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The Calinorsean, 1927, the yearbook of Southwestern State Normal School at California, Pennsylvania

The following names are taken from The Calinorsean, the 1927 yearbook of Southwestern State Normal School at California, Pennsylvania.

We will copy the students info, including any clubs or groups they belonged to and also general pages from the yearbook... to give you a feel for how things were when they attended school. This will total about 20 or 25 pages.

For the faculty, alumni or ads we will copy the page where they are listed. There are photos of the faculty & staff

Item # 10366A

Price: $8 per Student

Item # 10366B

Price: $2 per Faculty, Staff or Ad

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Students A-L Surnames Students K-Z Surnames Faculty, Staff & Advertisers
Abdree, Christena M.
Abel, J.
Adamson, Blanche
Addis, Pearl Arnett
Allen, Catherine
Allen, Olive Lenore
Allison, Gertrude M.
Allsopp, Gladys Lillian
Ambrose, M., Miss
Anderson, Mrs.
Andrews, Elsie V.
Antel, Harry C.
Anto, Delphine
Apone, Gabriella L.
Armstrong, Marie Pearl
Bagshaw, D., Miss
Baird, A., Miss
Baker, E., Miss
Baker, Hazel M.
Baker, William M.
Bane, Clarence E.
Bane, M.
Bane, Ruth C.
Barkley, I., Miss
Baron, A., Miss
Barr, Margaret
Bartolette, M., Miss
Basel, P., Miss
Bastian, Kathryn V.
Baughman, R.
Beal, Dorothy Bradman
Beam, Catherine Mary
Beattie, Mary Jane
Beckman, Anna Helen
Becktel, Orpha
Bell, Catherine
Bell, Mrs.
Benaglia, Amy Elsie
Berryman, E., Miss
Bickerton, Bernice
Bielski, Sophie
Bielsky, S., Miss
Bier, L., Miss
Bierer, Edward J.
Binkney, Bernardine I.
Bittner, Meriam
Bloomberg, M., Miss
Bloyer, Violette V.
Boalo, Laura Frances
Bodkin, M., Miss
Boeria, A., Miss
Boord, Frances Ellen
Boord, Mae W., Mrs.
Boris, Anna
Boss, Elizabeth Ann
Boulanger, A. L.
Bowers, Bertha Frances
Boyd, Kathryn G.
Boyer, Vesta
Brenton, Hazel M.
Brenton, Hyla Wilma
Brisbane, Mary E.
Brooks, Anna Etta
Brown, A., Miss
Brown, Ivanore A.
Brown, Lois Virginia
Brown, Mabel Lorraine
Bruce, Anna Marie
Bruckner, Elizabeth J.
Bruner, Viva Langtry
Bugelli, M., Miss
Bugle, S., Miss
Bulawski, S.
Burkholder, Mary E.
Burton, M., Miss
Butler, M., Miss
Byron, M., Miss
Cady, Sara Marie
Caldwell, Virginia
Campbell, Etta Jeannett
Caplan, E., Miss
Cappolonga, N., Miss
Carins, C., Miss
Carr, Nola Ruth
Carroll, Estella
Carroll, Ethel
Carroll, Grace Regina
Carroll, M., Miss
Cenis, Harriet Evelyn
Chrise, L.
Cifaldi, Philomena Rita
Claycomb, Luther Paul
Click, Z., Miss
Cline, Allie, Mrs.
Closser, Elizabeth
Coatsworth, G. Miss
Coatsworth, H., Miss
Coatworth, Glen W.
Cockran, J.
Coe, Virgil Harriet
Coldren, G., Miss
Colledge, Marian
Colvin, E., Miss
Colvin, Virtue Belle
Conaway, J., Miss
Conn, Anna Arn
Conn, James D.
Conn, Ruth Anna
Conwell, H., Miss
Cooley, Helen
Cooley, Marion
Copenhaver, Helen
Cornelius, Mary A.
Corwin, Elizabeth
Cowell, Eunice Irene
Coyle, Alverda Marie
Craig, Ella
Cratty, Blanche J.
Crawford, Mayme K.
