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Miscellaneous Ephemera


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Two milk bottle caps:
Jenkins Dairy, Gastonia, NC         (Item # 10108)
H. Rang Dairy, Barnesville, PA      (Item # 10109)


Chattanooga Maennerchor, 1908

Men's choir concert program from a performance at the Schubert Theatre on Monday, May 18, 1908.  If one of your ancestors performed that night, even though you could not be at the concert, you can follow along, because the words to all the songs performed that night are printed in the program.

The concert was sponsored by, Jesse French Piano Co. (T. B. Long, Manager) and they have a full page ad.

There is a short biography for each of the composers.

Item # 10262   

Arledge, J. S. Tenor
Becker, Henry Bass
Bloettner, Charles Tenor
Brockhaus, J. H., Jr. Bass
Buck, Dudley Composer
Bundschu, Chris Tenor
Dietz, Aug. Bass
Dorst, John Bass
Duncan, Lucy, Miss Accompanist
Fique, Carl Composer
Fritz, Herman Bass
Fuller, Frank A. Bass
Granert, Louis Bass
Grieg, Edvard Hazerup Composer
Gruendler, Max Tenor
Hasenkamp, Frank A. Bass
Heintz, E. C. Tenor
Huth, William Tenor
Hyndman, Arthur Tenor
Krug, Ed. Bass
LaForge, Frank Pianist
McKinney, C. D. Tenor
McLean, J. Hodge Tenor
Metzger, Eugene Tenor
Meyer, A. W. Tenor
Miller, Andrew A. Tenor
Neely, Ed C. Tenor
Neidhardt, Carl Tenor
Payne, Ishmael Tenor
Pechman, Julius Tenor
Puccini, Gracorno Composer
Reif, Charles Bass
Schaefer, Jacob Bass
Schroth, George Tenor
Shipley, Shelby Tenor
Smith, Howard Bass
Steward, Clarence Bass
Stiles, A. H. Tenor
Strauss, Johann Composer
Tanner, Ed. Bass
Tappenbeck, Fred Bass
Teichfuss, R. L. Conductor
Van Hoose, Ellison Tenor
Verdi, Giusoppe Composer
Wagner, Richard Composer
Wassman, Joseph Bass
Yowell, E. Y. Tenor




Item # 10329

A copy of the book, Descendants of Thomas Casteven, A Genealogical History by William & Frances Castevens. This is copy number 48 of 1,000 copies, printed in 1977.
What makes this copy notable, it was evidently taken to family reunions and autographed by members of the family.
One page is marked, "Signatures 6-28-92" and was signed by John Gilligan, and Rex & Ruth and Kent & Vera Castevens.
Another page is marked, "Signatures made at Shelbyville, Ill 6-28-87". This page is signed by about 20 people, with some notes about how they are related to each other. Last names are; Castevens, Beckley, Stieber, Cunningham, Roberts, Lively and several others.



A ledger from Mt. Pleasant, PA with the, "Baby Roll of Blessing". Most are a four line handwritten entry showing, name, date of birth, date of blessing and the minister's name. We will copy entries for $3 for the first one and $2 for each additional.

There is also the handwritten testimony of the pastor Oron (or Oren) Thomas), born Jan. 25, 1888. He tells how he was taken in and raised by Joseph Haigh and how this changed his life. Copies of this are also $3.

Item # 10535

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Name Year of Birth
Bennesing, Samuel Richard 1912
Burchinal, Ada Elizabeth 1921
Daniels, James Dorsey 1924
Fedders, Joseph 1905
Feders, Nephy William 1923
Gibson, A. Herbert 1920
Gibson, J. C. 1924
Gibson, Margaretta 1922
Guphill, Charles I. 1924
Harper, Berl Edward  
Hoor, Ida May 1918
Hoor, Martha 1918
Hoover, Edward 1920
Jordan, William Freeam 1906
King, Ada Bell 1922
King, Christina 1920
King, Clyde Lang 1903
King, Eck 1923
King, Edna May 1913
King, Eileen Ruth 1919
King, George Elmer 1917
King, Katherin Rae 1920
King, Margarette Virginia 1918
King, Martin Sylvester  
King, Nellie Lorraine 1919
King, Theodore Byway 1905
Lint, Catherine Elizabeth 1916
Lint, Charles Edward 1923
Lint, Charlotte Emma 1922
Lint, Francis Viola 1919
Lowther, Mary Ann 1913
Lynch, Athalia Cora Frances 1913
Lynch, Cockran Fenton 1910
Lynch, William Wilbert 1908
Mansako, A. George 1924
Masako, Norma June 1921
Miller, Susie Etta 1920
Morsako, Bessie Madelyn 1922
Mosako, Ida 1919
Patterson, George Sylvester 1931
Stroke, Charles Gilbert 1922
Thomas, John Oran 1916
Thomas, Margret Evelyn 1919
Thomas, Marie 1912
Thomas, Mollie Catherin 1922
Thompson, Edna 1912
Thompson, Elizabeth 1914
Turnbaugh, Clarence Samuel 1919
Turnbaugh, Thelma Pearl 1921




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