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1920 Saline County, Kansas Directory


Kansas Farmer Reliable Directory, 1920. Published by the Kansas Farmer and Mail and Breeze of Topeka, Kansas. Directory of Farmers and Breeders in Saline County, Kansas.
Listings include Name, Wife's Maiden Name, Children, Name of Farm, Number of Acres, If a Tenant Farmer the name of the Farm Owner, and the year they moved to the county. There are also tables showing what make of car or tractor and what type of silo, if any, each family owned.
The ads would look nice framed if one of the businesses was owned by one of your ancestors.

Item # 10302

Price $6 per surname or $4 per advertisement

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Advertisers A-H Surnames I-O Surnames P-Z Surnames
Adams Tire Co.
Agnew, S. H.
Alt, Louis
American Tire & Rubber Co.
Anderson Bros.
Arnold Motor Co.
Assaria Lumber Co.
Bachofer, A. J.
Bangs, Frank
Banks Farm Power Co.
Bantley Sales Co.
Beeghly, W. M.
Bell, William S.
Belle Springs Creamery Co.
Biggs, E. W. & Co.
B-M Power & Light Co.
Bridgeport State Bank
Brown, T. J. Fur Co.
Buller Coupler Co.
Burgess, B. F.
Camp & Shepherd
Carlson, E. A.
Cement Stave Silo Co.
Central KS Battery & Elec. Co.
Central Kansas Motor Co.
Chappel Music Co.
Chellis, E. C.
Clark, F. W., Dr.
Cleveland Motor Co.
Cochran & Starrett
Collier, T. J. & Son
Crancer Hardware Co.
Cravens, R. P.
Delco-Light Products Store
Dihle, G. W.
Duckwall-Myers Co.
Duncan, Joseph & Son
Dunham, E. C.
Dyer Motor Co.
Eberhardt Lumber Co.
Eberhardt, H. H.
Farmers Alliance Insurance
Farmer's Mill & Elevator Co.
Farmer's Natl. Bank
Farmer's State Bank of Gypsum
Fitzpatrick, T. D.
Forbes, G. H.
General Auto Repair Co.
Getts Fur Co.
Glendale State Bank
Green, J. E.
Gypsum City Buick Co.
Gypsum City Lumber Co.
Gypsum Valley Natl. Bank
Haggart Gawthorp Clothing Co.
Hanly Furniture Store
Hedville State Bank
Heyward Dry Goods Co.
Hobson & Walker
Homestead Building & Loan
Housel, L. C.
Howard Printing & Letter Co.
Ideal Cleaners
International Harvester
Inter-State Vulcanizing Co.
Jennings & Co.
Kaffer, E. J.
Kansas Auto Sales Co.
Kelly Tire Sales Co.
Kenison Mfg. Co.
Kristen Tailors
Laderer Clothing Co.
Layton Bros. Land Co.
Lee Flour Mills Co.
Leidigh-Havens Co.
Liberty Junk Co.
Link Mfg. Co.
Livestock Service
Livingston, O. V.
Lopez Remedy Co.
Low, Henry C.
Lowe & Cooper
Lumbar, I. A.
Manker, C.
Martin Motor Co.
Metal Products Co.
Midwest Auto Indemnity Assoc.
Montgomery Book & Stationery
National Bank of America
Neal Pharmacy
Niquette, V. E.
Olson Bros.
Olson, V. L.
Parisian Cleaners & Dyers
Parker, J. T.
Peck, C. J.
Peck, Ross M.
Pederson, E. G., Dr.
People's State Bank
Peterman, A.
Planter's State Bank
Purdy, D. M., Dr.
Putnam Investment Co.
Richardson Machinery Co.
Robinson Milling Co.
Ryan, Guy R.
Salina Auto Co.
Salina Auto Supply
Salina Business College
Salina Buxton-Phillips Motor Co.
Salina Cleaning & Dye Works
Salina Motors Co.
Salina Poultry Co.
Salina Shoe Repair Shop
Salina Tire Co.
Shipley, Charles P.
Simpson-Hoffman Motors Co.
Solomon Natl. Bank
Stevenson Clothing Co.
Stiefel Bros. & Co.
Stuart & Son
Terry's Music Store
Thomas Machinery Co.
Tractor Appliance Co.
Tri-Circle Guarantee
Walter, A. B.
Weber & Co.
Weinle Motor Co.
Western Seed House
Western Star Mill Co.
Wiegner, H.
Zill, R. C.
Abbott, Albert T.
Abbott, Fred A.
Adams, J. R.
Adkinson, Page
Agin, John F.
Agnew, Fred K.
Agnew, John L.
Ahlstedt, Alfred
Ahring, Louis H.
Akerman, William, Jr.
Allen, Gilla J.
Alley, Walter C.
Allgood, John A.
Almquist, Johanna
Almquist, Oscar
Almquist, Peter
Anderson, Albert W.
Anderson, Andrew A.
Anderson, Andrew P.
Anderson, August J.
Anderson, Axel E.
Anderson, Benjamin F.
Anderson, Bernard H.
Anderson, Bryce F.
Anderson, Carl A.
Anderson, Carl J.
Anderson, Earnest T.
Anderson, Emanuel E.
Anderson, Frederick
Anderson, Gus A.
Anderson, Ida
Anderson, Jacob L.
Anderson, Joel
Anderson, John
Anderson, John A.
Anderson, Julius
Anderson, Levi
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Ross E.
Anderson, Samuel J.
Anderson, Swan
Anderson, Swan J.
Andrew, Asa M
Andrews, Ross
Andrews, Samuel S.
Andrews, Wilson M.
Anthony, John H., Jr.
Anthony, William E.
Applequist, Carl O.
Applequist, Gustaf M.
Appleton, Ed. F.
Archbold, George W.
Armbruster, August A.
Armbruster, Ben F.
Armbruster, George A.
Armstrong, Frank W.
Armstrong, Joseph W.
Arnold, Eugene
Ashbaugh, Howard
Ashford, Montgomery R.
