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Princeton Class of 1877 in 1907


The Record of the Class of '77, Princeton Univ., 1877-1907. Class members were asked for address, occupation, marriage, children & grandchildren, and a current photo. There is a group photo of the class as Freshmen (1873) with a caption identifying members, plus photos of some children & grandchildren.
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The class funded some University Fellowships. Recipients of the fellowship were; Chujiro Kochi, Leonard Worcester Williams, Earl Douglass, Adam Marion Miller, Frank Albert Stromsten, William John Sinclair, Frank Harrison Tuttle, Harvey Ernest Jordan, Daniel Randle Campbell & Frederick H. Krecker. There is professional information for each of these men.


Name of Alumni Residence
Ailman, J. T. Thompstown, PA
Anderson, Charles H. ?
Annin, William E. ?
Armour, George A. Princeton, NJ
Armstrong, William Clinton New Brunswick, NJ
Balloch, E. A. Washington, DC
Barnes, George G. Elmhurst, PA
Barr, O. O. ?
Bartles, Austin C. New York, NY
Benedict, N. Memphis, TN
Best, John L. Northampton, MA
Biggs, John Wilmington, DE
Bowers, J. W., Jr. Baltimore, MD
Bratton, Daniel S. ?
Bratton, Samuel H. ?
Brooks, F. E. Chicago, IL
Brumback, Orville S. Toledo, OH
Bryan, W. B. Washington, DC
Burgess, William Trenton, NJ
Bushnell, Clarence M. Buffalo, NY
Butler, William M. St. Louis, MO
Campbell, Frank G. Cherry Valley, NY
Campbell, Frederic Brooklyn, NY
Campbell, John A. Trenton, NJ
Campbell, William C. ?
Carnaghan, C. S. Fredricksburg, VA
Chapin, H. D. New York, NY
Clark, Charles Sydney New York, NY
Darlington, James Henry Harrisburg, PA
Dawson, W. T. New York, NY
Denny, James O'H. Pittsburgh, PA
Dunning, William F. Warwick, NY
Ely, John S. Cedar Rapids, IA
Evans, Charles E. Stockbridge, MA
Fisk, Harvey Edward New York, NY
Flickenger, J. R. Lock Haven, PA
Ford, J. H. Stony Ford, NY
Forsyth, George W. London, England & New York, NY
Franklin, John R. ?
Funk, David S. Harrisburg, PA
Glass, F. P. Montgomery, AL
Gowdy, G. H. Campbellsville, KY
Greene, C. G. Cedar Rapids, IA
Hargis, M. T. Snow Hill, MD
Hartley, Frank New York, NY
Hazard, Walter Georgetown, SC
Healy, W. T. Atlanta, GA
Hoats, Morris Allentown, PA
Hughes, F. W. New Berne, NC
Hume, J. C. Brooklyn, NY
Hunt, Henry C. Sussex, NJ
Jacobus, M. W. Hartford, CT
Jenkins, D. D. Wilkes-Barre, PA
Johnson, Baker Chicago, IL & Baltimore, MD
Johnston, E. R. Cumberland, MD
Johnston, S. B. Columbus, MS
Johnston, W. W. Los Angeles, CA
Kimball, R. B. New York, NY
Laughlin, David Baltimore, MD
Laughlin, J. H. Oakland, CA
Layng, Frank S. New York, NY
Leavenworth, F. A. Rochester,  NY
Libbey, J. M. New York, NY
Libbey, William Princeton, NJ
Lynde, Rollin H. New York, NY
Manners, Edwin Jersey City, NJ
Mateer, R. M. China
McCalmont, E. S. Washington, DC
McCorkle, William F. Detroit, MI
McCosh, Andrew James New York, NY
McGill, S. H. ?
McKinley, Crittenden St. Louis, MO
McKoy, T. H. Hagerstown, MD
McMurdy, D. B. Sodus, NY
McNeill, Malcolm Lake Forest, IL
McPherson, D. F. ?
Mead, Charles L. Middletown, NY
Meredith, W. M. Princeton, NJ
Millard, W. E. New York, NY
Moore, J. H. Bridgeton, NJ
Mott, L. S. Newark, NJ
Nicoll, Benjamin Morristown, NJ
Norris, W. M. Princeton, NJ
O'Neill, James D. Hambleton, WV
Ormond, A. T. Princeton, NJ
Osborn, Henry Fairfield  New York, NY
Padget, M. M. Trenton, SC
Parker, Francis Eyre ?
Pitney, Henry Cooper, Jr. Morristown, NJ
Pittinger, William ?
Potter, Jotham Cleveland, OH
Pritchard, Hugh New York, NY
Pyne, M. Taylor Princeton, NJ
Remsen, Charles New York, NY
Richardson, John E. Murfreesboro, TN
Riker, Adrian Newark, NJ
Roberts, John P. Columbus, WI
Roland, William H. Lancaster, PA
Roseberry, Joseph M. Belvidere, NJ
Rowell, A. E. West Falls Church, VA
Rowland, S. J. Clinton, NJ
Samuel, W. P. St. Louis, MO
Schanck, A. R. Princeton, NJ
Schroeder, W. F. Lock Haven, PA
Scott, John, Jr. Philadelphia, PA
Scott, William Berryman Princeton, NJ
Sheperd, Frank Morris Plains, NJ
Skillman, Willis B. Philadelphia, PA
Slemmons, William Emmet Washington, PA
Smallwood, Samuel W. New Bern, NC
Smith, W. Merle, Rev. New York, NY
Smith, Walter Lloyd Elmira, NY
Speir, Francis South Orange, NJ
Spethmann, Carl L. Orange, NJ
Springs, R. A. New York, NY
Stevens, C. E. Readfield, ME
Taylor, Samuel E. Harris, CO
Thompson, Henry B. Greenville, DE
Throckmorton, W. S. ?
Vail, Prescott B. ?
Van Dusen, George R. Philadelphia, PA
Walker, R. W. Huntsville, Al
Westcott, John H. Princeton, NJ
Wigton, F. H. Philadelphia, PA
Wiley, G. L. East Orange, NJ
Williamson, James F. Minneapolis, MN
Wishard, Luther D. Montclair, NJ
Wood, Ira W. Trenton, NJ
Wycoff, Jacob R. Princeton Junction, NJ













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