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Officers of the Tennessee IOOF Lodge, 1906 (International Order Odd Fellows)

Taken from the Proceedings of the 66th Annual Session of the Grand Lodge Independent Order Odd Fellows of Tennessee Held at Chattanooga, October 17-19, 1906.


Full page photos of some past Grand Masters are included in the book. They are:

Robert Hatton, Grand Master 1858-59

Henry C. Hensley, Grand Master 1862-63

Willis H. McConnell, Grand Master 1866-67

Joseph L. Weakley, Grand Master, 1871-72

E. B. Mann, Grand Master 1881-82

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The men listed below are officers in the local Odd Fellows Lodges of Tennessee in 1906. While there is no "genealogy" information, the information about the lodge, such as the number of members, amount paid for relief of charity cases, etc... are shown. Hopefully this will help you have a better understanding of your ancestor and his community. We will send you copies of the reference for your ancestor, and the information for his local lodge.
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    Name		    Lodge
Abernathy, A. Samuel	Aspen Hill, TN
Abernathy, J. B.	Pulaski, TN
Abrahams, J. S.		Nashville, TN
Acuff, L. G.		Washburn, TN
Adair, J. P.		Knoxville, TN
Adams, J. B.		Warrensburg, TN
Adams, J. B.		Auburn, TN
Adams, John P.		Manchester, TN
Adams, N. B.		Townsend, TN
Akins, W. H.		Tatumville, TN
Alcorn, Mathew		Almy, TN
Alexander, D. B.	Cumberland Gap, TN
Alexander, J. A.	Memphis, TN
Alexander, W. S.	Petersburg, TN
Alford, F. M.		Brittsville, TN
Allen, J. M.		Ashland, City, TN
Allen, W. I.		Henderson, TN
Alley, Hayes		Lenoir City, TN
Allison, B. M.		Monterey, TN
Anderson, J. A.		Morrison, TN
Anderson, John A.	Piney Flats, TN
Anderson, M. L.		Ducktown, TN
Anderson, R. G.		Georgetown, TN
Anderson, S. E.		Limestone, TN
Anderson, T. O.		Crestview, TN
Anderson, T. R.		Springfield, TN
Anderson, W. L.		Ducktown, TN
Anderson, W. S.		Morristown, TN
Anderton, J. A.		Winchester, TN
Andrews, P. E.		Halls, TN
Archer, Will		Newbern, TN
Armer, R. L.		Galen, TN
Armistead, W. H.	Indian Mound, TN
Armor, R. L.		Galen, TN
Armstrong, G. W.	Union City, TN
Armstrong, H. C.	Rogersville, TN
Armstrong, S. R.	Columbia, TN
Arnett, J. R.		Mohawk, TN
Arnold, W. G.		Chesterfield, TN
Arwood, T. H.		Russellville, TN
Ashley, R. L.		Gossburg, TN
Ashley, S. P.		Hixson, TN
Ashworth, J. M.		Fayetteville, TN
Askew, W. B.		Gordonsville, TN
Atchley, W. A.		Sevierville, TN
Atkins, Charles		Trimble, TN
Atkins, J. H.		Lone Mountain, TN
Atkinson, Fletcher	Roslin, TN
Austin, S. A. C.	Cottage Grove, TN
Austin, W. C.		Portland, TN
Austin, W. H.		Doyle, TN
Avery, T. G.		Friendship, TN
Ayers, R. E.		Wartrace, TN
Bacon, Charles C.	Johnson City, TN
Bacon, O. C.		Johnson City, TN
Bagwell, D. R.		Monterey, TN
Bailey, A.		Trimble, TN
Bailey, H. D.		Sevierville, TN
Baird, Jesse C.		Elk Valley, TN
Baker, J. W.		Powder Springs, TN
Ballafant, John		Culleoka, TN
Ballard, J. S.		Sevierville, TN
Balleu, J. U.		Mohawk, TN
Ballinger, Henry	Wayne, TN
Banks, Geo. E., Jr.	Winchester, TN
Banks, J. L.		Bon Air, TN
Barber, George A.	Thorn Grove, TN
Barber, J. E.		Pikeville, TN
Barber, W. A.		Pikeville, TN
Bare, C. L.		Birchwood, TN
Barger, D. A.		Indian Spring, TN
Barksdale, G. W.	Celina, TN
Barnes, S. B.		Blountville, TN
Barnett, J. M.		Clifton, TN
Barnhill, J. T.		Philadelphia, TN
Bartenstein, E. H.	Mt. Pleasant, TN
Bates, W. T.		Bluff City, TN
Batson, R. B.		Southside, TN
Baughard, J. A.		Greeneville, TN
Bean, T. J.		LaFayette, TN
Bean, T. J.		Red Boiling Springs, TN
Beatus, J.		Memphis, TN
Beaty, Thomas		Cornersville, TN
Beck, W. S.		Chattanooga, TN
Beckton, W. T.		Dyer, TN
Beene, George L.	South Pittsburg, TN
Bell, F. E.		Grant, TN
Bell, J. F.		Watertown, TN
Bellamy, P. B.		Oakwood, TN
Bellamy, P. F.		Oakwood, TN
Benbo, S. W.		Nashville, TN
Bernard, Hal.		Greenbrier, TN
Berry, George H.	Tullahoma, TN
Berry, R. A.		Kansas, TN
Bessent, J. H.		Friendship, TN
Bettis, G. A.		Piedmont, TN
Bettis, O. M.		Talbot, TN
Bevels, E. G.		Dellrose, TN
Bible, C. P.		Brunners Grove, TN
Bible, R. C.		Brunners Grove, TN
Bickwell, W. O.		Deer Lodge, TN
Bidwell, J. F.		Pleasant View, TN
Bilbrey, W. A.		Cliff Springs, TN
Bird, C. H.		White Pine, TN
Bischoff, Herman	Chattanooga, TN
Blackburn, R. J.	Jellico, TN
Blackwell, G. W.	Thorn Grove, TN
Blair, A. L.		Sevierville, TN
Blair, A. S.		Sevierville, TN
Blair, Hugh		Newbern, TN
Blair, Q.		Newbern, TN
Blake, Rodney		Slayden, TN
Blalock, S. E.		Dukedom, TN
Blankenship, J. C.	Elk Valley, TN
Blankenship, John. P.	Maryville, TN
Blanton, R. E.		Chattanooga, TN
Blevins, J. T.		Oliver Springs, TN
Blevins, T. T.		Athens, TN
Blumenthall, J. S.	Murfreesboro, TN
Bobbitt, W. H.		Rutherford, TN
Bockman, V. E.		Cookeville, TN
Bodenhamer, A. L.	South Knoxville, TN
Bogin, J. C.		Harriman, TN
Boles, J. W.		Brittsville, TN
Bondurant, A. C.	Palmersville, TN
Boone, G. D.		Erin, TN
Booz, R. L.		Lexington, TN
Boston, G. W.		Pioneer, TN
Boswell, R. W.		Crawford, TN
Bowman, Edw.		Greeneville, TN
Bowman, H. M.		Johnson City, TN
Boy, J. C.		Bluff City, TN
Boyd, C. N.		Locust Mound, TN
Boyd, E. H.		Cookeville, TN
Boyd, J. H.		Tellico Junction, TN
Bradley, J. F.		Pleasant View, TN
Bradshaw, J. R.		Jefferson City, TN
Brandon, E. R.		Normandy, TN
Brandon, J. E.		Clifty, TN
Brandon, J. L.		Normandy, TN
Brannan, C. M.		Greeneville, TN