Ashton, Mert B.
Austey, John F.
Austin, George E.
Ayres, Earnest E.
Bachman, Samuel
Bachofer, Jacob
Bachofer, John
Bachofer, Joseph A.
Bacon, Albert
Bailey, Harry J.
Bailey, Isaac N.
Baird, William S.
Baker, Barnhart E.
Banker, Harry W.
Banker, Jasper H.
Banker, Otis M.
Banks, Eliza A.
Banninger, Mary
Barker, F. G.
Barrett, John A.
Bartell, Frank S.
Base, Fred
Bates, Chas.
Bates, Jno. F.
Battersby, William C.
Bauer, Mat
Baxter, Semo F.
Baxter, William J.
Beach, Chas.
Beach, James R.
Bean, William H.
Beard, Albert
Beck, Andrew G.
Beckey, Lee W.
Beckey, Samuel W.
Beckman, Edwin G.
Beickle, Wilson H.
Beil, William M.
Belk, Grant
Bell, John N.
Bell, Ralph C.
Bengtson, Axel
Bengtson, Carl A.
Bengtson, Carl F.
Bengtson, Gust. E.
Berg, Carl K.
Berg, Walter
Bergen, John E.
Berger, Walter O.
Berglund, Eric M.
Bergquist, Albert
Bergquist, John E.
Bergstrom, Victor
Berrigan, Matthew
Berthelson, Morris
Bertles, Michael
Betts, Frank F.
Bettz, Leroy E.
Beverlin, James
Bickel, Edward M.
Biddle, Gabriel
Bieber, Lewis C.
Bishop, Wm. B.
Blom, John
Blomquist, Arthur
Bloomberg, Anton F.
Blumbquist, Oscar
Blunt, Thomas T.
Bomberg, Carl J.
Borst, Louis W.
Boughton, Wallace S.
Bowden, John W.
Bowen, Marion W.
Boyer, A. C.
Bradford, Lewis A.
Brady, Chas. G.
Brand, William B.
Branson, Alonzo
Branton, Elmer F.
Breer, Joe F.
Brendle, Frank F.
Brenneman, Arthur W.
Brenneman, Victor
Brewer, James C.
Brewer, Jesse J.
Brightbill, Frank H.
Brocklund, Olaf
Brodine, Fredolph T.
Broman, Charles V.
Bross, Adolph
Brown, Charles P.
Brown, Irving F.
Brown, Jacob M.
Brown, John W.
Brown, O. T.
Brown, Ulysses S.
Brown, William C.
Brown, Wilson A.
Brubaker, Harry S.
Bruckner, George J.
Bruns, Jno.
Brunsell, August O.
Brzon, Frank
Buck, Charlie
Buck, Edward B.
Buck, Everett W.
Buck, Frank M.
Buck, John S.
Budke, Gerhart H.
Budke, Jno. H.
Bueker, Fred W.
Bueker, George H.
Buhler, Chris
Bulkley, Fred C.
Bunger, Albert
Bunnell, Eugene W.
Burger, John F.
Burke, Elwood J.
Burkland, Ed
Burney, Earnest G.
Burns, John P.
Burns, Mary
Burns, Sylvester
Burr, Edward C.
Burrell, Otis D.
Burt, Chester O.
Burton, W. J.
Butschle, Sabina
Byrns, Andrew J.
Caborn, John F.
Caldwell, James R.
Calkins, Jas. G.
Callabresi, Earl W.
Callabresi, George A.
Callabresi, Grover C.
Came, George W.
Campbell, Isaac A.
Carlin, Robert M.
Carlin, Walter E.
Carlson, Albert
Carlson, Alfred P.
Carlson, August C.
Carlson, August E.
Carlson, Carl A.
Carlson, Carl J.
Carlson, David
Carlson, Godfrey
Carlson, John
Carlson, John J.
Carlson, Luther W.
Carlson, Olaf
Carlson, Osca F.
Carlson, Osca T.
Carlson, Rudolph V.
Carlson, Sven A.
Carlson, Swan Alf
Carlson, William
Carlson, William, W.
Carney, Henry C.
Carney, Thomas L.
Carroll, Sarah
Carson, Allen E.
Carson, J. D.
Carson, William D.
Cash, Lawrence W.
Caszewski, Albert O.
Caszewski, Francis
Cerny, Joseph
Chapman, Alfred
Chellis, Elburton
Christianson, Carl E.
Christianson, Chas. A.
Christianson, Martin
Clark, James E.
Clawson, Harry E.
Cline, Charley L.
Cline, Edward
Cline, Edward E.
Cline, Harry G.
Clovis, Harry
Coburn, Samuel
Coburn, William
Coffman, Arthur C.
Coffman, Jno. H.
Commerford, Edward
Commerford, John J.
Conley, Avery A.
Conn, Geo. W.
Cooley, Chas. H.
Cooley, Lee S.
Cooley, Robert L.
Cooper, Geo. K.
Cooper, Orville
Corcoran, Hannah
Corsant, Lorena
Craig, George M.
Craig, Wm. A.
Crawford, John L.
Crawford, T. Marion
Crossby, Ira
Crough, Margaret E.
Crowther, Geo.
Croyle, Samuel
Cumberland, S. H.
Cunningham, Dan
Cunningham, James P.
Currie, Rae I.
Curry, John J.
Curry, William R.
Cusick, Michael L.
Dahl, Carl A.
Dahlsten, Clarence S.
Daily, Harry
Dalsten, Ebon
Dalun, August W.
Damino, Ralph L.
Damonde, Edwin H.
Danielson, Charles O.
Danielson, John A.
Danielson, Otto E.
Danilson, Axil G.
Darling, Charlie E.
Darling, Clarence E.
Darling, John A.
Dauer, Clifford W.
Dauer, Fred G.
Daum, Gustave P.
Davis, Ella M.
Davis, Harry D.
Davis, John H.
Davis, Orrin L.
De Mersseman, Daniel P.
Dean, R. A.
Dearing, John H.
