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The Argo, 1922, the yearbook of Shorter College, Rome, GA

The following ads are taken from The Argo 1922, the yearbook of Shorter College, Rome, GA

Welcome to a stroll down Memory Lane and enjoy the trip!

If you had an ancestor who owned or worked for one of these companies (or maybe you worked or shopped there) copies are available for $3 each, or we will copy the entire ad section for $8.

Item # 10104

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Name Comments
Atlantic Ice & Coal Corp. Ben F. Parker, Mgr.
Broadway Theatre  
Burney's Department Store  
Coalson's Ladies Ready-to-Wear
Daniel Furniture Co. established 1895
Fahy Store, The Full page ad. Clothing store, established 1873.
Foote & Davies Co. "The College Publication House", Atlanta, GA
J. Kuttner & Co. Full page ad. Frocks, Suits, Coats, etc…
Jervis Davison Co., Inc. Druggists, ice cream 7 candy
Lanham's Full page ad for, "Rome's Biggest Store"
McDonald Furniture Co.  
Millers Cash Department Store "At moderate prices when you think of the QUALITY"
Nixon Hardware Co.  
Norton's Druggist  
Orr Art Studio "In making a picture of you it's a pleasure to please you."
Rome Bakery Merita Bread
Rome Laundry Co.  
Rome Stationers Co.  
Rome Supply Co. M. C. Lanier & Wade G. Hoyt
Rome Transfer & Storage Co. "Ask for Mr. Merriam's Men"
Sherard Print Shop W. T. Sherard, Manager
Wyatt Book Store  
Wyatt Jewelry Co.  
Young Hamilton Jewelry Co.  

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