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Biographical Records, Cumberland Region of Tennessee, 1898

Taken from the, Memorial and Biographical Record. Published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co., in 1898. The introduction states the book is a, "Compendium of Local Biography, including Biographical Sketches of Prominent Old Settlers and Representative Citizens of Part of the Cumberland Region of Tennessee, with a Review of their Life Work; their Identity with the Growth and Development of this Region; Reminiscences of Personal History and Pioneer Life; and other Interesting and Valuable Matter which should be Preserved in History."

This is a good summary of what the entries are about, but many of them also include information about parents, siblings and spouses. Most of these are a great source of genealogy information.

We will send you a copy of any biography for $5. Most of the biographies are about one page long.

Item # 10511

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Alley, George Washington
Anderson, Calvin Critdon
Annis, John R.
Ashburn, Benjamin Franklin
Austin, Thomas J.
Bailey, Benjamin J.
Barber, William A.
Baumgartner, Chris
Beene, Jones C.
Berry, John W.
Billingsley, Leander T.
Billingsley, William Newton
Blacklock, Henry
Blalock, Jeerome Graves
Bouldin, Nathan
Boyd, Jonathan H. H.
Brady, Hugh James
Brewer, Lewis P.
Brewer, William B.
Bright, Jeptha
Brown, George Foster
Brown, J. C.
Bull, Edward Everett
Burnett, John A.
Cain, Joseph
Carpenter, Charles H.
Center, Thomas C.
Clark, Carroll H.
Clark, Jacob
Clark, Jonas
Cope, Matt
Cotnam, James Mason
Cummings, Joseph D.
Dame, George W.
Davis, James Kelly
Davis, John L.
Davis, Robert Earl
Deakins, Moses E.
Dietzen, Mathias
Dorton, Azariah
Dykes, John J.
Farmer, James W.
Flynn, Richard Lafayette
Foster, Ephram H.
Foster, Robert
Frater, John
Garrison, James S.
Gilbreath, John H.
Gillentine, Richard Leek
Gilliam, John E.
Grayson, Anderson Cheek
Grayson, Patrick Henry
Grayson, William H.
Greer, Henry Clay
Greer, John W.
Greer, William Henry
Griffith, Hugh White
Grissom, William B.
Griswold, William Anderson
Gunn, John Hamilton
Gurney, William Harrison
Hall, Thomas Patterson
Hamby, Eli W.
Hamby, J. W.
Hamby, Reuben S.
Hamby, W. A., Judge
Hamilton, William E.
Hargis, Abraham Dallas
Harris, George W.
Harris, Martin Luther
Hastons, William Carroll
Havron, Tyre A.
Haynes, John F.
Haynes, William Anderson
Heard, George Washington
Hendrix, Harvey
Henson, W. R.
Hicks, Isaac
Hill, Henry W.
Hillis, Blackstone Oregon
Hinch, Evance
Hodges, Simon P.
Hoodenpyle, Julius C.
Howland, James K.
Hudson, Elijah H.
Hunter, James Robert
Hutcheson, Rueben Brown
Janeway, Looney Lafayette
Jenkins, John A.
Johnson, Greenberry
Johnson, Seth
Jones, William O.
Justin, Charles A.
Kearley, William O.
Keeling, A. J.
Kell, George E.
Kell, Oscar T.
Kelley, Robert E.
Kelly, James C.
Kelly, John G.
Kelly, William J.
Ladd, Balis
Lamb, William S.
Lay, William
Lockhart, Andrew J.
Lockhart, James Monroe
Long, James
Mabry, Thomas E.
Mansfield, A. L.
Mansfield, Hugh
Marugg, Martin
Marugg, Rudolph
McDaniel, William Blackstone
McElroy, Andrew Jackson
McGlothen, William
McLarney, Andrew J.
McNabb, William
McRee, William Richard
McReynolds, Isaac Stephens
McReynolds, James W.
McReynolds, Samuel M.
Meyer, Jacob
Minter, John Lemuel
Moore, Charles Carroll
Moore, George W.
Moore, Napoleon Bonaparte
Moore, Patrick
Morgan, Isaac Clinton
Morgan, Robert
Morris, Zebulon M. Pike
Morrison, Thomas William
Moyers, Robert Alyison
Northcut, Harris Bradford
Northcut, James Houston
Northcut, Lawson Hill
Norwood, John W.
Norwood, S. C., Col.
Orange, John W.
Overturf, Henry
Paine, William R.
Pankey, James S.
Parham, Thomas S.
Parker, Arthur L.
Parkins, Levi J.
Parkins, Stephen A.
Partin, Jacob Roland
Patton, Benjamin Franklin
Patton, Reece Brabson
Patton, Robert A.
Pearson, John E.
Peay, Alton Terrel
Peck, Dudley C.
Prigmore, Ephraim William
Proctor, James Moses
Pryor, Jackson
Pryor, John H.
Pryor, Washington
Pryor, William
Pryor, William Alexander
Pryor, William Alexander, Jr.
Rankin, William Roberson
Real, George
Renfro, William Clark
Richards, Thomas S.
Riggle, James M.
Roberson, A. Lawrence
Rogers, Charles Raines
Rogers, Daniel Jackson
Rust, James F.
Safley, Lawson
Sanders, Alexander Houston
Sanders, Joseph J.
Schild, John
Schild, John Henry
Schoolfield, Robert Brown
Scruggs, John
Seamans, Bryant
Sexton, John
Shelton, David Carah
Shirley, William Carroll
Shoemate, Thomas
Siever, Jacob M.
Simmons, Benjamin L.
Simmons, John
Skillern, James A.
Smartt, Reuben
Smith, Alexander Prowl
Smith, Joshua C.
Smith, Starling Tried
Smith, William H.
Snodgrass, William E.
Sparkman, Elijah
Sparkman, John C.
Sparkman, John J.
Spears, Ashley Lawrence
Standefer, Alfred K.
Stewart, James M.
Stone, Patrick L.
Swafford, Isaac E.
Swafford, Nase
Swan, Robert Cravens
Tate, David M.
Tate, Elisha
Taylor, Charles P.
Taylor, M. L.
Thach, Dan T.
Thach, Jesse
Thaxton, J. W.
Thompson, Harris Gilliam
Thurman, Ephriam H.
Turner, Melville
Vick, Emmit M.
Von Bergen, Edward
Walker, Jeremiah Tillman
Walker, Joseph H.
Weaver, Thomas Fleming
Werner, Samuel, Sr.
White, Robert H.
Whitlock, William
Wiley, James D.
Willis, Andrew J.
Wilson, Thomas E.
Wilson, William
Woodlee, Augustus Henry
Woodlee, Levi Vernon
Worthington, James
Worthington, Jesse Carroll


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