesboro, TN
Wray, H. F. Brownsville, TN
Wright, C. H. Jackson, TN
Youree, F. R. Lebanon, TN









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