Brannan, Charles	Greeneville, TN
Brannan, R. H.		Jefferson City, TN
Brawner, W. C.		Martin, TN
Bray, J. A.		Chesterfield, TN
Breeding, W. F.		Lone Mountain, TN
Breeding, W. M.		Livingston, TN
Brendle, B. A.		Tellico Junction, TN
Bridges, C. A.		Cornersville, TN
Bright, J. S.		Afton, TN
Bright, L. L.		Graveston, TN
Bright, W. D.		Jearoldstown, TN
Brink, Edwin		Springfield, TN
Briscoe, J. R.		Tampico, TN
Brogan, J. G.		Walkersford, TN
Brogan, S. M.		Fayetteville, TN
Brooks, E. L.		Silverdale, TN
Brooks, G. A.		Allendale, TN
Brooks, G. A.		Cumberland Gap, TN
Brown, B. F.		Kingston, TN
Brown, F. A.		Chattanooga, TN
Brown, G. R.		Crab Orchard, TN
Brown, J. C.		Sherman Heights, TN
Brown, John		Agee, TN
Brown, John E.		Bon Air, TN
Brown, John M.		Thorn Grove, TN
Brown, Samuel		Knoxville, TN
Brown, T. G.		Pleasant hill, TN
Brown, Thomas F.	Crossville, TN
Brown, W. A.		Munch, TN
Brown, W. F.		Celina, TN
Broyles, O. F.		Caryville, TN
Brumit, E. M.		Hampton, TN
Brummit, D. M.		Elizabethton, TN
Brummitt, J. C.		Gleason, TN
Buckley, J. M.		Palmersville, TN
Bunch, A. W.		Spring Hill, TN
Bunch, M. W.		Petros, TN
Bunch, R. C.		Spring Hill, TN
Burford, T. A.		Lebanon, TN
Burge, Daniel H.	Lebanon, TN
Burnett, J. E.		Crossville, TN
Burnett, W. N.		Harriman, TN
Burney, J. R.		Clarksville, TN
Burus, W. E.		Maryville, TN
Butcher, J. B.		Walkersford, TN
Butcher, J. P.		Walkersford, TN
Butler, W. P.		Aspen Hill, TN
Byars, S. T.		Morrison, TN
Byesley, E. E.		Louisville, TN
Byington, M. B.		Beaver Ridge, TN
Byrd, G. W.		Byrd, TN
Byrum, R. C.		Estill Springs, TN
Cage, J. W.		Sango, TN
Caldwell, E. D.		Spring City, TN
Callicott, J. B.	Lanes, TN
Campbell, C. S.		Limestone, TN
Campbell, J. L.		Bradford, TN
Campbell, J. L., Dr.	Hemlock, TN
Campbell, L. P.		Charleston, TN
Campbell, W. B.		Fossil, TN
Campbell, W. M.		Dyersburg, TN
Capps, M. B.		Livingston, TN
Carden, H.		Daisy, TN
Carden, U. S.		Lafollette, TN
Cardon, J. T.		LaFollette, TN
Carleton, H. L.		Brownsville, TN
Carleton, Y. C.		Springfield, TN
Carnell, M. C.		Waverly, TN
Carney, C. S.		Ripley, TN
Carr, J. H.		Maynardville, TN
Carr, R. F.		Cumberland Gap, TN
Carroll, C. P.		Bon Air, TN
Carter, D. J.		Rives, TN
Carter, E. L.		Quebeck, TN
Carter, J. D.		Bradyville, TN
Carter, J. H.		Ottway, TN
Carver, J. C.		Shawanee, TN
Cashon, Charles A.	Martin, TN
Cason, J. N.		McCay's, TN
Cate, G. B.		Cynthiana, TN
Cate, J. E.		Pickel, TN
Cate, S. W. G.		Sinking Spring, TN
Caughon, W. D.		Tellico Plains, TN
Caylor, R.		Gatliff, TN
Cecil, J. R.		New River, TN
Ceigler, H.		Nashville, TN
Champion, J. H.		Auburn, TN
Chancey, Jos. R.	Cleveland, TN
Chandley, B. W.		Red Boiling Springs, TN
Chase, H. T.		Flint Springs, TN
Chauncy, E.		Soddy, TN
Cherry, J. T..		Triune, TN
Chiles, J. T.		Glass, TN
Chittum, W. A.		Latonia, TN
Christian, B. V.	Wartrace, TN
Chumlea, W. C.		Maryville, TN
Claggett, R. M.		Centreville, TN
Clapp, W. L.		Corryton, TN
Clark, C. M.		Fall Branch, TN
Clark, S. M.		Clinton, TN
Clark, W. T.		Ashland, City, TN
Clause, P. B.		Graysville, TN
Clayton, J. W.		Hohenwald, TN
Clift, J. M.		Ravenscroft, TN
Cline, C. V.		Kansas, TN
Cline, George W.	Crossville, TN
Cline, S. C..		Crossville, TN
Cobble, J. L.		Midway, TN
Coile, I. A.		Jefferson City, TN
Cole, C. E.		Sutherland, TN
Cole, Wilson		Minor Hill, TN
Coleman, C. E.		New Providence, TN
Coleman, R. C.		Sneedville, TN
Collette, J. L.		Luttrell, TN
Collier, G. T.		Waverly, TN
Collins, C. C.		Elizabethton, TN
Collins, Emmert		Plato, TN
Collins, J. R.		Leas Springs, TN
Collins, Shelby		Hornbeak, TN
Colston, J. W.		Athens, TN
Compton, J. M.		Strawb'ry Plains, TN
Compton, V. M.		Lynnville, TN
Condra, J. A.		Whitwell, TN
Conner, F. J.		Fountain City, TN
Conway, J. P.		Appleton, TN
Cooke, E. R.		Tazewell, TN
Cooper, A. B.		Hohenwald, TN
Cooper, D. E.		Deer Lodge, TN
Cooper, W. D.		Camden, TN
Cooper, W. D.		Mt. Pleasant, TN
Cooper, W. H.		Chattanooga, TN
Corvin, J. C.		Memorial Church, TN
Cotton, F. O.		Memphis, TN
Counts, H. C.		Flintville, TN
Covell, A. B.		Sherman Heights, TN
Covington, E. H.	Paris, TN
Cox, R. S.		Blountville, TN
Cox, W. J.		Powell's Station, TN
Craddock, B. A.		Humboldt, TN
Craig, J. M.		Summertown, TN
Craig, P. H.		Waynesboro, TN
Crane, L. O.		Summertown, TN
Crawford, C. C.		Como, TN
Crisp, J. M.		Morrison, TN
Cross, J. W.		Fredonia, TN
Cross, Leonard		Caryville, TN
Crosthwait, George E.	Summertown, TN
Crow, J. C.		Bumpus Mills, TN
Crowley, P. C.		Smithville, TN
Crownover, J. J.	Orme, TN
Crudgington, J. W.	Knoxville, TN
Crumley, D. A.		Ooltewah, TN
Crumley, J. R.		Chattanooga, TN
Culshall, N. J..	Greeneville, TN
Culver, T. B.		Jellico, TN
Cunningham, J. C.	Hixson, TN
Cunningham. R. L.	Grady, TN
Cupp, H. C.		Memphis, TN
Curnutt, E. V.		Jasper, TN
Curnutt, Verdie		Jasper, TN
Curtis, J. G.		Greenback, TN
Dagman, Thomas		Whiteside, TN
Dahuff, Nathan		Jamestown, TN
Daniel, R. L.		Rockwood, TN
Davenport, M. H.	McCay's, TN
Davidson, A. H.		Oliver Springs, TN
Davidson, S. T.		Benton, TN
Davis, C. C.		Watertown, TN
Davis, C. H.		Wartburg, TN
Davis, C. H.		Springdale, TN
Davis, E. F.		Dyersburg, TN
Davis, H. L.		Chattanooga, TN
Davis, J. W.		Locust Spring, TN
Davis, W. A.		Henderson, TN
Davis, W. E.		Chattanooga, TN
Davis, W. F.		Nashville, TN
Davis, W. T.		Baker's Gap, TN
Davis, W. T.		Erwin, TN
Davis, W. W.		Munch, TN
Dawes, H. L.		Crestview, TN
Dawson, A. M.		Parrottsville, TN
Day, Thomas W.		Rockwood, TN
Deakins, J. F.		Lucky, TN