Dearing, Robert T.
Debold, Henry C.
Debold, Joseph B.
Deemy, Daniel A.
Deering, Mary B.
Delaney, Dennis F.
Delany, Geo. W.
Dent, Chas. H.
Dent, John W.
Dent, Walter
Devlin, James
Dickey, Harry E.
Diefenbrock, Henry
Diehl, John C.
Diehl, Pius W.
Dietz, Rudolph
Dillard, Thomas J.
Dillie, Asa J.
Dinkler, John
Divelbiss, David M.
Divelbiss, Frank
Divelbiss, Fred J.
Divelbiss, J. Lewis
Divelbiss, Vern S.
Dodd, William T.
Dodge, Walter
Dolan, Thomas F.
Dolin, Geo. A.
Dolin, John P.
Donbarger, Fred
Donley, William A.
Donmyer, A. P.
Donmyer, Albert P.
Donmyer, Charley L.
Donmyer, Clarence E.
Donmyer, Daniel F.
Donmyer, Gabriel B.
Donmyer, Harry S.
Donmyer, Martin L.
Donmyer, Ray C.
Donmyer, Simeon
Dopp, George
Dorflinger, Margaret
Douglas, Harvey G.
Drevets, Paul A.
Dugan, Harry
Dunlap, George
Dunn, Grant
Eagles, Albert J.
Ebinger, Jno.
Eikelberry, Henry
Eikelberry, William E.
Einham, William E.
Eklund, Charlie J.
Eklund, Elvin Z.
Eklund, John A.
Elder, George F.
Elder, William H.
Elias, Peter
Elliot, Willaim H.
Elliott, Byron F.
Ellis, Walter
Elmquist, Jos. W.
Elser, Albert
Engdahl, Peter A.
Englund, John
Englund, Nathaniel E.
Englund, Roy E.
Engstrom, Fred
Engstrom, Joseph F.
Engstrom, Nelse P.
Engstrom, Nils E.
Erickson, Andrew J.
Erickson, Aug.
Erickson, Charles
Erickson, Herman
Erickson, Peter
Ericson, Albin R.
Ericson, Andrew
Ericson, David
Ericson, Eric
Ericson, Louis
Ericson, Olaf H.
Erictson, Carl
Erictson, John
Errickson, Adolph
Esping, Oscar
Estenberg, Pete
Esterl, Anton J.
Ethel, Pearley
Eurich, Henrietta
Everhart, Geo. E.
Everhart, Lloyd R.
Exline, William G.
Fagerberg, Frank
Fahring, Mary L.
Fahring, Norman D.
Falk, Ben
Farrington, John W.
Fassbinder, William A.
Fassler, Peter J.
Fetterhoof, Edgar G.
Fisher, Marvin H.
Fitch, Robert T.
Fitzgerald, Henry E.
Fleming, Emil
Flessa, Kate
Flessa, Otto H.
Fogerberg, Emil
Fonck, John F.
Fonck, Joseph H.
Force, Geo. R.
Ford, Albert H.
Forestal, Edward
Forristal, James
Forsberg, Edwin E.
Forsberg, Nels M.
Forslund, Ed
Forslund, John A.
Forslund, Peter
Fouard, Joe
Fowler, Arthur D.
Fraloon, Bert A.
Frank, Bert C.
Franklin, John L.
Frazier, A. Delbert
Frazier, Maurice A.
Frazier, Oliver L.
Frederick, Dora A.
Frenzel, Herman
Frost, Carl O.
Frost, Edwin
Frost, Nels P.
Fuller, Charles
Fulton, Frank L.
Fulton, Fred F.
Fulton, Henry E.
Fulton, William F.
Gahnstron, John W.
Gallagher, Jno. W.
Gallion, Geo. W.
Gardner, Ed
Garrison, Clarence
Garrison, Simon E.
Gatschet, Simon
Gebhart, George I.
Gebhart, Newton B.
Gebhart, Robeson B.
Gehr, Frank, Sr.
Geiger, Charles M.
Gerard, Edw. C.
Gerard, Elmer E.
Giersch, Cecil V.
Giersch, Jno. F.
Giersch, Michael D.
Giersch, William P.
Gillberg, John A.
Gillespie, Sol
Gillman, George H.
Gillman, Walter W.
Gillmore, Charles S.
Gillmore, Samuel J.
Gillum, Alfred B.
Gillum, Charley E.
Goodall, Christina
Gordon, J. H.
Gorrell, Wm. C.
Graham, Rice H.
Graves, Albert J.
Graves, Lonza V.
Graves, William P.
Gray, Fred
Graybill, Geo.
Green, John F.
Green, Joseph
Green, Vere A.
Green, Wilbur F.
Greenwood, William T.
Gregg, Carl J.
Grey, Walter H.
Grief, Lambert J.
Griffen, John F.
Griffen, Thomas A.
Griffin, Frank B.
Griffiths, Edward
Griffiths, George F.
Griffiths, James W.
Griggs, John E.
Griggs, Melvin
Griggs, Roy W.
Griggs, Walter
Griggs, William E.
Grill, Henry S.
Gruber, Jno. A.
Gruber, John C.
Gruber, Joseph
Grunnerson, Adolph F.
Grunnerson, Mark S.
Gustafson, Carl G.
Gustafson, Charles J.
Gustafson, Gegen M.
Gustafson, Olaf
Gustafson, Walter E.
Habiger, Frank J.
Habiger, Lewis G.
Hagg, Albert B.
Hahn, Albert A.
Hahn, Ed. C.
Hahn, Fred
Hale, John P.
Haley, A. W.
Haley, Daniel H.
Haley, James
Haley, Jerry J.
Haley, John
Hall, Alonzo E.
Hall, Anna
Hall, Arthur L.
Hall, Jno. W.
Hall, Prisnon G.
Hall, Robert
Hallengren, Emma E.
Hallengren, William O.
Halsted, Arthur
Ham, Robert E.
Hammond, Elmer E.
Handrub, Joseph H.