Crawford, V., Miss
Crockett, M., Miss
Crombie, O., Miss
Crouse, Charles
Cruzan, H.
Cunningham, Christine
Dagger, Clara
Dailey, Bessie Irene
Daltorio, M. E., Miss
Davis, Della
Davis, Verne
Davis, Viola Heidi
Day, E. Paul
De Laney, Mary
De Priest, Winifred M.
Dean, Camenza
Dean, Erla Elizabeth
Delaney, Dorothy
Devers, Mildred S.
Divvens, Martha J.
Dolan, Mary
Donahey, Jean Elizabeth
Donaldson, Ruth Evelyn
Donley, R., Miss
Donnally, O., Miss
Dowlin, Myrtle C., Mrs.
Dumbuald, P.
Dunbauld, Urban C.
Dunmire, Mary Evelyn
Dunn, Emma Lou
Dunn, George
Dunn, L., Miss
Duvall, Jean
Easton, I., Miss
Edgar, Emma
Edwards, Constance M.
Edwards, Irene, Mrs.
Elder, W.
Enlow, Dora Lavesta
Evans, Jean Kathryn
Fazenbaker, M., Miss
Ferguson, N., Miss
Festor, Ethel M.
Fields, Bessie
Finley, Dorothy Ruth
Fleigle, Gladys Kathryn
Fleming, Margaret M.
Forgie, C.
Fornili, M., Miss
Forsythe, Maude
Foster, Jay Robert
Foster, Lelah
Fox, Mellie Mae
Fraino, M., Miss
France, Miss
Francis, Alice Thelma
Franks, Mary Madeline
Fraser, Lois E.
Free, L., Miss
Freeman, Clara Odessa
Freeman, Ruth F.
Fries, Dorothy M.
Frye, Henrietta M.
Frye, Marjorie Elizabeth
Fulton, Frances
Gallenton, M., Miss
Galley, Mary Belle
Garthey, L., Miss
Gaskill, Grayce
Gates, H.
Gates, Mary Elizabeth
Gee, Jones Leib
Geho, A., Miss
Ghrist, Margaret L.
Gibbons, C., Miss
Gillie, Marie E.
Gilmor, Margaret Anne
Gilmore, Anna Ethel
Gilmore, Mary A.
Gingery, Helen
Graham, Lillian Irene
Gray, Sara
Greenhalgh, Laverna
Grell, L., Miss
Grove, E., Miss
Grubbs, J., Miss
Hague, Mary Virginia
Hall, Dorothy Thelma
Hamilton, L., Miss
Haney, Margaret L.
Haney, Mildred R.
Hannen, Annette
Hardgrove, E., Miss
Harris, Louise Margaret
Hartman, G., Miss
Harvey, L. Miss
Harvy, L., Miss
Hauger, Mary E.
Hays, C., Miss
Heath, M., Miss
Heinen, Viola Marie
Hepler, L., Miss
Hess, K., Miss
Hibbs, Hazel Blanche
Hicks, Susan Caroline
Hilaire, P.
Hockenberry, M., Miss
Hodgson, Anne Dorothy
Hoffman, Mildred May
Hofmeister, Elsa Clara
Holman, E.
Holman, O.
Hoover, Margaret
Hopkins, Leondas
Hormell, Mary I.
Horr, Selma
Horwitz, L., Miss
Hoss, Elizabeth
Hott, Grace S.
Houck, Helen Mae
Hough, Elizabeth
Hough, Gail Edna
Hough, Helen Claire
Houston, Mary Frances
Howes, Della Mae
Hrea, M., Miss
Hunter, Pauline
Huston, Ethel Sprowls
Huston, W. E.
Ikenn, Minnie Jean
Irose, Mary
Irving, Stella
Irwin, Wylie
Jacobs, Edna
Jafvert, Anna
James, R., Miss
Jericho, A., Miss
Johnson, E., Miss
Johnson, F., Miss
Johnson, Margaret E.
Johnson, Salma Sara
Johnston, Mary Edna
Jones, Bennett Ray
Jones, C., Miss
Jones, Dorothy Cooke
Jones, Esther
Jones, Evelyn Edith
Jones, Evelyn M.
