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1926 Ohio State Employees


The entries for the state employees include a biography (average length of 1 full page) and a photo.

We will send you copies of the information and picture, when you order.

Item # 10344A

Price: $4.50 per person

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Members of the 1926 Ohio Legislative Correspondents' Association:

Information for the Correspondents' Association is a group photo and a list of employers.

Ashbolt, William E.// Atkinson, B. P.// Benedict, L. M.// Bourke, John T.// Brophy, L. A.// Burnside, Brooks// Conefry, Hal W.// Crossin, Leo// Daugherty, H. H.// Fisher, J. W.// Forster, Richard A.// French, Robert S.// Harbert, Bryant// Howells, William C.// Hunt, Frank D.// Leckrone, Walter// Logan, V. H.// Maris, Clarence// Marvin, George U.// McCoy, H. G.// McFeely, R. S.// Mengert, Herbert R.// Pauly, Karl// Porter, Phillip W.// Waltermire, C. C.// White, Howard

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State Employees

Abele, Lester J.
Ackerman, Frank M.
Adair, Robert L.
Aigler, Allan G.
Anderson, James T.
Ashcraft, O. L.
Ault, Henry Franklin
Ayres, W. C. T.
Baird, Joseph Edward
Baker, Wilbur E.
Ball, Harry
Bartlett, Frank S.
Bateman, T. E.
Baxter, William Edward
Beck, Henry C.
Bell, S. F.
Bellinger, George Henry
Bender, George H.
Bing, Ferdinand J.
Bingham, John M.
Blankner, Fred (photo only)
Blessing, Sidney Alpheus
Bliss, Walton B.
Bolton, Chester C.
Bower, Lloyd D.
Bowsher, Thomas Ewing
Bowyer, Clarence C.
Brashares, Josef Freeman
Brennan, John P.
Brenneman, Merlin
Briggs, Herbert B.
Brown, Frank A.
Brown, John T.
Brown, Thad
Buchanan, Ross Pittenger
Bundy, William S.
Burnett, Alvin Orlando
Cady, Henry Joseph
Calvert, Thos. L.
Carpenter, Harry M.
Carroll, J. W.
Carter, Leyton E.
Casey, Patrick F.
Cassidy, John Ross
Chappelear, C. C.
Clapp, Nettie Mackenzie
Clark, Joseph Dayton
Clark, William Albert
Clinthorne, Justis
Collister, Lawrence G.
Comings, William R.
Cooley, Arthur Seymour
Cotton, Elmer Fremont
Crabbie, Charles C.
Creighton, Orville S.
Cross, Denny
Cross, J. E.
Cuff, John F.
Dale, Walter
Davidson, Harry S.
Davis, Harry Edward
Day, Arthur H.
Day, Harry S.
Dempsey, John Bourne
Derr, Clara Wood
Dodd, Martin S.
Dunn, Kathryn
Edgington, R. W. Fred
Edwards, John S.
Edwards, Richard Fry
Eise, Christian Frederick
Ellis, Edgar W.
Emmons, Ralph W.
Emmons, Van Everett D.
Evans, D. Price
Fair, A. Lee
Falkenstine, Charles Cleveland
Farnsworth, Watson Wales
Finefrock, James Ellsworth
Fish, Orrin W.
Fitch, James Alexander
Fleming, Finley Mathew
Fletcher, Samuel M.
Forney, George M.
Forney, Samuel E.
Forsythe, Frank W.
Fox, Herman S.
Fuller, Fred E.
Ganz, Edward Henry
Gardner, Joseph R.
Garver, William F.
Gillen, Roy J.
Gillen, Roy J., Mrs.
Gordon, James Henry Todd
Gray, Lewis Timberlake
Gray, O. C.
Green, Perry L.
Gregg, Effie V.
Griswold, Hal. Howard
Gruner, Samuel I.
Hadden, John A.