Hanna, Henry D.
Hansen, Fred W.
Hanson, Carl
Hanson, Charlie N.
Hanson, Henry N.
Hanson, John P.
Hanson, Mary
Hanson, Morris
Hanson, William
Harmon, Luther B.
Harper, Chester L.
Harper, David A.
Harri, John
Harrington, Jerry
Harrington, Peter J.
Harris, Alvin E.
Harris, Bro.
Hartley, Joseph O.
Hartley, Owen
Hartman, Robert
Hartmann, William H.
Hartnett, Frank P.
Hasker, Frank
Haupt, Fred
Hawk, Howard
Hayes, John
Hayline, Clara B.
Hayner, Leland
Haynes, Herbert H.
Headley, George W.
Hed, Oscar E.
Hedberg, Edgar
Hederstedt, Oscar
Hedquist, Emanuel W.
Hedquist, Emil D.
Hefner, John
Heger, Anton A.
Heglund, Harry F.
Heglund, John F.
Heidrick, John E.
Heimer, Hglmar
Heisler, Delbert
Heisler, George W.
Heler, Steve
Helevin, Glen H.
Helm, Arthur W.
Helm, John
Henderson, Calvert C.
Henderson, William
Henne, L.
Henne, Melvin
Henry, Alex T.
Henry, Edward T.
Henry, Joseph
Henry, Louis K.
Henry, Nathan S.
Hepner, Jesse
Herman, Elaf S.
Herman, Olof
Herman, Olof C.
Herr, Elmer E.
Herr, Francis M.
Hesher, M. L.
Hesher, Martin J.
Hessler, Alfred
Hessler, Anton
Hessler, Harry
Hessler, Perry
Higgs, George L.
Hill, Edward R.
Hill, James S.
Hillyard, William J.
Hines, Charles
Hines, Fred C.
Hines, William
Hines, William G.
Hinkle, Charles A.
Hinkle, Earnest H.
Hinkle, George C.
Hinnenkampf, Anton F.
Hintz, Julius
Hjerpe, Samuel
Hoag, Arthur V.
Hocking, James S.
Hocking, Sam
Hodges, Guy C.
Hoeffner, Frank
Holcomb, Frank E.
Hollidge, Clifford
Hollis, Charles F.
Hollis, William H.
Holm, Carl J.
Holm, Knut E.
Holmes, Clarence M.
Holmes, Seth C.
Holmgren, Joel
Holmquist, Tannie A.
Holmquist, Theodore A.
Holmstrom, Erric
Homman, Earl R.
Homman, Roy A.
Hood, Ralph C.
Hopkins, Albert V.
Hopkins, Josiah W.
Hotz, Henry
Hough, Albert
Hough, Guy C.
Houlette, Walter F.
House, henry
hoyne, Micael
Hoyne, Thomas
Hronek, Edward A.
Hubele, Chris, Jr.
Hubele, William
Hudson, James J.
Hudson, Jesse Y.
Huff, Charlie
Hughes, Harry E.
Hughes, Keith
Humbarger, Anthony L.
Humbarger, Day
Humbarger, Geo. W.
Humbarger, Henry
Hunter, Richard A.
Hurston, James
Hutchins, Edward L.
Hutchinson, Dana G.
Hylton, Ernen H.
Hyrup, Michael C.
Ingermanson, Andrew
Ireton, Silbert M.
Irving, Joseph
Isaacson, Axel W.
Isaacson, Emil E.
Jackson, Rena
Jackson, Simon W.
Jameson, James A.
Jansen, Gust
Jay, Theodore J.
Jend, Phillip
Jensen, Charles P.
Johannas, Clem P.
Johndrow, Guy J.
Johnson, Aaron
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Albert E.
Johnson, Albert R.
Johnson, Alfred G.
Johnson, Algot
Johnson, Allen
Johnson, Arthur N.
Johnson, Arvid B.
Johnson, Axel E.
Johnson, Ben
Johnson, C. Axel
Johnson, C. G.
Johnson, C. P.
Johnson, Carl A.
Johnson, Carl O.
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Charles W.
Johnson, Chris
Johnson, Christine
Johnson, Clarence H.
Johnson, Clarence J.
Johnson, David B.
Johnson, David S.
Johnson, Ebben W.
Johnson, Edwin
Johnson, Elaf A.
Johnson, Elmer J.
Johnson, Emil F.
Johnson, Frank E.
Johnson, Frank W.
Johnson, Fred E.
Johnson, Fredolph
Johnson, George
Johnson, Gilbert
Johnson, Godfrey O.
Johnson, Gust
Johnson, Harry
Johnson, Herbert
Johnson, Herman J.
Johnson, Jno.
Johnson, Jno. J.
Johnson, Jno. K.
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Lawrence E.
Johnson, Louise
Johnson, Luther L.
Johnson, Martin E.
Johnson, Nels
Johnson, Nels C.
Johnson, Nels R.
Johnson, Nels W.
Johnson, Norton L.
Johnson, Oscar R.
Johnson, Otto E.
Johnson, Ovie M.
Johnson, Peter M.
Johnson, Simon
Johnson, Simon S.
Johnson, Swan H.
Johnson, Theodore N.
Johnson, Thomas E.
Johnson, Tony G.
Johnson, Wilbert R.
Johnson, William A.
Johnson, William H.
Johnston, Elmer
Johnston, Fred G.
Johnston, Wm. J.
Jones, Daniel E.
Jones, Everett
Jones, Fred W.
Jones, Walter H.
Jones, William O.
Jorg, Philip
Juengel, Charley
Juengel, Frank
Juengel, Fred
Jukes, Gust W.
Just, Joseph J.
Kastner, George
Kastner, John
Keeler, Alfred C.
Keeler, Edward W.
Keeler, Herbert C.
Keeler, Martin F.
Keeler, William
Kelley, John
Kelley, Timothy F.
Kenyon, Jno. L.
Kern, George F.
Kibler, Michael
Kilgariff, Adam E.
Kimble, James A.
King, Adam H.
