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Tennessee IOOF Home, 1906 - Residents & Benefactors

Taken from the, Proceedings of the 66th Annual Session of the Grand Lodge Independent Order Odd Fellows of Tennessee Held at Chattanooga, October 17-19, 1906.


Report of the Odd Fellows Home of Tennessee. A 24 page long reprint, with various reports detailing the home and its 56 residents, who range in age from 3 years to 73 years old. W M. Oakley was the Superintendent, Miss Grace Irvine was the school teacher, Willie E. Oakley was the Matron and Michael Savage was the Treasurer. Each of their reports are included. There is also a listing of Christmas donations (available separately, see table below this one).. Mary Ogburn, sold land to the Lodge, for the home and there are details on that transaction.

Fred Shoemaker; Carl and Frank Moles; Mrs. Belle Wilson, and her children Ora B. & John Gore Wilson; Mrs. Nancy C. Vandyke all lived in the home for part of the year. There is information on why they left the home.

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Item # 10126C Price $5.00
Name Of Resident Lodge Location
Bales, Della Deer Lodge, TN
Bales, Elma Deer Lodge, TN
Bales, Irene Deer Lodge, TN
Bales, Oscar Deer Lodge, TN
Breen, Paul Benton, TN
Breen, Timothy Benton, TN
Carmony, F. M. Knoxville, TN
Cox, Elsie May Wartburg, TN
Cox, Guy Lonzo Wartburg, TN
Garmon, Georgie Bell Pigeon Forge, TN
Garmon, John Cattle Pigeon Forge, TN
Garner, Arthur Oliver Springs, TN
Garner, John Oliver Springs, TN
Garner, Thomas Oliver Springs, TN
Hightower, David Mt. Pleasant, TN
Hightower, Grover Mt. Pleasant, TN
Hightower, Myrtle Mt. Pleasant, TN
Hightower, Thomas Mt. Pleasant, TN
Hollingsworth, Huston Dyersburg, TN
Hollingsworth, Levy Dyersburg, TN
Hollingsworth, Ona Dyersburg, TN
Horner, Mettie Mohawk, TN
Horner, Taylor Mohawk, TN
Hurt, Paul Mason Hall, TN
Jones, Bessie Knoxville, TN
Jones, Sam Knoxville, TN
Leinart, Byron Knoxville, TN
Leinart, Laurence Knoxville, TN
Massingill, Ethel Oliver Springs, TN
Massingill, Malinda Oliver Springs, TN
Massingill, Maude Oliver Springs, TN
Massingill, Paul Oliver Springs, TN
McGaughey, R. A. Unaka, TN
McGhee, Alma Jellico, TN
McGhee, Clara Jellico, TN
McGhee, John Franklin Jellico, TN
North, Arthur Hill City, TN
North, John Hill City, TN
Parham, Floyd Maryville, TN
Parham, Silvia Maryville, TN
Shipman, Charles Clinton, TN
Shipman, James Clinton, TN
Shoemaker, Emmet Newcomb, TN
Shoemaker, Humphreys Newcomb, TN
Shoemaker, Mit Newcomb, TN
Talbert, Ernest Bradyville, TN
Vandyke, Bessie Strawberry Plains, TN
Vandyke, Carrie Strawberry Plains, TN
Vandyke, Cowan Strawberry Plains, TN
Vandyke, Jessie Strawberry Plains, TN
Vandyke, Rose Ellen Strawberry Plains, TN
White, Florence Briceville, TN
White, Stella Briceville, TN
Wolff, Amos Ooltewah, TN
Wolff, Grace Ooltewah, TN
Wolff, Irene Ooltewah, TN


These people made a Christmas or other donation to the home. The listing tells if it was cash or items (such as; toys, dolls, candy, figs, etc...) and if it was for a particular person.
Item # 10126C Price $1.50
Person Residence
Breen, John Toledo, OH
Burchfield, Martha, Mrs. Allenville, TN
Chambers, W. A. & Co. ?
Denton, Edna, Mrs. Allenville, TN
Falk, Lee Clarksville, TN
Ferguson, Viola, Mrs. Memphis, TN
Gerharts, N. V. Clarksville, TN
Gill, Gertrude C., Mrs. Memphis, TN
Gregory, E. L. Mt. Pleasant, TN
Handly, Grace, Miss ?
Householder, J. A. Pigeon Forge, TN
Hurst, Bollings & Co. Clarksville, TN
Hurt, Andrew L. Union City, TN
Hurt, George P. Kenton, TN
Izadore, Mr. Clarksville, TN
Keesee & Northington Clarksville, TN
Leinart, Parlie, Mrs. Knoxville, TN
McDaniel, J. T., Mrs. Knoxville, TN
Mitchell, Bridget, Mrs. Allenville, TN
Pearson, A. Clarksville, TN
Roberts, Ida Allenville, TN
Roberts, Martha Allenville, TN
Staton, Clarence Clarksville, TN
Townsend, S. E. Clarksville, TN
Western, George Clarksville, TN
Wheeler, Emma M., Mrs. Columbia, TN


















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