Deal, A. J.		Concord, TN
Deekins, J. F.		Lucky, TN
DeGolia, W. S.		Crossville, TN
Delozier, W. H.		Bank, TN
Dennis, R. F.		Athens, TN
Dent, M. E.		Hixson, TN
Denton, C. C.		McEwen, TN
Denton, J. C.		Allensville, TN
Denton, Paul D.		Nashville, TN
Dibrell, W. F.		Eastland, TN
Dickey, John M.		Kelso, TN
Dickson, H. W.		Mt. Pleasant, TN
Dierdorf, D.		Memphis, TN
Dobbs, Thomas		Campground, TN
Dodd, W. A.		Dayton, TN
Dodds, R. M.		Harriman, TN
Dodson, H. M.		Cardiff, TN
Dodson, William		Adams, TN
Donnell, R. G.		Alexandria, TN
Donnelly, Chas. W.	Jacksboro, TN
Donnelly, J. W.		Burns, TN
Donohoo, Geo. P.	Jefferson City, TN
Dossett, W. A.		Well Spring, TN
Dotson, H. M.		Cardiff, TN
Douglas, C. J.		Newcomb, TN
Douglass, C. J.		Newcomb, TN
Douglass, S. S.		Newcomb, TN
Dowlen, W. M.		Pleasant View, TN
Duff, John		Leas Springs, TN
Duff, P. E.		Tampico, TN
Duke, G. A.		Chesterfield, TN
Duke, W. G.		Chesterfield, TN
Dummett, E. J.		Clairfield, TN
Duncan, G. R.		Fall Branch, TN
Duncan, J. F.		East Lake, TN
Duncan, M. E.		Pless, TN
Dungan, J. S.		Graysville, TN
Dunham, A. S.		Harriman, TN
Dunlap, A. M.		Gleason, TN
Dunn, George M.		Jonesboro, TN
Dunn, George W.		Knoxville, TN
Dunn, Samuel		Townsend, TN
Durham, A. O.		Ripley, TN
Dyer, F. M.		Memphis, TN
Dyer, H. H.		Johnson City, TN
Dyer, R. L.		Johnson City, TN
Dyer, S. M.		Luttrell, TN
Dyer, W. G.		Coal Creek, TN
Dykes, J. R.		Latonia, TN
Dykes, W. L.		Fountain City, TN
Earle, J. C.		Cumberland Gap, TN
Easley, J. W.		Dickson, TN
Easterly, F. P.		Warrensburg, TN
Easterly, O. W.		Parrottsville, TN
Eaton, J. H.		Carlocksville, TN
Eckles, W. P.		Memphis, TN
Edgar, T. H.		Jefferson City, TN
Edmundson, Guy M.	Nashville, TN
Edwards, J. W.		Como, TN
Edwards, T. L.		Sardis, TN
Eggers, J. C.		Laurel Bloomery, TN
Eichorn, George		Daisy, TN
Elinar, C. A.		McKenzie, TN
Elkins, J. M.		Briceville, TN
Ellis, M. M.		St. Elmo, TN
Ellis, R. W.		Harriman, TN
Ellison, T. S.		Parrottsville, TN
Emmert, G. W.		Townsend, TN
Enders, F. C.		Portland, TN
England, A. J.		Dayton, TN
English, A. J.		Jearoldstown, TN
Epperson, J. O.		Charleston, TN
Epperson, W. S.		Springdale, TN
Epperson. J. H.		Charleston, TN
Ernest, W. W.		Sevierville, TN
Erwin, Chas. D.		Sparta, TN
Erwin, M. M.		Liberty Hill, TN
Eskridge, Richard	Dresden, TN
Estill, Wallis		Alton Park, TN
Eubank, Nathan		Prospect, TN
Evans, Charles E.	Awalt, TN
Evans, H. M.		Liberty, TN
Evans, J. B.		Liberty, TN
Evans, L. P.		Morrison, TN
Ewing, T. S.		Farmington, TN
Exum, W. C.		Covington, TN
Ezell, F. H.		Chapel Hill, TN
Ezell, J. L.		Dellrose, TN
Fair, P. B.		Oliver Springs, TN
Fancher, H. L.		Orme, TN
Farmer, S. L.		Gatliff, TN
Farmer, W. D.		Rover, TN
Farmer, W. O.		Townsend, TN
Farnum, E. W.		Crestview, TN
Farris, J. K., Jr.	Decherd, TN
Faulkinburg, C. C.	Blanche, TN
Febuary, William	Roan Mountain, TN
Felker, A. J.		Lawrenceburg, TN
Felts, R. H.		Orlinda, TN
Felty, John		Afton, TN
Ferguson, J. S.		Pikeville, TN
Ferguson, R. J.		Carter, TN
Fessey, S. O..		Palmyra, TN
Fine, R. L.		Johnson City, TN
Fine, Robt. L.		Johnson City, TN
Fischesser, J. R.	Spring City, TN
Fishburne, C. A.	Greenback, TN
Fisher, C. L.		Lancaster, TN
Fisher, R. J.		Poplin's X Roads, TN
Fite, F. M.		Cottage Home, TN
Flanigan, E. L.		Hohenwald, TN
Flemiken, B. P.		Knoxville, TN
Fleming, J. S.		Hilham, TN
Fletcher, B. S.		Tatumville, TN
Fletcher, R. S.		Jackson, TN
Flippin, J. A.		Spivey, TN
Flory, M. F.		Athens, TN
Flowers, B. C.		Newbern, TN
Fonville, Samuel	Dyer, TN
Forbes, E. F.		Carter, TN
Ford, J. T.		Willow Grove, TN
Foreit, A. J.		Nashville, TN
Formwalt, Chas. J.	Fayetteville, TN
Forsythe, Jesse T.	Memphis, TN
Fowler, T. I.		Fancy, TN
Fox, J. C.		Dandridge, TN
Franks, S. H.		Onward, TN
Frazier, J. J.		Afton, TN
Freeman, J. S.		Haysville, TN
French, G. A.		Leas Springs, TN
French, Harner		Friendsville, TN
French, W. F.		Munford, TN
Friar, Charles		Clairfield, TN
Frost, Robert M.	Luttrell, TN
Fry, T. H.		Yorkville, TN
Fuston, J. A.		Cottage Home, TN
Gabbert, J. T.		Greenbrier, TN
Gamble, R. T.		Georgetown, TN
Gannaway, E. E.		Spring City, TN
Gannaway, E. R.		Southside, TN
Gardner, D. A.		Dyersburg, TN
Garland, A. M.		South Pittsburg, TN
Garner, C. H.		Alto, TN
Garner, Samuel		Alto, TN
Garrard, C. S.		Dotsonville, TN
Garrigus, W. A.		East Lake, TN
Garrison, William	Gossburg, TN
Gentry, J. F.		Burns, TN
Gentry, R. B.		Baxter, TN
Gibson, S. V.		Sevierville, TN
Gibson, T. K.		Alto, TN
Gilbert, G. W.		Shawanee, TN
Gill, J. S.		Grant, TN
Gill, Samuel F.		Memphis, TN
Gillem, W. C.		Indian Mound, TN
Gillespie, J. H.	Chattanooga, TN
Gilliam, W. S.		Prospect, TN
Gillspy, J. H.		Walland, TN
Gilpin, Garrett		Allendale, TN
Givens, A. P.		Milton, TN
Gladhill, E. W.		Dyer, TN
Gleason, M. D.		Caryville, TN
Glover, P. E.		Harrison, TN
Goad, J. R.		Huntsville, TN
Gobble, J. L.		Pigeon Forge, TN
Goddard, W. A.		Onward, TN
Goin, A. C.		New Tazewell, TN
Goin, J. P.		New Tazewell, TN
Goodman, J. G.		Brownsville, TN
Goodpasture, E. C.	Livingston, TN
Gordon, M.		Frankfort, TN
Gordon, W. J.		Clifton, TN
Gossett, Edward		Oakdale, TN
Gothard, J. W.		Knoxville, TN
Graham, J. C.		Gallatin, TN
Grames, J. J..		Lenoir City, TN
Grannis, H. W.		Lebanon, TN
Grant, J. B.		Chattanooga, TN
Grant, W. W.		Athens, TN
Graves, Grant		Flatwoods, TN
Graves, John		Sharp's Chapel, TN
Gray, E. W.		Sale Creek, TN
Green, A. J.		Munford, TN
Green, C. D.		Knoxville, TN
Green, C. E.		Pelham, TN
Green, H. C.		Clarksville, TN