King, Charles H.
King, Frank
King, jno. T.
King, Lawrence H.
King, Raymond
King, W. H.
Kirn, William
Kitterman, John A.
Kitterman, Maggie
Kline, Albert V.
Knoettgen, Matt D.
Knowles, Ruben V.
Knudson, Nels S.
Kobbeman, Ray H.
Koenig, Anna M.
Kogler, Frederick J.
Kohman, George L.
Kohr, Geo. E
Kohr, Roscoe
Koll, John
Komarek, Anthony F.
Korber, Ben
Korber, Charley
Korber, Henry G.
Korber, Jake
Korber, John.
Korber, Mike
Kouns, Wesley
Kraft, Gustaf A.
Kraft, Mosheim
Krauss, Gottlob
Kurtiss, Geo. H.
Laessig, Theo
Laessig, Wm. F.
Lagerstrom, Henry
Lambert, Joseph
Lambertson, Leo R.
Langston, Eugene B.
Lapp, Henry W.
Lapp, William H.
Larson Carl
Larson, Albert A.
Larson, Carl E.
Larson, Ed.Burkland
Larson, John V.
Larson, Knute
Larson, Lars J.
Larson, Olof
Larson, Simon
LaRue, Caroline
Lass, August
Lassig, Ernest H.
Lattin, Edward B.
Law, Henry A.
Law, Melissa A.
Leander, Claus
Leaton, James B.
Lebert, Adolph
Lefebvre, Noel B.
Legg, Roy W.
Lehman, Daniel
Leis, Henry
Leister, Anna L.
Leister, Henry
Leith, Edwin W.
Leive, Fred H.
Leonard, Philip S.
Lewis, Bruce H.
Linblad, Pete J.
Lindberg, Albert J.
Lindberg, Gerand
Lindblom, Frank J.
Lindblom, Jno.
Lindblom, Joseph W.
Lindblom, Peter E.
Lindblom, Peter O.
Lindborn, Emma
Lindell, Andrew W.
Lindell, Anton
Lindell, Carl
Lindemann, Albert
Lindfors, James
Lindholm, Axel F.
Lindholm, Charles
Lindholm, Elmer T.
Lindholm, John A.
Lindholm, Peter J.
Lindquist, Andrew M.
Lindquist, Earnest W.
Lindquist, F. & E. B.
Lindquist, John P.
Lindquist, Martin
Lindquist, Robert, Sr.
Lindstrom, Gustaf E.
Lindstrom, Jacob E.
Lindstrom, Otto
Linn, Jno. A.
Lipe, Frank
Lishen, Carl N.
Lishen, Henry C.
Lockard, Fred W.
Lockard, Joseph B.
Loder, Lewis C.
Loder, William J.
Lofgren, Arvid
Lofgren, Manfred N.
Long, Dwight E.
Loop, George
Lothman, Knute
Lower, Lyle
Lowman, Henry H.
Luke, Otto F.
Luke, William
Lundberg, Alfred N.
Lundeen, Jennie
Lundquist, Albin E.
Lundquist, Carl A.
Lundquist, Ed
Lundquist, Emil
Lundstrom, Josephine
Lundstrom, Olaf F.
Madden, Abbie
Madden, Albert J.
Madden, Robert L.
Madden, Wm. F.
Magnuson, A. G.
Magnuson, Carl E.
Magnuson, Carl O.
Magnuson, Charles J.
Magnuson, David A.
Magnuson, John
Magnuson, Knut
Maher, Sylvester L.
Main, James R.
Major, Thomas E.
Mallon, Francis M.
Mallon, Geo. W.
Mallon, Seth
Malmgren, Gus
Malmgren, Joseph G.
Malmgren, Levi
Malmgren, Milton
Malmgren, Oscar
Manard, Lee
Manon, John
Mans, Nicholas
Manuel, James W.
Mapes, Herbert H.
Mapes, John H.
Marlin, Paul
Martin, August
Martin, Bernard D.
Martin, Ed. F.
Martin, Frank E.
Martin, George F.
Martin, Jesse D.
Martin, John W.
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Julia
Martin, Pat L.
Martin, William
Martinson, Carl J.
Martinson, Oscar W.
Mason, Daniel J.
Mason, Henry A.
Mason, Irvin L.
Mason, Joe A.
Mason, John H.
Mason, Robert
Matt, Mary
Mattison, Harry R.
Mattson, Alfred
Mattson, B.
Mattson, Carl P.
Mattson, Ed O.
Mattson, Olaf
McAuliffe, Dan D.
McAuliffe, Maurice M.
McBride, Harve W.
McCabe, Fred
McCall, Benjamin W.
McCall, Newton G.
McClugage, A. J.
McClure, Joseph S.
McCollum, William
McConnell, Frank
McCormick, T. J.
McDaniel, James E.
McDonald, Henry C.
McDowell, John E.
McDowell, Milfred E.
McFarlane, Bartholomew
McFarlane, John R.
McGee, Jno. S.
McGee, Joseph A.
McGrath, John J.
McIntyre, Chas. B. F.
McKenzie, John A.
McMickell, J. M.
Meagher, John L.
Melander, Harry W.
Melander, Olaf A.
Melson, William E.
Mentzer, Peter
Merriman, Glenn
Meurisse, Lawrence N.
Meurisse, Lewis J.
Meurisse, Victor J.
Meywick, Angus W.
Mick, Joseph J.
Mieir, George
Miles, Ralph J.
Miller, Andy W.
Miller, Carl E.
Miller, Clarence O.
Miller, Cleve D.
Miller, Ed. G.
Miller, George B.
Miller, Herman P.
Miller, Hubert
Miller, Jacob E.
Miller, James G.
Miller, John H.
Miller, Luther E.
Miller, Nathaniel H.
Miller, Richard R.
Millerson, C. C.
Millerson, Chas. H.
Millerson, M.
Millikin, Thomas E.
Minneman, Addison
Minter, Andrew S.
Mitchell, William N.
Modig, Erland G.
