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The Rubaiyat 1928, the yearbook of Huron College, Huron, SD

The following names are taken from The Rubaiyat, 1928, the yearbook of Huron College, Huron, SD.

We will copy the students info, including any clubs or groups they belonged to and also general pages from the yearbook... to give you a feel for how things were when they attended school. This will total about 20 pages. There are individual pictures for juniors & seniors. There are group photos for sophomores, freshmen and academy students and group photos for each club and team.

For the faculty or ads we will copy the page where they are listed, or the 20 or so background pages referred to above. The faculty listings include their photo.

Item # 10101A

Price: $8 per Senior or Junior

Item # 10101B

Price: $6 per Sophomore, Freshman or Academy Student

Item # 10101C

Price: $2 per Faculty or Ad ($6 if you want the 20 or so background pages)

Click here to order.


Seniors & Juniors Sophomores & Freshmen & Academy Faculty


Ackerman, Lenita B.
Allen, Carroll
Alley, Enos
Arnett, Stanley
Bangs, Blanche
Barnett, Margie
Bell, George Giltner
Brown, Gladys
Cary, Ethel M.
Challacombe, Rosalie B.
Cox, John Oscar
Gilchrist, Charles B.
Hagen, Mary B. G.
Hendrickson, George
Jones, Esther Mae
Joseph, Marion
Keeler, Vincent
Knapp, Roy
Laughlin, Elnora
Launspach, John
Light, Rose
Marquardt, Emil, Mrs.
Mauch, Ruby
Meyer, Stella
Murphy, Claire Mae
Ohman, Helene
Richter, Robert
Ricker, Elwin
Riddle, Lulu
Ripley, Maude
Ross, Lillian
Saathoff, Josephine H. (Joe)
Schroeder, Cora
Schroeder, Esther
Schroeder, Harold
Shober, Howard
Smith, Fayette
Smith, Percy L.
Sweet, Alfra Clarke
Thurston, Everett
Walker, Albert
Wallace, Florence
Wallace, Mabel
Williams, Mark
Woodworth, Vaughn
Anderson, Fern
Anderson, Helen
Anderson, Kenneth
Atherly, Leo
Barnes, Della
Beall, Gladys
Bell, Emma
Benner, Clemens
Best, Eva
Betts, Laurence S.
Bloemendahl, Ralph
Bloodgood, Charles E.
Bloodgood, Edna
Boesl, Andrew
Bousefield, Ray
Bovee, Winifred
Brooking, Grace E.
Brown, Frank
Burger, Glenn
Byrne, Joseph
Carlson, Vincent
Carroll, Marjorie
Carson, Evelyn
Cary, Grace
Chase, Jane
Christensen, Frances
Christensen, Willard
Christopherson, LeVerne
Coldren, Daryl
Cole, Gladys
Collins, Clyde
Collins, Harry
Cone, Kathleen
Conrad, Edward
Crawford, Curtis
Deboer, Alieda
DeBoer, Harland
DeBoer, Harold
Decker, Lavina
Dexter, Clifford
Dexter, Ward
Dinneen, Maxine
Duhigg, Aida
Durham, Nellie
Easton, Mack
Edzards, Eda Luella
Ely, Grayce
Ericson, Miriam
Evans, John
Fader, Garnet
Fennessey, Edwin
Ferry, Lee
Fisher, Leona
Flathers, Glennie
Flowers, Grant
Fox, Lillian
Garrigan, Loretta
Gascoigne, Doris
Geister, LaVerne
Gellerman, Frank
Gifford, Dorothy
Gilbert, Maurine
Greenwood, Iva
Haffner, Katie
Harris, Mabel
Hatfield, Esto
Hofer, Emil
Hogan, John
Hook, Lester
Hoover, Harold
Houghton, Nadine
Hoy, Edward A.
Jacobson, Esther
Jahnig, Evelyn
Jahnig, Kenneth
Jahnig, Lena
Johns, Choate
Johnson, Elda