Greene, D. A.		Sneedville, TN
Greenway, J. C.		Greenback, TN
Greer, J. M.		Petersburg, TN
Griffith, David		Sale Creek, TN
Griffith, J. A.		Sale Creek, TN
Griffith, J. F.		Spivey, TN
Griffith, James A.	Smithville, TN
Griffith, Levi		Sunbright, TN
Griffith, W. H.		Munford, TN
Griffiths, S. A.	Unitia, TN
Grigsby, Carl		Cleveland, TN
Grissom, A. W.		Quebeck, TN
Grizzle, G. S.		Mechanicsville, TN
Groseclose, J. H.	Johnson City, TN
Grubb, S. G.		Sweetwater, TN
Guider, John E.		Soddy, TN
Gulden, H. J.		Chattanooga, TN
Gun, Thomas		Decherd, TN
Gunter, C. H.		Mechanicsville, TN
Guthrie, G. N.		Gallatin, TN
Guthrie, R. H.		Harrison, TN
Gwaltney, W. R.		Union Hill, TN
Haggard, A. A.		Cynthiana, TN
Hall, Emmett T.		Paris, TN
Hall, G. F.		Roslin, TN
Hall, H. C.		Knoxville, TN
Hall, J. A.		Ooltewah, TN
Hall, J. H.		Gassaway, TN
Hall, John V.		Poplin's X Roads, TN
Hall, L. B.		Tatumville, TN
Halstead, Chas. F.	Memphis, TN
Hamill, J. G.		Hixson, TN
Hamilton, J. P.		Lebanon, TN
Hamilton, L. E.		Elora, TN
Hamilton, W. K.		Kelso, TN
Hammer, W. H.		Lucky, TN
Hammontree, J. H.	Greenback, TN
Hancock, A. E.		Gassaway, TN
Hancock, A. W.		Fayetteville, TN
Hannah, W. M.		Harriman, TN
Harden, C. B.		Watauga Valley, TN
Harmon, F. V.		Byrd, TN
Harold, N. S.		Fossil, TN
Harper, John C.		Mountain City, TN
Harris, F. T.		Estill Springs, TN
Harris, H. G.		Pioneer, TN
Harris, M.		Charlotte, TN
Harris, S. M.		Newcomb, TN
Harris, T. G.		Westmoreland, TN
Harrison, Geo. A.	Ottway, TN
Hart, John, Jr.		Livingston, TN
Hart, S. H.		Loudon, TN
Hart, W. I.		Johnson City, TN
Harvey, E. M.		Daisy, TN
Harvey, J. N.		Cumb. Furnace, TN
Hash, J. D.		Rowland, TN
Hash, T. F.		Rowland, TN
Hassell, J. C.		Gossburg, TN
Hatfield, W. W.		Chattanooga, TN
Hathway, D. W.		Tatumville, TN
Hathway, J. J.		Halls, TN
Hatmaker, F. C.		Lafollette, TN
Haun, J. E.		Whitesburg, TN
Hawkins, J. L.		Red Boiling Sp'gs, TN
Hawks, J. G.		Fancy, TN
Hayes, S. T.		Wayne, TN
Haynes, H. T.		Flatwoods, TN
Hays, M. F.		Cottage Home, TN
Hays, Thomas A.		Lynchburg, TN
Hays, William D.	Russellville, TN
Head, H. J.		Adams, TN
Head, H. R.		Springfield, TN
Hearn, R. L.		Alexandria, TN
Heath, V. A.		Rockwood, TN
Heathman, B. F.		Pleasant View, TN
Hefner, J. F.		Cassville, TN
Heinzman, J. R.		Lawrenceburg, TN
Helms, J. P.		Nashville, TN
Helton, J. L.		Sevierville, TN
Henderson, B.		Coal Creek, TN
Henderson, J. H.	Sevierville, TN
Henderson, J. H.	Friendsville, TN
Henderson, J. R.	Highland Park, TN
Henderson, John		Friendsville, TN
Henderson, Richard	Coal Creek, TN
Henderson, S. J.	Sherman Heights, TN
Hendren, W. P.		Pless, TN
Henley, J. C.		Tracy City, TN
Henry, J. L.		Dayton, TN
Herrell, J. C. F.	Beaver Ridge, TN
Herrell, M. G.		Powell's Station, TN
Hewitt, W. R.		Cornersville, TN
Hickerson, Thos.	Manchester, TN
Hicks, C. S.		Clinton, TN
Hicks, H. K.		Clinton, TN
Hicks, O. L.		Newport, TN
Hicks, T. A.		Newcomb, TN
Higdon, S. L.		Reliance, TN
Hill, J. L.		Moodyville, TN
Hill, R. E.		Burns, TN
Hill, Roy		Oneida, TN
Hill, W. J.		Powells Station, TN
Hillis, I. H.		Irving College, TN
Hinchey, George H.	New Market, TN
Hinkle, Jacob		Hemlock, TN
Hinton, Burr		Clarksville, TN
Hirsh, Aaron		Nashville, TN
Hixson, E. F.		Hixson, TN
Hobach, W. L.		Athens, TN
Hoback, W. L.		Athens, TN
Hodge, J. H.		Cookeville, TN
Hodges, J. K.		Chattanooga, TN
Hoge, J. B.		New Providence, TN
Holbrook, J. L.		Dresden, TN
Holdway, J. D.		Brunners Grove, TN
Holladay, G. B.		Camden, TN
Holladay, J. R.		Holladay, TN
Holland, A. B.		Dyersburg, TN
Holland, A. D.		Dyersburg, TN
Holland, J. L.		LaFayette, TN
Holland, R. E.		Dyersburg, TN
Hollingshead, L. E.	Brittsville, TN
Holloway, M. Y.		Rocky Springs, TN
Holloway, R. C.		Obion, TN
Holston, J. A..		Rogersville, TN
Holt, George P.		Lynchburg, TN
Holt, J. T		Dandridge, TN
Holt, John		Brunners Grove, TN
Hoover, J. F.		Shelbyville, TN
Hopkins, F. S.		Dickson, TN
Hopwood, N. S.		Lewisburg, TN
Horner, J. C.		Sneedville, TN
Horner, M. B.		St. Clair, TN
Horner, W. B.		St. Clair, TN
House, J. E.		Rives, TN
House, J. P.		Silverdale, TN
Householder, A. T.	Pigeon Forge, TN
Houston, S. C.		Daisy, TN
Howard, George U.	Burrville, TN
Howard, Horace		Frankfort, TN
Howard, J. P.		Loudon, TN
Howser, W. D.		New Providence, TN
Howser, W. D.		Palmyra, TN
Huddleston, S. O.	Byrdstown, TN
Huddleston, W. M.	Moodyville, TN
Hudson, G. M.		Whitwell, TN
Hudson, J. L.		Whitwell, TN
Hudson, R. A.		South Pittsburg, TN
Huff, J. A.		Mohawk, TN
Huggins, W. A.		Liberty, TN
Hughes, L. A.		New Tazewell, TN
Hughes, W.		Plato, TN
Hull, F. D.		Burrville, TN
Hullibarger, F. O.	Greenbrier, TN
Human, W. A.		Sunbright, TN
Hunt, A. D.		Humboldt, TN
Hunter, B. C.		Farmington, TN
Hunter, G. W.		LaFollette, TN
Hunter, M. F.		Minnowford, TN
Hutchinson, S. G.	Graysville, TN
Hutson, Charles		Pless, TN
Hutson, J. W.		Tellico Junction, TN
Hyder, A. H. P.		Carter, TN
Hyder, C. H.		Watauga Valley, TN
Hyder, F. M.		Johnson City, TN
Hyman, S. A.		New Providence, TN
Iddins, J. F.		South Knoxville, TN
Irish, G. E.		Jellico, TN
Irvin, M. M.		Liberty Hill, TN
Irwin, C. C.		Graveston, TN
Ivie, J. D.		Bradyville, TN
Jackson, A. T.		Greenbrier, TN
Jackson, F. M.		Rover, TN
Jackson, J. H.		Alto, TN
Jackson, W. H.		Coalfield, TN
James, J. S.		Gordonsville, TN
Janes, T. E.		Chestnut Bluff, TN
Janey, D. C.		Orme, TN
Jeffries, James H.	Louisville, TN
Jeffries, S. A.		Trundles X Roads, TN
Jenkins, J. L.		Clairfield, TN