Monahan, Will
Mondt, William H.
Montgomery, Carl B.
Montgomery, Clyde L.
Montgomery, Everett L.
Montgomery, Robt. I.
Montgomery, William H.
Moore, Bros.
Moore, David A.
Moore, Joe
Moore, John A. D.
Moore, Thomas
Moore, William
Moorman, Henry
Moreen, Phillip O.
Morgan, Ward E.
Morgan, William A.
Morris, Edgar W.
Morris, Virgie H.
Morrison, Harry A.
Morrison, John A.
Morrison, Robert W.
Mortimer, Albert G.
Mortimer, J. T.
Mortimer, Law R.
Mortimer, Mark
Mortimer, William
Mortimer, William H.
Muchow, Charles F.
Muir, Harry A.
Muir, Henry
Muir, J. Ben
Muir, Jno. B.
Muir, Joseph A.
Muir, Robert Asa
Muir, Robert E.
Munson, Ben
Munson, Carl M.
Munson, Edward
Munson, John
Murphy, William A.
Murphy, William F.
Murray, Daniel J.
Musser, Thomas R.
Muston, Jno. L.
Neeman, Frederick L.
Neff, Fred
Neiman, Edward H.
Nelson, Alexander
Nelson, Alfred
Nelson, Andrew A.
Nelson, Andrew B.
Nelson, Arthur
Nelson, August
Nelson, August W.
Nelson, Carl A.
Nelson, Carl O.
Nelson, Charles
Nelson, Clarence T.
Nelson, Daniel A.
Nelson, Elmer
Nelson, Emil A.
Nelson, Fred
Nelson, George E.
Nelson, Gust
Nelson, Gustaf M.
Nelson, Hans
Nelson, Harmon
Nelson, Henry A.
Nelson, Ida
Nelson, John A.
Nelson, John Alfred
Nelson, John G. E.
Nelson, John P.
Nelson, Joseph
Nelson, Lars P.
Nelson, Lee
Nelson, Luther C.
Nelson, Martin
Nelson, Nels M.
Nelson, Olof S.
Nelson, Oscar E.
Nelson, Oscar F.
Nelson, Peter
Nelson, Peter I.
Nelson, Philip L.
Nelson, Philip S.
Nelson, Phillip
Nelson, Swan
Nelson, Swan N.
Nelson, Walter C.
Neubauer, Charles E.
Neubauer, Frank
Neubold, Jacob
Newman, Parry A.
Nieschburg, Albert F.
Nieschburg, Louis E.
Noland, William G.
Norburg, Fredick
Nordboe, Otto D.
Nordstrom, John P.
Norling, Carl
Norling, John
Norquist, August
Norris, Henry E.
Northern, David D.
Norton, Herbert N.
Nunn, Ben F.
Nutt, Bart
Nygren, Charles D.
Oberg, Daniel
Oberg, Gust E.
Oberg, Peter G.
Oborg, O. L.
Oborg, P. E.
O'Brien, Daniel F.
O'Brien, William
O'Brien, William F.
O'Brien, William J.
Odgers, William H.
O'Grady, John
Oleen, Carl W.
Oleen, Hjalmar
Oline, August
Oliver, Carl
Olson, Albin J.
Olson, Alfred
Olson, Arthur
Olson, August
Olson, August T.
Olson, Axel A.
Olson, Chas. A.
Olson, Clarence
Olson, David
Olson, Edgar C.
Olson, Edwin A.
Olson, Elmer
Olson, Frank A.
Olson, Fred
Olson, Fred O.
Olson, Gottfried
Olson, Gus
Olson, James
Olson, John A.
Olson, John S.
Olson, Joseph
Olson, Martin
Olson, Nels R.
Olson, Ola R.
Olson, Olaf
Olson, Olaf E.
Olson, Olaf W.
Olson, Oscar F.
Olson, P. John
Olson, Peter S.
Olson, Robert
Olson, Swan
Olson, Thomas L.
Olson, Thomas O.
Olson, Thomas S.
Olson, Thomas W.
Olson, Victor L.
Olsson, Benjamin L.
Oltman, Ed.
Oltman, Henry
O'Shea, Andrew J.
Ostberg, Amos T.
Ostenberg, Charles
Ostenberg, John G.
Ott, Edward
Ott, Emery N.
Ott, fred
Ott, Fred P.
Owings, Walter L.


Page, Clayton J.
Pamquist, Carl A.
Pamquist, Constanto F.
Pangrac, Wesley
Patterson, Edgar M.
Payton, John
Pearson, Aug.
Pearson, Otto J.
Peck, Joseph L.
Peck, Manford E.
Peck, Mortimer H.
Peck, Ross M.
Penix, William H.
Perkins, Leander
Perkins, Thomas H.
Perrill, George A.
Perrill, Harry T.
Person, Carl
Person, Nels
Person, Theodore
Peterson, Adolph
Peterson, Alfred
Peterson, Anna
Peterson, Annie
Peterson, August W.
Peterson, Carl O.
Peterson, Carol A.
Peterson, Charles A.
Peterson, Charley A.
Peterson, Charlie V.
Peterson, Chas. A.
Peterson, Clarence
Peterson, Ellen
Peterson, Elof E.
Peterson, Frank
Peterson, Frank O.
Peterson, George
Peterson, Gus N.
Peterson, Henry F.
Peterson, Jno. W.
Peterson, Johanna
Peterson, John
Peterson, John A.
Peterson, John P.
Peterson, Joseph A.
Peterson, Mons L.
Peterson, Ola L.
Peterson, Oscar P.
Peterson, Paul
Peterson, Peter
Peterson, Peter L.
Peterson, Peter M.
Peterson, Samuel H.
Peterson, Titus
Peterson, Will
Peterson, William A.
Petit, Chester
Pfeifer, Fred W.
Phillips, Edward F.
Phillips, Thomas H.
Pickering, Ben
Pickering, Margarette
Pickering, Robert
Pierce, W. H.
Pierce, William F.
Pihl, Joe A.