Harding, Justin Woodward
Harman, W. A.
Hays, John Downing
Hazard, Ernest R.
Hempel, R. E.
Henderson, Frank David
Herbert, Paul M.
Hill, Harry Edmund
Hilt, Charles Francis
Hines, Oscar M.
Hirshberg, Herbert S.
Hoffman, Jack
Hopley, James Richard
Horn, Conrad A.
Huffman, James W.
Hughes, Edward W.
Humes, Charles William
Hunt, Leroy Wellington
Hunt, Samuel F.
Jacobi, Stella M.
Johnston, Minor K.
Jones, C. Clyde
Kearns, Thomas P.
Keifer, Horace Steele
Knapp, Charles Ebner
Knox, Harry D.
Krueger, Everette Henry
Kumler, Granville M.
Lauby, George E.
Lawler, Edward P.
Lefever, Errett
Lewis, Charles Hendrickson
Lewis, James B.
Liles, Frederick William
Linsley, James Henry
Linton, Frank
Lipp, Samuel I.
Locher, Cyrus
Loe, H. Park
Loughead, Nettie Bromley
Makepeace, Grace Emily
Marshall, C. T.
Marshall, Charles C.
Marshall, Leroy Tate
Marshall, Lycurgus L.
Martin, Raymond Patrick
Martindill, Andrew J.
Matheny, E., Rev. (photo only)
Mauller, Frank Byron
May, John L.
Maynard, John P.
McAllister, J. M.
McCallister, Louis
McClintock, Harry R.
McCracken, C. C.
McCreary, Earl C.
McDonald, Allen C.
McDonald, Benjamin Franklin
McGee, Isaac
McKinley, Jerry S.
McRitchie, George W.
Meckstroth, Jacob A.
Mercer, James K.
Miles, R. D.
Miller, Clay Mowry
Miller, J. Lowry
Miller, Seba H.
Monger, John E.
Morgan, Gilbert
Moriarty, Rose
Morrison, J. Cayce
Murray, Guy B.
Myers, Fred
Nicholson, C. S.
Norton, Laurence H.
Orr, Thomas Walter
Orton, William T.
Ott, Adelaide Sterling
Overturf, Wayne C.
Parsons, O. B.
Penny, Osa
Poor, George Trowbridge
Powell, Rush A.
Price, Will R.
Ramey, Homer Alonzo
Rea, Robert C.
Rebman, Conrad, Jr.
Reed, William G.
Reeder, Ward
Ridings, Samuel Floyd
Riegel, Vernon M.
Riggs, Ernest J.
Roads, Helen Purcell
Roberts, George H.
Roberts, J. Eugene
Robinson, Alfred
Robinson, Will J.
Rohe, Robert L.
Romans, Viola Doudna
Rose, George Washington
Rubenstein, Louis
Russell, Price
Samuels, Arnold
Sanborn, Horace R.
Schlesinger, George F.
Schmuelling, Harry G.
Scott, H. E.
Scriven, Ella M.
Shafer, Claron L.
Shafer, Claron L., Mrs.
Sheperd, Elbert D.
Silver, Harry D.
Sims, I. B.
Sims, Otto L.
Smith, Stanley Franklin
Snow, Albert W.
Speer, J. G., Rev. (photo only)
Spring, Clare E.
Standish, William H.
Steiner, Elmer B.
Stevens, Thomas R.
Stewart, Earle
Stoner, I. R.
Stump, Harry Turner
Sullivan, Dallas
Sweeny, Arthur W.
Swisher, Rollin
Taft, Robert Alphonso
Tallentire, Thomas L.
Thompson, James Clarence
Tom, Frank W. K.
Tracy, Joseph T.
Truax, Charles V.
Van Wye, May Martin
Volka, John C.
Vorys, John M.
Waitt, Maude Comstock
Walters, Doyt
Walther, M. J.
Walton, Allen L.
Ward, Frank H.
Weaver, J. A. Lloyd
Welling, Frank
Wells, Florence Hartmann
Wendt, William Carl
Westover, Charles A.
Williams, Daniel W.
Williams, Jay G.
Williams, John Roger
Williams, Thomas E.
Williamson, Robert Duncan
Wisda, Richard T.
Wise, Frank C.
Wise, W. Oliver
Witter, Herman R.
Woods, Arthur C.
Wynn, Robert S.


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