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Obituaries, Miscellaneous Sources

These are obituaries and memorials from various sources, that we have acquired over the years. They are listed from the oldest to the most recent (1861-1946). We have listed the source, and tried to give you an idea of how much information they contain. 


These memorials are taken from The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine, March 1861. I believe all of the people from this book lived in England. There are long biographical sketches of the lives of the first three people.

Item # 10520A Price $5 each
Herring, Thomas 1777-1858
Pratt, David 1788-1858
Taylor, Sally (Broadbent) 1788-

There are shorter, 1 paragraph obituaries of the following people.

Item # 10520B Price $3 each
Burrows, R., Mrs. Died -1861
Clendinnen, Mary Charlotte, Mrs. Died -1860
Cox, Thomas Died -1860
Crosby, Marianne, Mrs. Died -1860
Davies, John Died -1860
Fison, Thomas Died -1861
Hawkes, Thomas Died -1860
Hicks, Elizabeth, Mrs. Died -1860
Johnson, Jane Died -1860
Mitchell, Susannah Died -1861
Smith, Charles Died -1861
Smith, Christian, Mrs. Died -1860
Woodhead, John Died -1860



These memorials are taken from the Commandery in Chief, 1895, Journal of Proceedings. This was the, "Military Order Of The Loyal Legion Of The United States Commandery-In-Chief". The memorials list birth and death information, and all of the man's military service, many of them were active during the Civil War. The memorials are a full page, with a black border around them. 

Item # 10019 Price $5 each
Almy, John Jay 1815-1895
Benet, Stephen Vincent 1827-1895
Benton, Reuben Clark 1830-1895
Brown, John Mills 1831-1894
Cogswell, William 1838-1895
Davies, Henry Eugene 1836-1894
Dawes, Ephraim Cutler 1840-1895
Gilfillan, James 1829-1894
Gresham, Walter Quintus 1832-1895
Hill, George Dana 1840-1890
Humphrey, George Miller 1839-1894
Hunter, Robert 1838-1894
Martin, James Porter 1836-1895
McCauley, Edward Porke 1827-1894
Paddock, Joseph Williamson 1825-1895
Stiles, Israel Newton 1833-1895
Thompson, Charles Robinson 1840-1894



These memorials are taken from the Proceedings of the American Pomological Society, 1903. (Pomology is the science  and practice of fruit growing) These memorials are from 2 to 10 paragraphs long.
Item # 10399 Price $5 each
Brackett, George C. 1830-1903
Hoskins, Thomas Henry 1828-1902
Goff, Emmet Stull 1852-1902



These memorials are taken from the Holston Conference Annual, M. E. Church, South, 1906. These memorials are each several paragraphs long, and there are photos of most of them. 

Item # 10129 Price $5 each
Chrismond, Elizabeth Shannon 1823-1906
Crumley, Maria W. Snodgrass 1829-1906
Greening, Belle Petty 1873-1906
Keener, John C. ?-1906 (photo only)
Kennedy, James S. 1826-1905
Mahoney, Maria, Mrs. (McCall) 1828-1906
Triplett, Birdie Nett Wardell 1882-1906



These memorials are taken from the Bulletin of Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia, 1922. Each is only a short paragraph, but some of them refer to other publications, which had a more detailed obituary.
Item # 10261 Price $4 each
Allen, Samuel Leeds 1841-1918
Bispham, David 1857-1921
Blackledge, Philander -1921
Butler, Esther H. -1921
Doan, Marcia S. -1921
Fry, Rt. Hon. Lewis -1921
Gummere, Francis Barton 1855-1919
Hodgkin, Thomas Edward -1921
Sharpless, Isaac 1848-1920
Thomas, Allen C. 1846-1920
Wells, William Frederic -1921