Pike, Grant
Pinkall, Emil O.
Pinkenburg, Christ
Pinkenburg, Harry F.
Pinkenbyrg, William H.
Pinkham, William R.
Plummer, Bert Q.
Prather, Bennie M.
Prewett, William W.
Price, Ben R.
Price, Cleo
Price, Harry L.
Price, John W.
Pruett, Henry E.
Purcell, William A.
Putnam, Edward R.
Raggendorf, Fred W.
Raisner, Richard
Raisner, Robert
Rames, Perry
Rasche, Phillip W.
Rasher, Ephraim D.
Rassette, Kyle A.
Rassette, Orville J.
Ratliff, Charlie T.
Rauline, Joseph A.
Ream, Josiah S.
Reams, Frederick
Reck, B.
Redden, Lloyd S.
Redding, Solomon R.
Reed, David J.
Reed, George A.
Reed, Nickolas E.
Reed, William I.
Reese, William F.
Reeves, Richard W.
Reiff, William
Reigle, Elmer
Reilly, Henry H.
Reinbold, Henry
Renard, Peter L.
Reser, James E.
Reser, John F.
Rhea, Isaac E.
Rhea, Jno. J.
Ricard, Charles
Rice, John A.
Richards, Charles L.
Richards, James D.
Richards, Leslie V.
Richards, Norris W.
Ringquist, Jacob A.
Riordan, Katherine
Riordan, Patrick B.
Riordan, Timothy V.
Ritter, William J.
Rittgers, Jacob B.
Rittgers, Perry A.
Roberts, Frank P.
Roberts, Fred
Robison, Grant
Robson, George A.
Rockhold, Frank F.
Rodine, Henry F.
Roe, Bert
Roe, Theo. O.
Roesner, Frank D.
Roesner, William R.
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, Jesse E.
Rogers, Laban D.
Rohrer, Elmer C.
Rohrer, Warington A.
Roscoe, James L.
Rose, Edward R.
Rose, Leroy
Ross, Charles L.
Ross, John D.
Rothrock, Albert M.
Rowson, Charles F.
Royal, Herman
Ruch, Paul P.
Rull, George
Rull, George W.
Rull, Vinton
Runberg, Swan
Runquist, Andrew G.
Runquist, August
Runquist, Jonas E.
Rupert, John
Ryan, Daniel J.
Ryan, Elizabeth
Ryan, James
Ryan, Patrick F.
Ryding, Andrew
Ryding, Fred
Salisbury, Herb H.
Salisbury, Melia
Sampson, Arthur R.
Sampson, Ed
Sanborn, Anna
Sanborn, David E.
Sanborn, Seth H.
Sandberg, Anton W.
Sandberg, George W.
Sandberg, John F.
Sanders, Mary A.
Sarver, George
Satterlee, Floyd L.
Satterlee, Frank
Schang, John G.
Schermerhorn, Levi L.
Schiever, Fred
Schindler, James H.
Schippel, Clara
Schneider, Charles
Schneider, Francis
Schneider, John
Schneider, Vincent
Schrader, George
Schrader, Henry
Schultz, Fred W.
Schultz, John E.
Schultz, John G.
Schultz, John T. W.
Schultz, William
Schumaker, William C.
Schwartz, Arthur
Schwartz, Peter
Schweitzerhoff, Wm.
Scott, Milton E.
Scott, Thomas B.
Sears, Ernest W.
Sears, Levy E.
Seeley, Wm. P.
Seim, Henry L.
Selleck, Walter H.
Seng, Elisha E.
Seng, Henry
Sensy, Earl
Sensy, Edward
Serrault, Arthur J.
Shanahan, Michael
Shanahan, William
Shank, Walter
Shank, William H.
Sharer, Leroy E.
Sharp, William
Sharpe, James L.
Sharpe, Jim R.
Shaw, Bella
Shaw, Harvey W.
Sheilds, John W.
Sheldon, John
Shelton, Lewis E.
Shelton, Mary S.
Sherman, Louis
Sherman, Nelson G.
Shier, George H.
Shirack, George G.
Shoffner, Charles C.
Shoffner, Samuel C.
Shoffner, Ulysses C.
Shogren, Oscar F.
Sholl, William P.
Short, John C.
Shublom, Edward T.
Shublom, Geo. A.
Shublom, Rudolph W.
Shute, Ed.
Shute, James H.
Simon, Floyd W.
Simpson, John C.
Sinith, George W.
Sjo, Frank A.
Slade, Ed.
Slater, Edward F.
Sloan, John
Sloan, Robert
Sloan, Vernon
Slonaker, Curtis C.
Sloop, Andrew J.
Sloop, James W.
Sloop, Lawrence S.
Smart, James A.
Smith, Albert M.
Smith, Alexander D.
Smith, Allison M.
Smith, Bert M.
Smith, Charles M.
Smith, Dixon D.
Smith, Floyd O.
Smith, Heman
Smith, Henry M.
Smith, Jno.
Smith, John W.
Smith, Lulu A.
Smith, Martin L.
Smith, Oramel
Smith, Robert C.
Smith, William
Snider, Charles N.
Snyder, Frank
Snyder, Geo. M.
Snyder, Jno. A.
Snyder, Peter
Soderberg, Charles
Soderberg, Peter
Sofsky, Cornelia B.
Solberg, Victor
Son, Homer B.
Soubers, Clifford H.
Spellman, Alfred
Spellman, Chas. E.
Spellman, David
Spencer, Charles H.
Spencer, Henry
Stahl, George
Stahl, Tom H.
Stamm, Harlen R.
Stanley, William M.
Stauffer, Harleigh D.
Steckmeister, August F.
Stein, George
Stein, Thos.
Stenfors, Carl B.
Stenfors, Jno. A.
Stephen, Roy D.
Stephens, Charles E.
Stewart, Lloyd A.
Stiefel, Charles O.
Stivers, Charles F.
Stone, James T.
Stover, Harry G.
Streckfus, Ed J.
Streckfus, Louis M.