Jennings, W. B.		Lone Mountain, TN
Jett, J. C.		Concord, TN
Jewell, S. M.		Afton, TN
Jobe, W. P.		Douglass Shed, TN
Jobertson, J. F.	Watauga, TN
Johnson, A. G.		New Tazewell, TN
Johnson, E. F.		Campground, TN
Johnson, G. E.		Reliance, TN
Johnson, J. F.		Petros, TN
Johnson, J. W.		Dyersburg, TN
Johnson, M. D.		Statesville, TN
Johnson, R.		Charlotte, TN
Johnson, R. L.		Lanes, TN
Johnson, Z. T.		Burrville, TN
Jones, E. C.		Dotsonville, TN
Jones, E. W.		Columbia, TN
Jones, F. W.		Union Hill, TN
Jones, J. A.		Locust Mound, TN
Jones, J. H.		Paperville, TN
Jones, James P.		Jefferson City, TN
Jones, O. T.		Douglass Shed, TN
Jones, Samuel E.	St. Elmo, TN
Jones, Tamer		Buffalo Valley, TN
Jones, Tamer		Buffalo Valley, TN
Jones, W. M.		Rocky Springs, TN
Jordan, A.		Dunn, TN
Jordan, G. W.		Whitwell, TN
Jordan, J. H.		Mountain City, TN
Jump, J. R.		Lenoir City, TN
Kaiser, Chris.		Memphis, TN
Keaton, W. M.		Cottage Home, TN
Keebler, J. G.		Rheatown, TN
Keen, A. Y.		New River, TN
Keener, John		Latonia, TN
Keller, C. F.		Knoxville, TN
Kellow, J. R.		Friendship, TN
Kelly, John L.		West Point, TN
Kelly, S. W.		Oakwood, TN
Kennedy, J. W.		Bunker Hill, TN
Kennedy, W. T.		Johnson City, TN
Kerr, S. W.		Clarksville, TN
Kersey, J. F.		Union City, TN
Ketner, W. A.		Chestnut Hill, TN
Ketron, M. A.		Bloomingdale, TN
Key, Joseph		Riceville, TN
Keys, Arthur W.		Crossville, TN
Keys, E. J.		Ooltewah, TN
Killinger, Rich		Bristol, TN
Kinder, B. A..		Jefferson City, TN
Kinder, G. M.		Tampico, TN
King, E. R.		Rocky Springs, TN
King, J. B.		Cassville, TN
King, J. R.		Buffalo Valley, TN
King, M. D.		Mason Hall, TN
King, Samuel		Lucky, TN
King, W. B.		Cassville, TN
Kinney, O. B.		Munch, TN
Kinsey, M. M.		Sparta, TN
Kircher, A. S.		Midway, TN
Kirklin, George		Cardiff, TN
Kittinger, George M.	Union City, TN
Kittrell, Jacob		Doyle, TN
Kitts, J. A.		Washburn, TN
Kitts, L. F.		Maynardville, TN
Kitts, Luther		Washburn, TN
Kountz, George B.	Alton Park, TN
Kreitner, John		Nashville, TN
Kries, J. D.		Wartburg, TN
Kuhn, E. B.		Pulaski, TN
Lacey, E. C.		Blountville, TN
Lacy, J. W. T.		Watauga Valley, TN
Lacy, John		Byrdstown, TN
Ladd, R. A.		Kingston, TN
Lancaster, H. L., Jr.	Lancaster, TN
Landis, C. F.		Jackson, TN
Lane, F. M.		Memphis, TN
Lanier, T. L.		Portland, TN
Lansden, J. B.		Willow Grove, TN
Larkins, R. R.		Burns, TN
Lassing, H. C.		Nashville, TN
Latture, G. W.		Arcadia, TN
Lavison, G. A.		Memphis, TN
Lawrence, W. B.		Maryville, TN
Lawson, B. A.		Strawb'ry Plains, TN
Lawson, D. B.		Pigeon Forge, TN
Lawson, T. D.		Tullahoma, TN
Laxton, William. W.	Huntsville, TN
Layman, A. W.		Chestnut Hill, TN
Layman, Benj.		Cosby, TN
Layne, M. H.		Newcomb, TN
Leabow, R. A.		Lone Mountain, TN
Leach, H. C.		Gleason, TN
Leak, R. B.		Sevierville, TN
LeCray, J. A.		St. Elmo, TN
Lemmond, G. W.		Bradford, TN
Leonard, A. W.		Sweetwater, TN
LeSueur, C. W.		Johnson City, TN
Lewallen, H. A..	Burrville, TN
Lewallen, H. O.		Robbins, TN
Lewallen, W. S.		Clinton, TN
Lewis, George W.	Memphis, TN
Lewis, J. M.		Knoxville, TN
Lewis, P. F.		New Market, TN
Lewis, T. A.		Hixson, TN
Lewis, W. M.		Indian Mound, TN
Light, J. M.		Baileyton, TN
Lillie, A. M.		Franklin, TN
Lindsay, John		Sneedville, TN
Lindsey, I. M.		Sevierville, TN
Lindsey, S. T.		Wayne, TN
Lippard, Ivo		Lanes, TN
Little, E. H.		Carter, TN
Little, H. F.		Decherd, TN
Little, W. H.		Tellico Plains, TN
Littlefield, E. B.	Adamsville, TN
Littrell, W. F.		Appleton, TN
Lively, S. T.		McMinnville, TN
Lloyd, J. A.		Lewisburg, TN
Lloyd, W. B.		Locust Spring, TN
London, Samuel		Tracy City, TN
Long, John C.		Unitia, TN
Long, W. J.		Rockwood, TN
Love, A. A.		Rockvale, TN
Lovelace, A. S.		Knoxville, TN
Lovelace, B. H.		St. Bethlehem, TN
Lowe, C. H.		Crandull, TN
Lowe, C. T.		Carlocksville, TN
Lowe, J. W.		Carlocksville, TN
Lowe, S. S.		Harrison, TN
Lowery, Love		Chattanooga, TN
Lunsford, W. B.		Friendship, TN
Luntsford, John W.	Rutledge, TN
Luther, A. B.		Burns, TN
Luther, N. L.		Newcomb, TN
Luton, S. R.		Bumpus Mills, TN
Lyle, C. M.		Clarksville, TN
Lynch, C. G.		New Tazewell, TN
Mabe, L. W.		Corryton, TN
Magee, M. E.		Dyersburg, TN
Mahoney, J. M.		Limestone, TN
Mahoney, L. M.		St. Elmo, TN
Mahoney, L. M.		Limestone, TN
Major, C. E.		Nashville, TN
Manley, Geo. D.		Tampico, TN
Manning, F. S.		Sale Creek, TN
Maples, J. A.		Sevierville, TN
Marbury, J. M.		Tullahoma, TN
Marcum, L. D.		Oneida, TN
Marlin, J. E.		Carlocksville, TN
Marshall, D. W.		Apison, TN
Marshall, J. L.		Sevierville, TN
Martin, A. D.		Sevierville, TN
Martin, Coulters	Graysville, TN
Martin, George K.	Slayden, TN
Martin, John C.		Douglass Shed, TN
Mason, D. T.		Nashville, TN
Masters, J. S.		Hilham, TN
Mathews, W. N.		Unitia, TN
Matlock, J. P.		Knoxville, TN
Matthews, J. E.		White Pine, TN
Maury, W. F.		Chattanooga, TN
Maxey, A. B.		Sylvia, TN
May, J. P.		Aspen Hill, TN
Mays, E. J.		Pinewood, TN
McAdams, R. N.		Rheatown, TN
McAllister, J. L.	Lenoir City, TN
McBee, W. A.		New Tazewell, TN
McBroom, G. H.		Woodbury, TN
McCage, T. C.		Yorkville, TN
McCall, L. A.		Franklin, TN
McCallie, W. H.		Birchwood, TN
McClure, R. E.		Scarboro, TN
McCollister, D.		Ooltewah, TN
McCracken, John L.	Bunker Hill, TN
McCrary, L. H.		Woodbury, TN
McCrary, M. B.		Woodbury, TN
McD. Mooney, C.		Cleveland, TN
McDaniel, J. W.		Rutherford, TN
McDavis, Lee		Cleveland, TN
McDonald, E.		Helenwood, TN
McDonald, L. V.		Sweetwater, TN
McDonald, Lon. V.	Sweetwater, TN
McFadden, W. M.		Highland Park, TN
