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Princeton Class of 1885 in 1900


Sesquidecennial Record of the Class of 1885 Princeton Univ. (15 year Reunion). Class members were asked for address, places they had lived, occupation, marriage & children and political activity. Some answered in a few lines, some take several paragraphs.
Item # 10027 Price: $5 per person

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Allen, Clarence J. Milwaukee, WI
Anderson, G. W. Japan
Appleby, Richard Henry Old Bridge, NJ
Arthur, C. A. London, England
Austin, John Morse Los Angeles, CA
Baker, Alfred T. Philadelphia, PA
Baker, William Sebastian Graff, Jr. London, England
Barr, John W., Jr. Louisville, KY
Bateman, C. H. Somerville, NJ
Bayard, James Wilson Philadelphia, PA
Beattie, R. H., Rev. Newburgh, NY
Bedle, Joseph D. Jersey City, NJ
Bell, William D., Major New York, NY
Bennett, Grant R. New York, NY
Berry, Thomas C. San Francisco, CA
Bill, Edmund W., Dr. New York, NY
Bird, C. W. Europe
Bissell, John Bennett Elizabeth, ?
Blades, Edward King Los Angeles, CA
Blye, J. H. Philadelphia, PA
Brann, S. M. Springfield, SD
Brickenstein, John H. Washington, DC
Brown, J. Woods Philadelphia, PA
Bryan, Henry C. New York, NY
Buckelew, James Renovo, PA
Burger, Clarence L. New York, NY
Burleigh, F. W., M.D. Fitchburg, MA
Cady, Putnam, Rev. Amsterdam, NY
Carter, Robert E., Rev. Washington, OH
Cator, W. W. Baltimore, MD
Chapin, Warren B., M.D. New York, NY
Clark, C. Steele Pittsburgh, PA
Clerihew, A. E. Minneapolis, MN
Cleveland, Harlan Cincinnati, OH
Coney, John H. Princeton, NJ
Conner, W. W., Rev. Belleville, NJ
Conover, John S. Schenectady, NY
Cooper, John C. Baltimore, MD
Coulter, Eugene C. Chicago, IL
Crawford, Monroe New York, NY
Darling, William Wilkesbarre, PA
Dawes, Aaron V. Hightstown, NJ
Dawson, J. H. Baltimore, MD
Depue, Sherrerd Newark, NJ
Dickey, John R. Philadelphia, PA
Dickey, William A. Alaska
Dodds, R. J., Rev. Mersine, Turkey
Dolan, N. Brooke Philadelphia, PA
Donaldson, William W. Baltimore, MD
Douglas, James R. Mansfield, OH
Due, Malvern N., Dr. Birmingham, AL
Dunshee, Frank S. Des Moines, IA
Durell, George B. Harriman, TN
Edwards, Duncan New York, NY
Ellett, Frank Gates, Rev. Detroit, MI
Ernst, Alexander Butler ?
Etter, George E. Harrisburg, PA
Faitoute, F. B. Newark, NJ
Fisher, Janon Baltimore, MD
Foltz, J. C., M.D. Philadelphia, PA
Foster, Joseph C. Cincinnati, OH
Foster, W. R. Cincinnati, OH
Frost, Luther Weeks ?
Gaither, A. Bradley, Dr. Baltimore, MD
Gamble, Cary B., M.D. Baltimore, MD
Gaskill, Benjamin H. Philadelphia, PA
Gibson, P. F. Paris, France
Gledhill, Henry W. Paterson,NJ
Gooch, Hiram A. Chicago, IL
Goodloe, Tevis Louisville, KY
Grahm, John L. Sandwich Islands?
Granberry, William L. Nashville, TN
Greene, W. J. Cedar Rapids, IA
Griffith, Frank Johannesburg, CA
Hall, William M., Jr. Pittsburgh, PA