Johnson, Harriet
Johnson, Mary
Johnston, Ralph
Johnstone, Keith
Jones, Esther
Jones, Ralph
Kannegieter, Mary
Kass, Alvina
Kass, Rose
Keeler, Vincent
Kingdon, Robert
Kingdon, Ruth
Lafferty, Edith
Lander, Opal
Langeland, Clara
Laughlin, Kenneth
Launspach, Alberta
Lawrence, Fred
Lawrence, Marie
Lund, Beatrice
Lytle, Edith
Mason, Mildred
Matz, Christine
McAllister, Glenn
McCloskey, Carroll
McCune, Catherine
McCune, McAfee
McGrew, Marjorie
McLaughlin, Doris
McMillan, Alice
McMillan, Elsie
McMillan, Mary
Melloon, Lyle
Meyers, Gertrude
Mitchell, Mabel
Mohr, Henry
Monroe, Winifred
Morris, Alfred
Mueller, Edwin
Murphy, Lawrence
Nelson, August
Neubauer, Helen
Nicholson, Fern
Noe, Lyle
Ortmayer, Edwin
Park, Grace
Parker, Kenneth
Perrin, Jesse F.
Pierce, Imogene
Potter, Muriel
Prinz, Edwin
Radcliffe, Amy
Reese, Margaret
Remster, Marie
Remster, Marjorie
Richards, R. O.
Ring, Laurence
Ritchie, Alice
Rogers, Eva
Rogers, Helen
Ronayne, Helen
Ross, Albert
Ryburn, Helen
Sanborn, Lyle
Seto, Yau
Sievers, Louella
Smith, Lewis
Sprague, Gene
Stroble, George
Strong, Hazel
Sutton, Edith
Sutton, Raymond
Svenson, Frances
Sweet, Carl
Thompson, Edward
Thrall, Bowman
Titus, George
Tschetter, Joseph
Tyrrell, Marjorie
Van Heuvelen, Arnold
Van Heuvelen, Janet
Vaughn, Violet
Vincent, Paul
Wadleigh, Charles
Wagner, William
Walker, John
Wallace, Elsie
Wallace, McClellan
Warsing, Lewis
Wells, Howard
Wells, Lynn
Whong, Samuel
Wiren, Lynn
Wistrand, Elvira
Witte, Mildred
Witte, Mrs.
Woodward, Cecil
Wright, George
Youngs, Edward
Zastrow, Anna
Bailey, Herbert M.
Boyse, Joseph B.
Comin, Ava
Doner, Josephine, Mrs.
Doner, Ralph D.
Finley, Grace B.
French, Louise
Gage, Daniel J.
Hatch, Bessie
Hill, Homer A.
Hinkle, Mildred
Jacob, Paul E.
Lawrance, Harold G.
Lawrance, Harold, Mrs.
McClusky, George N.
McCune, George Shannon
McGrew, David R.
McIntire, Ella
Notestein, William L.
Oxtoby, Frederic B.
Peterson, V. O.
Reid, Elisabeth
Rogers, Beryl
Royse, J. B.
Seaman, Paul S.
Sweet, Herman J.
Annis, J. B.
Beach, Will A., Printing
Bell Steam Bakery
Bijou Theatre
Bureau of Engraving, Inc.
Christen, Jos.
Costain Brothers
Culhane Dairy Co.
Dexter, J. C.
Economos, Nick J.
Economy, Nick D.
Fair City Supply Co.
First National Bank
Georgiades, John
Goethel, S. A.
Grosvenor, L. N., MD
Home Furniture Of Huron
Huron Candy Kitchen
Huron Clinic & Sprague
Huron Dairy Products
Huron Light & Power Co.
Huron Samaritan Hospital
James Valley Bank
Johns, W. A.
Jones, C. S., Dr.
Kerr, B. H., Dr.
Koepp, C. F., And Co.
Lampe Market
Launspach, G. W., MD
Leslie, John, Paper Co.
Longstaff Drug Co.
Lyric Theatre
National Bank of Huron
Newton's Confectionery
Nick's Candy Kitchen
Ohman, F. C.
Olin's Studio
Olson, E. C., Co.
Olympia Candy Kitchen
Penney, J. C. & Co.
Robinson Shoe Co.
Sherman & Moe
Smith Jewelry Store
Spink, Jay
Stewart, C. R.
Stratton, R. A., Dr.
Thomas, Benj., MD
Vanderstein, G. F.
Walker, C. K., Dr.
Warren, Chas. P.
Wheeler Drug Store








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