McFall, J. B.		Sevierville, TN
McGaha, John T.		Cosby, TN
McIllwain, J. I.	Holladay, TN
McIntire, G. G.		St. Elmo, TN
McNabb, H. D.		Gossburg, TN
McNew, C. D.		Mosheim, TN
McRee, C. M.		Soddy, TN
McSpaddan, M. M.	Dandridge, TN
McSwain, I. M.		Paris, TN
McTeer, C. A.		Unitia, TN
McWilliams, T. C.	Rheatown, TN
Meador, W. V.		Watertown, TN
Milam, R. H.		Chesterfield, TN
Millard, J. A.		Bristol, TN
Miller, A. H.		Paris, TN
Miller, F. A.		Dandridge, TN
Miller, Frank R.	Andersonville, TN
Miller, Fred L.		Morristown, TN
Mills, J. H.		Talbot, TN
Milsaps, H. L.		Greenback, TN
Milsaps, H. M.		Greenback, TN
Mink, W. R.		New Tazewell, TN
Minnick, J. C.		Arcadia, TN
Minnick, John C.	Arcadia, TN
Minton, W. F.		Knoxville, TN
Mitchell, H. C.		Greeneville, TN
Mitchell, H. L.		Rockwood, TN
Mitchell, J. F.		Loyston, TN
Mitchell, W. G.		Agee, TN
Mitchell, W. G.		Sutherland, TN
Money, C. J.		Knoxville, TN
Money, S. A.		Knoxville, TN
Montgomery, O. L.	Sevierville, TN
Mooney, Oscar		Awalt, TN
Mooney, Oscar		Winfield, TN
Moore, H. C.		Gallatin, TN
Moore, H. R., Jr.	Huntland, TN
Moore, J. A.		Delrio, TN
Moore, J. T.		Briceville, TN
Moore, L. M.		Covington, TN
Moore, Robert E.	Nashville, TN
Morgan, T. R. C.	Chattanooga, TN
Morris, J. H.		Silverdale, TN
Morrison, J. W.		Russellville, TN
Moseley, T. A.		Huntland, TN
Moyer, J. B.		Hixson, TN
Moyers, B. F.		Liberty Hill, TN
Mueller, Fred		Memphis, TN
Mullins, W. A.		Powder Springs, TN
Munger, S. H.		Lenoir City, TN
Murphy, Michael		Winfield, TN
Murr, J. E.		Newport, TN
Murray, A. S.		Jonesboro, TN
Murray, S. H.		Graysville, TN
Muse, George P.		Bell Buckle, TN
Myers, A. W.		Trimble, TN
Myers, J. M.		Mosheim, TN
Myers, J. R.		Greeneville, TN
Myers, James		Whiteside, TN
Mynatt, E. C.		Fountain City,
Nash, T. W.		Cliff Springs, TN
Nave, W. T.		Allensville, TN
Neal, D. F.		Powder Springs, TN
Neely, J. F.		Hilham, TN
Neely, Samuel D.	Lawrenceburg, TN
Neil, James H.		Shelbyville, TN
Newman, Frank		Wayne, TN
Nichols, W. H.		Mason Hall, TN
Nichols, W. M.		Charleston, TN
Nichols, W. N.		Charleston, TN
Nichols, W. R.		Monterey, TN
Nolen, J. I.		Sardis, TN
North, D. A.		Cleveland, TN
North, R. B.		Franklin, TN
Nunnelly, J. S.		Irving College, TN
Nutty, J. T.		Paperville, TN
O'Connor, W. B.		Doyle, TN
Odom, J. S.		Liberty, TN
Ogle, W. M.		Sevierville, TN
O'Neil, J. D.		Bradyville, TN
Ooly, W. R.		Quebeck, TN
Orr, J. E.		Poplin's X Roads, TN
Osborne, W. M.		Awalt, TN
Outlaw, F. C.		Dotsonville, TN
Owens, B. W.		Clarksville, TN
Owens, W. R.		Campbellsville, TN
Ownby, O. R.		Sevierville, TN
Page, B. S.		St. Bethlehem, TN
Paine, A. M.		Sevierville, TN
Park, E. J.		Culleoka, TN
Parker, F. M.		Dandridge, TN
Parker, James W.	Alexandria, TN
Parker, T. T.		Highland Park, TN
Parks, C. H.		Greeneville, TN
Parsons, D. L.		Sevierville, TN
Partin, J. W.		Pelham, TN
Patrick, F. H.		McMinnville, TN
Patterson, J. W.	Chesterfield, TN
Patterson, L. R.	Petros, TN
Patterson, T. E.	Chattanooga, TN
Patterson, T. F.	Cog Hill, TN
Patton, D. T.		Bradyville, TN
Patton, J. T.		Rowland, TN
Patton, W. C.		Halls, TN
Patton, W. J.		Rowland, TN
Payne, R. W.		Lone Mountain, TN
Pearce, Edward H.	Knoxville, TN
Peeler, J. T.		Cumb. Furnace, TN
Pennington, N. A., Jr.	Trimble, TN
Perkins, R. D.		Jacksboro, TN
Perry, G. W.		Irving College, TN
Perry, J. W.		Irving College, TN
Peters, T. N.		Carter, TN
Petree, J. W.		Sharp's Chapel, TN
Petty, M. E.		Knoxville, TN
Philips, G. M.		Hanging Limb, TN
Phillipps, George	Appleton, TN
Phillips, B. O.		Almy, TN
Phillips, J. J.		Indian Spring, TN
Phillips, J. T.		Elkton, TN
Phillips, W. R.		Huntsville, TN
Pickard, J. B.		Chattanooga, TN
Pickel, Charles		Pickel, TN
Pickering, T. E.	Greeneville, TN
Pickett, H. B.		Flintville, TN
Pierce, F. M.		Knoxville, TN
Pierce, H. H.		Charleston, TN
Pierce, T. A.		Trimble, TN
Pierce, W. S.		Lovedale, TN
Piper, W. H.		Greeneville, TN
Pippin, J. W.		Roan Mountain, TN
Poe, Porter		Daisy, TN
Poe, T. L.		Apison, TN
Poe, W. M.		Rocky Springs, TN
Pope, J. C.		Kingston, TN
Popejoy, G. A.		Powder Springs, TN
Porter, W. A.		Riceville, TN
Porter, W. B.		Riceville, TN
Porterfield, W. A.	Milton, TN
Potter, Bailey. B.	Smithville, TN
Potts, Arthur		Hemlock, TN
Preston, J. R.		Woodbury, TN
Price, C. E.		Lenoir City, TN
Price, J. G.		Sevierville, TN
Price, J. L.		Knoxville, TN
Price, J. L.		Bearden, TN
Priddy, James		Sale Creek, TN
Propst, W. G.		Greeneville, TN
Pucket, G. W.		Elkton, TN
Pugh, W. B.		Bumpus Mills, TN
Puryear, D. B.		Gallatin, TN
Pylant, J. E.		Petersburg, TN
Quarles, L. C.		Gainesboro, TN
Queener, A. B.		Cog Hill, TN
Raby, F. M.		Chestnut Ridge, TN
Radar, James H.		Greeneville, TN
Rader, S. M.		Bull's Gap, TN
Raglin, John		Cardiff, TN
Ragsdale, R. H.		Aspen Hill, TN
Rainey, H. O.		Oakdale, TN
Rainey, R. R..		Brownsville, TN
Rainwater, J. L.	Chestnut Hill, TN
Ralston, T. R.		Eagleville, TN
Rambo, T. G.		Bunker Hill, TN
Ramsey, O. A.		Flint Springs, TN
Ramsey, R. L.		Reliance, TN
Randolph, C. L.		Columbia, TN
Randolph, H. L.		Brittsville, TN
Randolph, S. D.		Buffalo Valley, TN
Randy, W. H.		Dunn, TN
Range, A. K.		Carter, TN
Range, N. K.		Carter, TN
Rankin, Luther		Jefferson City, TN
Rankin, N. L.		Petros, TN
Rankin, O. P.		Jefferson City, TN
Ranney, J. E.		Bloomingdale, TN
Ranson, J. L., Jr.	McEwen, TN
Ratcliff, C. E.		Graveston, TN
Rawlings, O. C.		Dotsonville, TN
Ray, A. P.		Awalt, TN
Reaves, J. A.		Tellico Junction, TN
Redelsheimer, H.	Nashville, TN