Jones, M., Miss
Jordan, Nellie Agnes
Jubin, E., Miss
Judy, Edna Mae
Karloski, helen
Keefer, Helen Lavina
Keefer, L., Miss
Keene, Alvida Bertha
Keener, Henrietta E.
Kendall, Agnes C.
Kent, Ethel Marcella
Kenzler, Helen La Vene
Kidwell, Audra
Kinder, Agnes
Kinder, E., Miss
King, Frances Madline
King, Theresa Ellen
Kinney, M., Miss
Kinsey, Melrose
Kirkpatrick, R., Miss
Kistler, V., Miss
Klinzing, Lillian Anna
Kosanovic, Barbara
Kossack, C., Miss
Kossuth, Margaret L.
Kourry, E., Miss
Krupensky, A., Miss
Lake, Kathryn
Lardin, Martha Jane
Laughner, Florence E.
Lavery, James
Lease, June Ruth
Leeper, J., Miss
Lemon, Diana G.
Lemon, Margaret E.
Lenfant, Germane Alice
Lewis, George William
Lewis, Mildred Mary
Lineker, Leona
Linquist, Herbert
Linsley, Dorothy
Livingston, Emma B.
Livingston, Florence E.
Livingston, Floy E.
Livingston, Robert C.
Llewllyn, K., Miss
Long, C.
Loucks, Gwenthleen
Loucks, Melba Ethel
Lozar, Helen Anna
Luce, M.
Lucia, Grace Louise
Lynch, Helen Lucille
Lynn, F., Miss
Lynn, Mary
Madigan, Gertrude
Mails, K., Miss
Marsh, Helen
Martin, M., Miss
Matey, Anne Margaret
Matuschak, A., Miss
Maust, Anne
McAffey, T., Miss
McBurney, Grace T.
McCandless, B., Miss
McClain, Marcelite
McClellan, David Lloyd
McConnell, Lucille M.
McCrerey, Gertrude
McCulloch, Ellen Kerr
McCune, Katherine M.
McDonald, Jeanette
McGee, Catherine M.
Mcgeever, Catherine
McGogney, Anna I.
McGuffie, Agnes
McKahan, L., Miss
McKeever, Jeanette L.
McLellan, D., Miss
McShane, Helen M.
Meade, N., Miss
Mellander, Z., Miss
Mendola, N., Miss
Meyers, Lydia Haddessa
Meyers, Madlyn
Miedel, Helen Angela
Miller, C., Miss
Miller, Edna Mae
Miller, Katherine
Miller, L., Miss
Miller, Mary Belle
Mills, Hilda
Milsom, Edward J., Jr.
Minto, Bernice Evelene
Mitchel, H., Miss
Mitchel, N., Miss
Mohl, A., Miss
Moline, Anna Sophia
Moninger, Euphene
Montgomery, Viola R.
Moore, Mildred B.
Moore, Nola Kathryn
Morgan, Ruth Charlene
Morgan, Susie Beatrice
Morrison, Ellen Lucille
Moss, Edythe F.
Mountsier, G., Miss
Moyl, R., Miss
Munch, Helen
Murphy, Ethel Elizabeth
Murphy, Evelyn E.
Murphy, N., Miss
Murphy, R., Miss
Murphy, Sara Anne
Murphy, V., Miss
Myers, B., Miss
Myers, Christine
Myers, Hilda Adele
Myers, P., Miss
Naylor, Mary Jane
Naylor, Rachel Mildred
Neill, J., Miss
Neill, K., Miss
Nelson, Dorothy
Nelson, Hazel L.
Nelson, Hildred Marie
Nelson, M., Miss
Nelson, Margaret
Nelson, Martha E.
Newman, H., Miss
Oelschlager, E., Miss
O'Neil, T., Miss
O'Neill, Mary Kathryn
Parillo, L.
Parkins, Mildred L.
Parks, Helen Margaret
Parsons, Alice Margaret
Paterlini, Victoria
Patterson, Edward M.
Paxton, Polly
Peacock, James E.
Pender, Grace Ethel
Peterson, Beryl E.