Halsey, Charles D. New York, NY
Hardcastle, Alexander, Jr. Baltimore, MD
Harriman, J. Borden New York, NY
Harris, John M. Scranton, PA
Hayes, James E. Princeton, NJ
Head, Walter Bryant Allegheny, PA
Healey, C. A. Atlanta, GA
Hittle, Morris Zwingli ?
Hood, C. T., M.D. Chicago, IL
Hughes, James R. Bellefonte, PA
Humphrey, J. L. ?
Jackson, W. F. Newark, NJ
Jennings, J. G. Brady's Bend, PA
Johnson, John E. Brazil & New York
Jones, Henry K. Detroit, MI
Kelley, Alford, Rev. Frazer, PA
Kemphall, E. McL. Cleveland, OH
Kittle, W. S. San Francisco, CA
Knapp, Sanford Norris Peekskill, NY
Knox, Charles R. Point Pleasant, NJ
Lamberton, H. M. Winona, MN
Lawrence, R. S. Hanover, IN
Lawton, W. L., Jr. Kingston, NY
Leeper, S. H., Rev. Coatesville, PA
Lord, John C., Rev. Navesink, NJ
Lynch, William H. Fair Hill, MD
McAlpin, D. H., M.D. New York, NY
McClumpha, Charles Flint Minneapolis, MN
McCormick, J. L. Bel Air, MD
McFerran, John B., Jr. Crescent Hill, KY
McIlvaine, C. W. London, England
McIlvaine, William B. Chicago, IL
Meserole, H. C. Brooklyn NY
Miles, John B. Philadelphia, PA
Muller, J. H. ?
Mumford, John Kimberley Brooklyn, NY
Murray, J. P. New York,  NY
Myers, Howard Gillespie, Dr. New York, NY
Nahm, Max B. Bowling Green, KY
Nixon, John Howard, M.D. Springfield, MO
Norton, Paul T. Elizabeth, NJ
Parker, Robert M. New York, NY
Penick, J. M. Marshall, MO
Pershing, Thed Philadelphia, PA
Potter, James Philadelphia, PA
Price, Clarence Chicago, IL
Riggs, William P. Baltimore, MD
Roberts, A. F. ?
Robinson, William Henry Cambridge, NY
Rochelle, F. W., Rev. Chester, NJ
Roosa, John P. Monticello, NY
Scharff, P. A. ?
Schenck, A. ?
Scott, Frederic W. Richmond, VA
Scribner, Howard New York, NY
Shea, J. B. Pittsburgh, PA
Sherwood, Alfred B. Washington, DC
Smith, A. C. New York, NY
Smith, C. H. Philadelphia, PA
Smith, Robert L. Appleton, WI
Speer, F. H. Pittsburgh, PA
Spence, C. R. Baltimore, MD
Stavely, A. L., M.D. Washington, DC
Steers, Edward Clarke ?
Sterry, William De W. New York, NY
Sturges, Jonathan England & New York, NY
Swartz, George E. Chicago, IL
Thompson, Henry Dallas Princeton, NJ
Thorpe, Henry H., M.D. New York, NY
Toler, Henry P. New York, NY
Trask, Howard Payson New York, NY
Tree, A. M. Warwickshire, England
Umsted, Thomas Chalmers Delaware City, DE
Urquhart, George Philadelphia, PA
Van Ausdal, Charles Dayton, OH
Van Etten, John G., Judge Kingston, NY
Vaughn, W. S. Richmond, IN
Wanamaker, Rodman Philadelphia, PA
Weir, Paul Owensboro, KY
Wicker, James, McIver, Rev. Philadelphia, PA
Wight, Calvin ?
Wilbur, William Lane, M.D. Hightstown, NJ
Wilson, Edmund Red Bank, NJ
Wilson, F. H. Colorado?
Wood, Edward S. Trenton, NJ
Woodend, William Edwin New York, NY
Woodruff, Frank Stiles Elizabeth, NJ
Wylie, Charles, R., M.D. Pottstown, PA
Young, George D., Rev. Owego, NY














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