Reece, D. B.		Mountain City, TN
Reed, A. W.		Hornbeak, TN
Reneau, Ewd.		Soddy, TN
Reynolds, E. W.		Como, TN
Reynolds, G. R.		McKenzie, TN
Rhea, W. R.		Tellico Plains, TN
Rhegness, W. E.		Humboldt, TN
Rice, J. E.		Flag Pond, TN
Richardson, A. A.	Gatliff, TN
Richardson, B. M.	Shawanee, TN
Richardson, Frank	Newport, TN
Richardson, G. A.	Cave Spring, TN
Richardson, W. T.	Lynnville, TN
Richey, J. H.		Knoxville, TN
Richman, J. R.		Chapel Hill, TN
Richmond, John A.	Sharon, TN
Ridge, B. F.		Chattanooga, TN
Ridley, J. F.		Chestnut Bluff, TN
Riggs, W. R.		Coal Creek, TN
Riley, William		Mohawk, TN
Roberts, C. H.		St. Clair, TN
Roberts, Charles M.	Knoxville, TN
Roberts, John		Kingston, TN
Roberts, L. A.		Pigeon Forge, TN
Roberts, W. A.		Erwin, TN
Robertson, F. K.	Watauga, TN
Robertson, J. G.	Statesville, TN
Robertson, J. G.	Triune, TN
Robinson, C. R.		Dayton, TN
Robinson, John J.	Laurel Bloomery, TN
Robinson, Sam		Alton Park, TN
Robinson, W. S.		Laurel Bloomery, TN
Rogers, E. M.		Rockwood, TN
Rogers, G. R.		McKenzie, TN
Rogers, John P.		Nashville, TN
Rogers, Jos.		Trundles X Roads, TN
Ross, John L.		Winfield, TN
Rosson, M. C.		Kenton, TN
Rowe, W. S.		Delrio, TN
Rowland, J. H.		Sutherland, TN
Roy, Rob		Alexandria, TN
Ruffner, J. W.		Coalfield, TN
Rush, N. N.		Clifty, TN
Russell, Charles E.	Jonesboro, TN
Russell, Charles L	Nolensville, TN
Russell, Edward		Centreville, TN
Russell, T. J.		Coalfield, TN
Rutherford, John	Andersonville, TN
Rutherford, Mark	Knoxville, TN
Sabine, H. C.		Waldensia, TN
Sadler, W. B.		Gainesboro, TN
Sams, F. C.		Flag Pond, TN
Sams, J. E.		Erwin, TN
Samsel, C. E.		Coalfield, TN
Sanders, J. C.		Harriman, TN
Sanders, Robert		Orlinda, TN
Savage, L. P.		Chestnut Ridge, TN
Sawyer, P. M.		Halls, TN
Sawyers, Tine		Pinewood, TN
Scarbrough, G. M.	Eastland, TN
Scheley, Pete		Sylvia, TN
Schloss, Daniel		Memphis, TN
Schmitz, G. T.		McMinnville, TN
Scholl, Louis J.	Rockwood, TN
Schroeder, J. H.	Powell's Station, TN
Scott, George W.	Watauga, TN
Scott, L. E. M.		Philadelphia, TN
Scott, T. C.		Daisy, TN
Scotten, J. O.		Columbia, TN
Scruggs, T. J.		Andersonville, TN
Searcy, W. J.		Memphis, TN
Sedman, William		Spring City, TN
Sellers, E. L.		Newport, TN
Sellers, J. H. W.	Newbern, TN
Settle, G. B.		Gainesboro, TN
Shackelford, G. D.	Thorn Grove, TN
Shackelford, J. C.	Cynthiana, TN
Shaffer, F. H.		Memphis, TN
Shamblin, John S.	Benton, TN
Sharp, Hiram		Elk Valley, TN
Sharp, Joseph		Huntsville, TN
Sharp, Thomas		Andersonville, TN
Shearer, Henry		St. Elmo, TN
Shearin, W. F.		Poplin's X Roads, TN
Shearin, W. T.		Poplin's X Roads, TN
Shelton, A.		Chattanooga, TN
Shelton, J. W.		Birchwood, TN
Shelton, L. C.		Cog Hill, TN
Shields, J. F.		Whitesburg, TN
Shipley, George		Johnson City, TN
Shipp, R. L.		Johnson City, TN
Shirley, Arthur		Rutledge, TN
Shockley, W. E.		Quebeck, TN
Shoun, J. B.		Butler, TN
Shults, H. H.		Cosby, TN
Shyer, Samuel		Nashville, TN
Simcox, J. G.		Cliff Springs, TN
Simmons, Chas. J.	Westmoreland, TN
Simmons, J. C.		Chattanooga, TN
Simpson, A. F.		Fredonia, TN
Simpson, H. A.		Locust Spring, TN
Simpson, J. R.		South Knoxville, TN
Sims, Jos.		Iron City, TN
Sims, Robert M.		Waynesboro, TN
Singleton, R. W.	Munford, TN
Skelton, E. M.		Chattanooga, TN
Skelton, T. C.		Plum Grove, TN
Slatton, J. H.		Smithville, TN
Slayden, J. A.		Waverly, TN
Sledge, J. J.		Burns, TN
Slover, H. K.		Athens, TN
Smalling, J. E.		Piney Flats, TN
Smalling, T. F.		Bell Buckle, TN
Smart, B. M.		Morrison, TN
Smartt, James A.	Adamsville, TN
Smith, A. M.		Rugby, TN
Smith, B. S.		Henderson, TN
Smith, E. D.		Lovedale, TN
Smith, H. P.		Indian Mound, TN
Smith, J. D.		Rockvale, TN
Smith, J. Henry		South Pittsburg, TN
Smith, J. M.		Elk Valley, TN
Smith, J. S.		Elk Valley, TN
Smith, J. T.		Clarksville, TN
Smith, J. T.		New Providence, TN
Smith, James W.		Rockwood, TN
Smith, John P.		Jasper, TN
Smith, M. B.		Crawford, TN
Smith, N. A.		Sherman Heights, TN
Smith, R. F.		Blountville, TN
Smith, S. B.		Henderson, TN
Smith, S. L.		Sango, TN
Smith, Sherrod		Covington, TN
Smith, W. Clark		Nolensville, TN
Smith, W. H.		Ottway, TN
Smith, W. J.		Iron City, TN
Smith, W. M.		Sweetwater, TN
Smith, W. T.		Whiteside, TN
Smith, W. W.		Tullahoma, TN
Smith, Will E.		Chattanooga, TN
Smythe, R. C.		Butler, TN
Sneed, G. J.		Milton, TN
Sneed, J. W.		Nolensville, TN
Sneed, James		Indian Mound, TN
Snipes, G. W.		Morrison, TN
Solomon, James		Piedmont, TN
Sparks, T. M.		Ripley, TN
Sparks, W. M.		Ripley, TN
Spitzer, A. J.		Briceville, TN
Spivey, G. H.		Memorial Church, TN
Spore, George W.	Memphis, TN
Spraker, J. A.		Lenoir City, TN
Springer, J. C.		Lawrenceburg, TN
Sprouse, J. V.		Greenbrier, TN
Stalling, W. P.		Hampton, TN
Stanberry, A. J.	Mohawk, TN
Stanberry, W. B.	Newport, TN
Standerfer, T. L.	Silverdale, TN
Stanfield, D. A.	Apison, TN
Stanley, Fred		Pleasant hill, TN
Stark, R. L.		Greenbrier, TN
Steel, Jos		Chattanooga, TN
Steele, R. S. M.	Charlotte, TN
Stephenson, W. T.	Highland Park, TN
Stepp, J. W.		Tracy City, TN
Stevens, A. J.		Greeneville, TN
Stevens, A. K.		Smithville, TN
Stewart, A. J.		Bull's Gap, TN
Stewart, E. H.		Sardis, TN
Stewart, J. R.		Flintville, TN
Stewart, W. B.		Dunlap, TN
Stewart, W. C.		Elora, TN
Stone, E. W.		Baxter, TN
Stone, N. H.		Tazewell, TN
Stooksbury, C.		Loyston, TN
Story, M. F.		Dellrose, TN
Stovall, James		Huntland, TN
Stranahan, C. E.	Chattanooga, TN
Straub,  J. J.		Nashville, TN
Strawn, M. M.		Whiteside, TN
Street, J. W.		Lanes, TN