Pfeiffer, Olive Beatrice
Phillippi, Irene
Phillips, Hazel R.
Phythyon, Gladys A.
Pierce, D., Miss
Pierce, Margaret G.
Platter, F., Miss
Police, V., Miss
Porter, Martha
Porter, Sara Margaret
Powell, Elizabeth
Price, Mildred N.
Price, V., Miss
Pritts, Charles
Propps, Pearle Elizabeth
Provance, Neva Elizabeth
Prowitt, Aldine Martha
Pugh, Eugene W.
Quinter, Jennie
Quintrell, Anna Mae
Ramsier, Emma
Rankin, Willa Alberta
Read, Ruth A., Mrs.
Reager, Helen Stewart
Reese, E., Miss
Reese, Marie
Reeves, Helen Kathryn
Reeves, Ruth Elizabeth
Regets, H., Miss
Reitz, Ehel
Renstrom, Sara A.
Reynaolds, Glays V.
Reynolds, Pauline
Rhodes, Charlotte L.
Rhys, L., Miss
Richards, Anna Mae
Rider, Guy Eli
Ridgley, Marjorie Besse
Rinko, S., Miss
Robbins, E., Miss
Roberts, M., Miss
Romesburg, P., Miss
Roode, Alice S.
Ross, Lola Bernice
Rosseau, Aurora
Roth, Marie
Roux, B., Miss
Rovilea, Theresa
Roycroft, Sara Margaret
Ruble, Glendell S.
Russell, Dorothy E.
Safier, T., Miss
Sale, Elsi Houseman
Sanders, G., Miss
Sanders, K., Miss
Saroglia, N., Miss
Savage, Dorothy
Saylor, M., Miss
Schmit, M., Miss
Schwartz, A., Miss
Scott, L., Miss
Scott, R., Miss
Seaman, Margaret C.
Sechrist, Harry
Semko, H., Miss
Shaffer, D. David
Shaffer, Harriet A.
Shaffer, Leah
Shaffer, Margaret A.
Shaffer, P., Miss
Shaver, E., Miss
Sheehan, P., Miss
Shipley, Mildred P.
Shirley, Florence R.
Shirley, Lloyd C.
Silbaugh, Mae Nancy
Sims, B., Miss
Sims, Margaret
Sinkey, E., Miss
Sisco, Theresa
Sisley, Marion Ruth
Sisley, R., Miss
Slezak, S., Miss
Smeed, H., Miss
Smell, Edna Blanche
Smell, Opal
Smith, Mildred A.
Smith, Thomas Alton
Snee, M., Miss
Snell, Gertrude
Snyder, Mildred Lois
Sofranko, Helen
Sokeritz, E., Miss
Solley, David Thomas
Spear, M., Miss
Spence, H., Miss
Spence, M. L., Miss
Sphar, Bertha Luella
Sphar, Margaret J.
Sphar, W.
Springer, Joseph
Springer, Marie Frances
Sprowls, Mary frances
Sprowls, W.
Staley, David R.
Staley, E., Miss
Stark, F.
Stemme, Nellie Mae
Stevens, Elizabeth S.
Stewart, G., Miss
Stewart, Margaret
Stopp, M., Miss
Stout, M., Miss
Strawn, A.
Strickler, Grace Marie
Stuyvesant, Hilda E.
Sullivan, Sylvia
Sutton, Maude Guiher
Swanson, Mary Louise
Swartz, A., Miss
Swartz, James M.
Tesi, L., Miss
Theakson, Anna Evelyn
Theakston, Irene
Thistlewaite, H. E.
Thistlewaite, M. Wayne
Thomas, Bessie M., Mrs.
Thomas, Dorothy Dryden
Thompson, E., Miss
Thompson, Edith Ann
Thompson, J., Miss
Thompson, K.
Thompson, Margaret
Tipton, Maude Winifred
Tomajko, Dorothy R.
Toth, P., Miss
Tracy, Mary Alice
Vaccare, Elizabeth F.
Valentine, E., Miss
Van Dyke, Agnes
Venneri, Hazel
Ventura, Dora
Ventura, Francis
Vickers, Hazel Belle
Voelker, Irene
Wade, Ruth Elizabeth
Wagner, Dorothy F.