Streckfus, William M.
Strigel, Sebastian B.
Stroback, Oscar
Struble, Daniel
Struble, Harry L.
Sullivan, David A.
Sullivan, Edward
Sullivan, Jno. C.
Sullivan, John P.
Sullivan, John W.
Sullivan, Michael B.
Sullivan, Michael J.
Sundblom, Reuben G.
Sundgren, John P.
Sundgren, Victor
Sundquist, Simon
Suneson, Carl G.
Sutton, Walker W.
Swain, Charlie L.
Swanson, Adolph
Swanson, Andrew
Swanson, Call A.
Swanson, Carl A.
Swanson, Charles A.
Swanson, Emil
Swanson, Gust
Swanson, Harry
Swanson, Jno.
Swanson, John W.
Swanson, Martin E.
Swanson, Peter W.
Swanson, Swan
Swedeberg, Carl
Swedlund, Alfred V.
Swenson, Alfred
Swenson, Andrew
Swenson, Arthur O.
Swenson, Benj.
Swenson, Carl O.
Swenson, David O.
Swenson, Emil
Swenson, Emil A.
Swenson, Gust S.
Sweringen, Walter
Swigart, Samuel L.
Swisher, Alvin L.
Swisher, Howard M.
Swisher, J. W.
Swisher, Jerome L.
Swisher, John
Swisher, Joseph
Swisher, Lawrence M.
Swisher, Morgan
Swisher, Tom
Tally, Leeman E.
Tally, Thomas N.
Tarbell, Menzo E.
Tarn, Benjamin F.
Tate, William L.
Thelander, Alfred
Thelander, August
Thelander, C. John
Thelander, Edward W.
Thelander, Martin
Thelander, Oscar E.
Thiel, Jno. A.
Thiel, Katherine
Thiel, William H.
Thomas, Caroline A.
Thomas, Paul R.
Thompson, Charles E.
Thompson, Garret A.
Thompson, Herman
Thomsen, Peter C.
Thorstenberg, Henry J.
Thorstenberg, Oscar W.
Thorstenberg, Swan
Threkeld, Cicero V.
Threkeld, W. A.
Tillberg, Andrew V.
Tillberg, George A.
Tinkler, Edward E.
Tinkler, Irl N.
Tinkler, William O., Jr.
Titus, George H.
Tobin, Michael P.
Toll, Delia
Toll, Edwin B.
Toll, John M.
Toll, William
Tompson, Thomas O.
Torgler, Fred
Tressin, Charlie F.
Tressin, Otto E.
Tritle, William E.
Trosper, Bruce
Tucker, Dale
Tucker, Otho C.
Tuckers, Samuel I.
Turner, Melvin
Tweedy, Ray L.
Underwood, Louis C.
Van Meter, Jno. L.
Van meter, Nathan
Van Meter, Oslor
Vancure, Edward
Vanderbilt, Chas. E.
Vandiver, Frank M.
Vaupel, George
Vaupel, Helen
Vaupel, Henry
Veach, Fred L.
Vedrickson, John C.
Veineke, August H.
Veltman, Adolph
Veltman, Alex
Veltman, Arnold J.
Veltman, Gerhart
Vermillion, Fred W.
Vogan, Charles Clay
Vogan, William M.
Vogelsberg, Claus M.
Vogelsberg, Joseph N.
Vosburg, Henry B.
Waddell, Stanford F.
Waddle, Albert H.
Waddle, Olive M.
Waddle, Samuel H.
Wait, Alfred C.
Walden, Irving G.
Walker, John
Walker, Louis R.
Walker, Thomas
Walker, William
Wall, Henry V.
Wallace, James M.
Walle, Frederick W.
Walle, Henry J.
Walle, John
Walle, Paul
Wallenstein, John
Wallerius, Jacob H.
Ward, Willaim J.
Warnlof, Andrew
Warnow, Fred, Jr.
Warnow, Grover C.
Wary, Eugene N.
Wary, Leona
Washburn, Benjamin A.
Waterston, William
Watkins, Carley A.
Watrous, William A.
Watson, Elmer J.
Watson, Orville W.
Watson, Willis F.
Watters, George S.
Weatherby, George W.
Weaver, Floyd M.
Weber, Charles E.
Weber, George F.
Weberg, Norton O.
Webster, Emery P.
Weis, Adam
Weis, Elmer
Weis, Frank
Weis, Henry
Weis, John
Weis, Lawrence
Weis, Louis
Weis, Louis J.
Weis, Phillip D.
Weisgerber, Fred
Weisgerber, Phillip A.
Weller, Clarence A.
Wessling, Mary
Wessling, Rose
Westerberg, John N.
Wheatley, William E.
Wheaton, Louis P.
Wheeler, Carl
Whelchel, Noah W.
White, J. Robert
White, Thomas A.
Whitehair, Edward W.
Whittaker, George W.
Wickersham, A. Pearl
Wickersham, Thomas
Wies, Francis
Wiggins, Alfred G.
Wilford, John C.
Wilks, Jno. C.
Will, Herman
Willey, John W.
Williams, Arthur A.
Williams, George E.
Willman, Charles W.
Wilson, Charles E.
Wilson, Edward N.
Wilson, Geo. A.
Wilvers, Henry
Wilvers, Jno. P.
Wingard, A. Clyde
Winslow, Henry V.
Winter, David J.
Wirth, Benj. B.
Wirth, Jno. A.
Wissing, Jacob J.
Witt, Frank
Witte, John F.
Wivers, Damas
Wolsieffer, John S.
Wolsieffer, Joseph L.
Woody, Harry W.
Writer, Ross J.
Yockers, Albert F.
Yockers, Ervin W.
Yockers, Fred A.
Yockers, Ralph E. C.
Yocum, William C.
Young, Bradley
Young, James B.
Young, John H.
Young, John Paul
Young, William S.
Youngdahl, Peter
Zacharason, Frank N.
Zerbe, Irvin
Zerlee, Willaim
Zimmerman, Claud E.


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