Stricklin, S. F.	Clifton, TN
Stringer, E. H.		Orlinda, TN
Stuart, W. M.		Burns, TN
Studdard, A. L..	Grady, TN
Stulce, R. L.		Chattanooga, TN
Stulce, W. A.		Soddy, TN
Stulz, E. L.		Highland Park, TN
Sudberry, J. A.		Friendship, TN
Summar, G. C.		Gassaway, TN
Summar, M. M.		Lewisburg, TN
Summers, A. C.		Lucky, TN
Summers, G. C.		Gassaway, TN
Sutton, J. A.		Sevierville, TN
Swafford, W. A.		Chattanooga, TN
Swaggerty, J. K.	Cynthiana, TN
Swan, Frank S.		East Lake, TN
Sweat, S. S.		LaFollette, TN
Swift, E. T.		Sango, TN
Sypert, W. E.		Baxter, TN
Talbert, J. A.		Cave Spring, TN
Talent, F. G.		Ooltewah, TN
Taliaferro, C. F.	Birchwood, TN
Tandy, W. H.		Dunn, TN
Tarpley, John. A.	Watertown, TN
Tarver, C. W.		Corryton, TN
Taylor, F. P.		Lovedale, TN
Taylor, F. W.		Martin, TN
Taylor, H. E.		Winchester, TN
Taylor, J. E.		Oliver Springs, TN
Taylor, R. T.		Dukedom, TN
Taylor, T. B.		Chattanooga, TN
Taylor, T. H.		Munch, TN
Taylor, W. F.		Martin, TN
Teague, G. R.		Greeneville, TN
Templen, J. M.		Cosby, TN
Templeton, P. C.	Ravenscroft, TN
Templin, D. B.		Chestnut Hill, TN
Templin, J. M.		Cosby, TN
Terllisner, H. G.	Memphis, TN
Terry, G. M.		Sharon, TN
Terry, Thomas		Pickel, TN
Thomas, J. M.		Newport, TN
Thomas, L. L.		Kingston, TN
Thomas, W. R.		Silverdale, TN
Thomas, Wallis		Latonia, TN
Thompson, J. W.		Nashville, TN
Thompson, M. L.		Lewisburg, TN
Thornberg, S. I.	White Pine, TN
Threadgill, J. W.	Lexington, TN
Thurman, J. C.		Allensville, TN
Ticknor, H. W.		Alto, TN
Tilby, L. C.		Mountain City, TN
Tiller, James K.	LaFollette, TN
Tillery, R. M.		Concord, TN
Tinker, J. E.		Sherman Heights, TN
Tolbert, White		Piedmont, TN
Toler, J. M.		Chattanooga, TN
Tomlinson, A. M.	Athens, TN
Toney, F. L.		Shawanee, TN
Torbett, S. M.		Plum Grove, TN
Travis, J. W.		Paris, TN
Treadway, Geo. E.	Johnson City, TN
Truex, J. W.		Dayton, TN
Tucker, S. B.		Galen, TN
Tuell, J. M.		Highland Park, TN
Turner, A. E.		Newbern, TN
Turner, Daily		Frankfort, TN
Turner, J. R.		Dunlap, TN
Turner, J. W.		Loyston, TN
Turner, James		Frankfort, TN
Twitty, P. A.		Blanche, TN
Tyler, S. L.		Memphis, TN
Underwood, E. S.	Sinking Spring, TN
Underwood, J. W.	Sinking Spring, TN
Usleton, W. A.		Newbern, TN
Vance, J. S.		Lovedale, TN
Varnell, D. F.		Harrison, TN
Vater, W. B. H.		Wayne, TN
Vaughn, G. W..		Auburn, TN
Vaught, J. M.		Baker's Gap, TN
Vaught, J. M.		Robbins, TN
Vickers, L. O.		Mechanicsville, TN
Vincent, J. M.		Riceville, TN
Vineyard, P. H.		Leas Springs, TN
Vittetoe, William	Luttrell, TN
Voorhies, I. G.		Hohenwald, TN
Vowell, G. D.		Briceville, TN
Wade, T. J.		Rockvale, TN
Waggoner, W. B.		Erin, TN
Walker, J. D.		Whitesburg, TN
Walker, J. F.		Nashville, TN
Walker, J. J.		Nashville, TN
Walker, W. H.		Dickson, TN
Wall, J. A.		Sale Creek, TN
Wallace, G. W.		Chattanooga, TN
Waller, T. C.		Lenoir City, TN
Walls, Charles		Caryville, TN
Walters, W. M.		Scarboro, TN
Wampler, J. A.		Mosheim, TN
Ward, A. L.		Mt. Pleasant, TN
Ward, C. D.		Dyersburg, TN
Ward, John		Deer Lodge, TN
Ward, Norman		Onward, TN
Warren, T. J.		Dickson, TN
Washburn, James		Gainesboro, TN
Wasson, J. W.		Spring City, TN
Waters, D. O.		Bank, TN
Waters, James M.	Walland, TN
Watson, Charles E.	St. Elmo, TN
Watson, G. E.		Fredonia, TN
Watson, J. R. C.	St. Elmo, TN
Watson, W. C.		Clairfield, TN
Waugh, G. H.		Knoxville, TN
Weatheral, W. A.	Memphis, TN
Weaver, J. W.		Awalt, TN
Weaver, Marvin S.	Johnson City, TN
Webb, N. P.		Chestnut Hill, TN
Wehrum, Phil		Memphis, TN
Welch, John M.		Sparta, TN
Wells, M. H.		Hilham, TN
Wells, T. C.		Greeneville, TN
Wesson, H.		Lenoir City, TN
Wesson, J. A.		Adamsville, TN
West, C. C.		Helenwood, TN
West, C. L.		Bearden, TN
West, Daniel		Leas Springs, TN
West, J. O.		Rutledge, TN
West, R. T.		Orlinda, TN
Wheely, J. H.		Haysville, TN
Whisman, J. W.		Unitia, TN
Whitaker, J. C.		Flatwoods, TN
Whitaker, John		New Tazewell, TN
White, C. D.		Dyersburg, TN
White, Enos		East Lake, TN
White, Ewing		Sharon, TN
White, J. L.		Obion, TN
White, J. M.		West Point, TN
White, J. S.		Baileyton, TN
White, R. L.		Afton, TN
White, Samuel		Sharp's Chapel, TN
White, W. J.		Eagleville, TN
White, W. L.		Union City, TN
Whitsett, W. J.		Lewisburg, TN
Whittle, O. H.		Fountain City, TN
Wiggs, I. T.		Farmington, TN
Wilder, Lee		Helenwood, TN
Wildes, J. W.		West Point, TN
Wiley, O. T.		Fayetteville, TN
Willeford, Chas. M.	Dandridge, TN
Williams, George H.	Pless, TN
Williams, Hugh		Sharon, TN
Williams, J. E.		Lenoir City, TN
Williams, J. J..	Cave Spring, TN
Williams, R. A.		Cottage Grove, TN
Williams, R. B.		Lawrenceburg, TN
Williams, W. F.		Crandull, TN
Williamson, W. H.	Benton, TN
Williford, J. E.	Knoxville, TN
Willis, C. W.		Lafollette, TN
Wilson, E. B.		South Knoxville, TN
Wilson, E. F.		Tullahoma, TN
Wilson, J. H.		Bull's Gap, TN
Wilson, M. L..		Eastland, TN
Wilson, R. B.		Benton, TN
Winstead, W. W.		Campground, TN
Wise, H. L.		White Pine, TN
Womack, A. M.		Gatliff, TN
Wood, Loyd		Lanes, TN
Wood, Thomas K.		Highland Park, TN
Woodfin, J. T.		Murfreesboro, TN
Woodson, A.		Pleasant View, TN
Woodson, J. W.		Well Spring, TN
Wooten, J. S.		LaFayette, TN
Worley, J. P.		Bluff City, TN
Wright, E. J.		Jamestown, TN
Wright, S. A.		Jefferson City, TN
Wright, S. S.		Chattanooga, TN
Yancy, W. L.		Shelbyville, TN
Yarbrough, H. N.	Clarksville, TN
Yokeley, Andrew		Campbellsville, TN
Young, A. J.		Rugby, TN
Young, Warren		Waldensia, TN


















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