Wagner, Selma S.
Wainwright, Edythe J.
Walker, M., Miss
Wallace, Anna C.
Walter, Mrs.
Warbutton, Ethel C.
Ward, Agnes Helen
Wasson, Clova Grace
Watkins, Lavina
Watkins, Margery Helen
Watson, Cozie
Watson, Dorothy Rachael
Watson, J. lemuel
Watson, Lena Gertrude
Waugh, A., Miss
Welsch, Dorothy Ann
Welsh, Dorothy
Welsh, Margaret Jane
Wenchunas, Anna F.
Weston, Ethel
Whitehouse, Dorothy F.
Wickerham, M., Miss
Wilcher, Louella May
Wiley, M., Miss
Williams, Gail Patton
Willson, Elinore H.
Wilson, B., Miss
Wilson, Gladys Elma
Wilson, Rose D.
Winnet, Floyd
Witt, Frank Edward
Wood, Gertrude
Yanchus, M., Miss
Yeisley, Laura Agnes
Yerno, L., Miss
Yohe, Emma Louise
Yorty, Sara Isabelle
Yorty, Thelma Marie
Yothers, Pearle L.
Young, Dorothy Lucile
Young, Sadie Anne
Young, Zethra Odell
Zanardelli, Blanche
Zanardelli, E., Miss
Zanotti, Lillian C.
Zanotti, Linda
Zawalla, A., Miss
Zendron, Adeline M.
Zurlo, V., Miss


Anderson, Anna		Faculty & Staff
Anderson, Ocie		Faculty & Staff
Bastin, Josephine	Faculty & Staff
Berryman's Beauty Shop	Ad
Blankenbuehler, Mary B.	Faculty & Staff
Brownsville Hardware	Ad
Brownsville Plumbing	Ad
Brownsville Trust Co.	Ad
Buttermore, Mabel	Faculty & Staff
Buttermore, Sarah	Faculty & Staff
California Candy Kitchen   Ad
Calistri's Ice Cream	Ad
Campbell, Ila		Faculty & Staff
Carroll, Henrietta	Faculty & Staff
Casino Restaurant	Ad
Chaney, Margaret	Faculty & Staff
City Bakery		Ad
Claybaugh & Milliken	Ad
Culler's Drug Store	Ad
Davis, Evelyn		Faculty & Staff
Dean, R. G.		Faculty & Staff
Delaney, Etta		Faculty & Staff
Delong, H. H.		Faculty & Staff
Dewar, Martha		Faculty & Staff
Edwards, J. W. & Co.	Ad
Elliott, Elizabeth	Faculty & Staff
Entz, John A.		Faculty & Staff
Escher, Marie T.	Faculty & Staff
Frederick, W. F. Piano	Ad
Frye, Price G.		Faculty & Staff
Garman, J. S.		Ad
Gerecter, Paul Furniture Co.	Ad
Gibson, Georgia L.	Faculty & Staff
Gilmore, Arthur		Faculty & Staff
Goldstein, R. S.	Ad
Goodwin, Ruth		Faculty & Staff
Graham, Alpha		Faculty & Staff
Grove, Clarence L.	Faculty & Staff
Gue, Bertha		Faculty & Staff
Gunderman, Robina	Faculty & Staff
Halstead, E. E.		Faculty & Staff
Harris Studio		Ad
Hazen, Bessie M.	Faculty & Staff
Hildreth, Louise	Faculty & Staff
Hitchcock, Grace	Faculty & Staff
Hopkins, Edith		Faculty & Staff
Hott, Florence		Faculty & Staff
Houston Dry Goods Co.	Ad
Hurst, Joseph		Faculty & Staff
Jahn & Ollier Engraving	Ad
Johnson & Bierer	Ad
Johnson, Catherine	Faculty & Staff
Jones, Minnie		Faculty & Staff
Jones, Velma		Faculty & Staff
Kamens, Fred		Ad
Keller, Evelyn		Faculty & Staff
Keller, Isaac Clayton	Faculty & Staff
Kerstetter, Newton	Faculty & Staff
Killius, Ella		Faculty & Staff
Kinder's Flower Shop	Ad