These memorials are taken from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Transactions August 1922 to October 1923. They do not contain a great deal of information (with the exception of  Charles C. Homer, Jr. who has a 3 page obituary). They contain the man's place and year of birth, place and year of death, and a photograph. The men included all died in 1922 or 1923. This information will be useful if you want confirmation of birth or death information, or if you just want a picture of an ancestor who died over 75 years ago.
Item #10287 Price $5 Each
A - K Surnames L - W Surnames
Adams, Alva
Ahrens, Charles H.
Applegate, Alva John
Arthur, James Lemuel
Bachmann, Louis H.
Baehr, Harry
Bernstein, Michel
Billing, Fay McCollock
Block, Louis
Blundon, Francis Donaldson
Brandon, Charles H.
Britton, John Alexander
Brooks, James, Jr.
Carson, William Henry
Cox, Eben Stedman
Daggett, George Henry
Daley, William
Davis, James Jefferson
Denfeld, Robert Edward
Doragh, Robert
Doughty, James Conrad
Farnham, Elliott Fletcher
Footer, Thomas
Foster, Sidney Courtney
Foster, Wilbur Fisk
Funkhouser, Robert Monroe
Gibbons, George Alfred
Goodnow, William Charles
Greenleaf, Lawrence Nichols
Griffith, William Mingus
Hafer, Edward Morris
Hart, Samuel
Harvey, William
Head, Albert
Hern, Nathan Bennett
Herrick, Albert Benjamin
Heywood, Abbot Rodney
Hill, John Augustus
Hixon, Almont C.
Homer, Charles Christopher, Jr.
Hopkinson, Benjamin M. R.
Horner, Samuel Harvey
Hugo, Trevanion W.
Jacobs, Walter G. Plato
James, William
Johnson, Benjamin Oliver
Jones, Harry Robert
Kahn, Emanuel Meyer
Kenyon, William J. C.
Kimball, James Adams
Lacy, John Alexander
Ladd, Frank Bacon
Lambert, Thomas
Lauster, Charles W.
Leathers, John Hess
Lewers, Robert
Martin, Ralph Franklin
McCalman, Adrian Peter
McDermott, Fenton Lucian
McKinney, John Edward
McMullen, John W.
Miller, John Henderson
Morehead, Charles R.
Morrow, Thomas R.
Muirhead, Thomas
Murphey, George Slack
Norris, William Henry
Norton, Jonathan Dorr
Nussbaum, Benjamin
Ottensoser, Lippman
Patton, Charles Lewis
Poe, John William
Powell, Milton Emery
Rice, Wilbur Howard
Riner, John Alden
Roane, James
Robinson, Frank Wilkins
Roome, William Oscar
Rushton, William James
Rusk, George
Sawyer, Lewis Emmett
Shears, Thomas Edward
Shelton, George French
Silberstein, Bernard
Snowden, Clinton A.
Snyder, William Taylor
Thompson, John Robert
Thornburgh, George
Treat, John Frank
Tucker, Joshua Daniel
Van Tassel, Frank Lincoln
Van Velzer, Charles Albert
Volland, Hugo Robert
Von Hermann, John Henry
Walrath, Clarence Henry
Warren, Edwin Force
Weeks, Bruce Stevens
White, Benjamin Virginious
Williamson, Landon Cabell
Wolf, Simon
Wright, Stephen Pearl



These memorials are taken from the Report of the 43rd Annual Session of the Georgia Bar Assoc., 1926. They range from 1 to 4 pages long, and were written by fellow attorneys.

Item # 10023 Price $5 each
Bartlett, A. L. 1851-1926
Bell, George Lester 1857-1926
Charters, William Arthur 1863-1925
Crovatt, Alfred J. 1858-1926
Goetchius, Henry R. 1852-1925
Grogan, George C. 1857-1925
Jordan, Richard C. 1865-1925
Lester, Richard M. 1875-1925
Merrill, Joseph Hansell 1862-1925
Pope, John D. 1861-1926
Sanford, Daniel Stetson 1868-1924
Thomas, John Maddock 1862-1925
West, John T. 1859-1925



These memorials are taken from the Journal of the North Alabama Conference of The Methodist Church, 1946. They average about 1 page long.

Item # 10359 Price $5 each
Blythe, Sylvester V. 1854-1946
Howell, Roscoe McDaniel 1888-1946
Lighter, John David 1874-1946
Powell, Luther A. -1946
Pruett, Samuel L. 1879-1946
Scott, Rudolph Robertson 1901-1946
Self, James Thomas 1875-1946


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