Kotler, Max M.		Ad
Kriner, Harry L.	Faculty & Staff
Liberty Restaurant	Ad
Lilley, Henrietta	Faculty & Staff
Lilley, Sadie		Faculty & Staff
Loesch, Mary		Faculty & Staff
Masters, Mildred V.	Faculty & Staff
Masters, Minnie		Faculty & Staff
McConnell, Jean Helzel	Faculty & Staff
Meyers, Ruth		Faculty & Staff
Middlesworth, C. A.	Faculty & Staff
Mike's Place		Ad
Miller, Charles A.	Faculty & Staff
Molloy, David J., Co.	Ad
Monongahela National Bank	Ad
Moore's Geo. L.		Ad
Mortle, Catherine	Faculty & Staff
Murphy, Dorothy		Faculty & Staff
Myers, Christine	Faculty & Staff
Mytinger, Howard B.	Faculty & Staff
National Deposit Bank	Ad
Nelson, Helen		Faculty & Staff
Nichols & Wood		Ad
Nickerson, Zita		Faculty & Staff
Niebaum, Irene C.	Faculty & Staff
Noble, Louise		Faculty & Staff
Palmer, Helen		Faculty & Staff
Pardiny, Irene		Faculty & Staff
Peach, Alice		Faculty & Staff
Penrod, Sara		Faculty & Staff
People's Bank & Trust	Ad
Piper's Drug Store	Ad
Pittsburgh Printing Co.	Ad
Pohan, Anna		Faculty & Staff
Pollock, Arthur		Faculty & Staff
Raveia, Adelaide	Faculty & Staff
Raveia, Mary		Faculty & Staff
Richardson, Harriet Geho	Faculty & Staff
Riva, Ena		Faculty & Staff
Robinson's Confectionery	Ad
Roderick, Charles G.	Ad
Rovilea, Louise		Faculty & Staff
Sacco, Emma		Faculty & Staff
Sampson, Margaret	Faculty & Staff
Sauters, Mildred	Faculty & Staff
Savenius, Martha	Faculty & Staff
Schreiner, Elmer	Faculty & Staff
Schrock, O. A.		Ad
Shaw's, Joe		Ad
Shearer, Frank		Faculty & Staff
Sheets, 		Faculty & Staff
Shutterly Anna M.	Faculty & Staff
Spencer Garage		Ad
Sphar, Lucy		Faculty & Staff
Springer, Marguerite	Faculty & Staff
Sprowls, Miriam		Faculty & Staff
Stewart, Pearl		Faculty & Staff
Stockdale, Doris M.	Faculty & Staff
Storer, Marie		Ad
Storey, Earl C.		Ad
Stroeble, C. Pauline	Faculty & Staff
Swanson, M. L.		Faculty & Staff
Tarr, N. C.		Ad
Taylor, Earl W.		Ad
Teitelbaum, Jack M.	Ad
Tidball Restaurant	Ad
Tomblin, Anna		Faculty & Staff
Treasure, Gwendolyn	Faculty & Staff
Van Cleave, Helen	Faculty & Staff
Veon, Charles		Faculty & Staff
Wagner, Harriet		Faculty & Staff
Ward, Louise		Faculty & Staff
Ward, Marian		Faculty & Staff
Warrensford, Evelyn	Faculty & Staff
Watson, Martha		Faculty & Staff
Weaver, Alice		Faculty & Staff
Weaver, Ruth		Faculty & Staff
Whaley, Helen		Faculty & Staff
Wilson, C. B.		Faculty & Staff
Wilson, Fadra Holmes, Mrs.	Faculty & Staff
Wolf, H. A.		Ad
Woodhall, Edith		Faculty & Staff
Woodward, Henrietta	Faculty & Staff
Wright - Metzler Co.	Ad
Yeri, Vergilio		Ad
Yeutsy, Mary		Faculty & Staff
Zellers, Virginia	Faculty & Staff
Zimmerman, W. S.	Ad

















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