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Holston Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church, Deceased Ministers, 1809-1905


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Item # 10129



Adams, David 1798-1853 Strawberry Plains, TN
Akers, Jefferson D. 1868-1897 Montgomery Co., VA
Alexander, Samuel 1836-1874 Marion, VA
Alley, John 1825-1900 Dunlap, TN
Atkin, George 1793-1827 Abingdon, VA
Avery, Henry B. 1839-1882 ?
Baldwin, John D. 1818-1885 Sneedville, TN
Ball, James K. P. 1844-1885 Spring Creek, TN
Ballew, James R. 1836-1864 NC
Barnes, William H. 1812-1882 Princeton, WV
Barrett, Elbert L. d. 1881 Shiloh, TN
Barringer, John d. 1851 Abingdon, VA
Bates, William H. 1821-1905 Knoxville, TN
Bellamy, John R. 1866-1894 Elizabethton, TN
Bellamy, William M. 1847-1886 Scott Co., VA
Bettis, Elbert S. 1859-1903 Emory, VA
Bishop, Benjamin W. S. 1834-1895 Emory, VA
Black, Moses 1769-1809 ?
Blankenbeckler, A. G. 1850-1883 Greeneville, TN
Boring, Washington 1822-1854 Sullivan Co., TN
Bourne, John S. 1856-1888 Spring Valley, VA
Bowman, John b. 1773 Rheatown, TN
Brillhart, Jacob 1808-1874 Sweetwater, TN
Brooks, Archibald T. 1817-1885 Falls Mill, VA
Carter, Daniel B. 1803-1876 Liberty Hill, TN
Catlett, Thomas K. 1798-1867 Abingdon, VA
Chambers, James R. 1850-1896 Blountville, TN
Crawford, James Y. d. 1850 Asheville, NC
Crawford, W. M. 1842-1880 Boone, NC
Crismond, John M. d. 1875 Liberty Hill, TN
Crouch, Larkin W. d. 1886? Calhoun, TN
Crumley, Fleming D. 1829-1897 Fall Branch, TN
Cunningham, Jessie 1789-1856 Mt. Harmony, TN
Cunningham, John R. 1844-1899 Wheeler's Chapel, TN
Cunningham, O. F. 1813-1848 Wheeler's Chapel, TN
Cunnyngham, W. G. E. 1820-1900 Nashville, TN
Davis, James A. 1825-1898 Emory, VA
Dawn, William H. d. 1902? Knoxville, TN
Dickey, James D. 1829-1876 Clear Branch, VA
Dixon, James d. 1850 ?
Doane, William P. 1833-1905 Friend's Station, TN
Dyer, William M. 1857-1905 Emory, VA
Eakin, George d. 1856 Uriel, TN
Falls, Ira d. 1844 Roane Co., TN
Farley, Francis A. d. 1879 Jonesville, VA
Fleming, David 1840's? Kingston, TN
Foster, William K. 1828-1861 New Hope, WV
Frazier, Andrew J. 1836-1892 Knoxville, TN
French, John L. M. 1838-1893 Wythe Co., VA
Fulton, Creed d. 1861 Emory, VA
Gaines, Samuel D. 1811-1889 Bristol, TN
Ganaway, Robert 1780-1859 Smyth Co., VA
Gass, Andrew 1792-1859 Dandridge, TN
Giddins, Riley A. 1818-1895 Cleveland, TN
Goodykoontz, A. M. 1813-1857 Clear Branch, VA
Grace, Francis M. 1832-1904 Owenton, AL
Grant, Samuel S. 1839-1881 Jacksboro, TN
Greene, George W. K. 1831-1894 Bland Co., VA
Hampton, G. M. F. 1850-1895 Riceville, TN
Harwell, Samuel B. d. 1874 Kingston, TN
Hash, Jones F. 1870-1903 Grayson Co., VA
Haskew, Joseph 1797-1882 Abingdon, VA
Henderson, William H. 1846-1901 Decatur, TN
Henniger, John d. 1838 Cleveland, TN
Hickey, Rufus M. 1820-1902 Morristown, TN
Hicks, William 1811-1882 Bluff City, TN
Horne, Dayton C. 1857-1890 Rockwood, TN
Huffaker, James N. S. 1827-1892 Knox Co., TN
Hutsell, Eli K. 1815-1842 Sulphur Springs, NC
Jackson, Rush F. 1849-1905 Emory, VA
Jones, William L. 1853-1902 Morristown, TN
Keener, Ulrick 1810-1856 Jackson Co., NC
Keith, John H. 1839-1902 Asheville, NC
Kelly, John M. 1802-1856 Tazewell, TN
Kennedy, James S. 1826-1905 Knoxville, TN
Kennedy, John H. 1848-1898 Morristown, TN
Kite, Rufus W. 1858-1894 Bristol, TN
Long, Carroll 1833-1878 Wesleyana, TN
Lyons, Edward F. 1836-1874 Knoxville, TN
Marsh, E. Waverly 1847-1874 Rhea Co., TN
Martin, George W. 1821-1875 Bakersville, NC
Martin, Mitchell d. 1839 Charleston, TN
McGhee, Joseph L. 1844-1873 Sweetwater, TN
McTeer, John M. 1824-1892 Wytheville, VA
Miles, George W. 1829-1892 Marion, VA
Miller, Samuel A. d. 1863 Lee Co., VA
Mitchell, Charles 1814-1858 Carrol Co., VA
Moore, Enoch W. 1833-1904 Jasper, TN
Moore, Ransom M. d. 1850? ?
Munsey, Thomas K. 1816-1872 Calhoun, TN
Neal, William W. 1824-1878 Rhea Springs, TN
Patton, Samuel 1797-1854 Kingsport, TN
Phillips, Sewell 1830-1896 Eagle Furnace, TN
Pickens, William B. 1845-1883 Ducktown, TN
Pope, Thomas J. 1817-1892 Vernon, TX
Proffitt, George M. d. 1864 ?
Reagan, Daniel R. 1834-1867 GA
Renfro, George W. 1823-1889 Harriman, TN
Reynolds, John 1797-1876 Asheville, NC
Robertson, Emory B. 1855-1894 Dalton, GA
Robertson, John W. 1850-1904 Jasper, TN
Robeson, John H. 1818-1885 Buncombe Co., NC
Robeson, William 1822-1905 Blountville, TN
Sevier, Elbert F. d. 1862 Chattanooga, TN
Smith, David R. 1835-1888 Rogersville, TN
Smith, James T. 1819-1887 Ashville, NC
Smith, W. W. 1814-1863 ?
Smythe, Tobias F. 1837-1893 Emory, VA
Spear, James G. H. d. 1833 ?
Stevens, Rufus M. 1808-1864 Covington, KY
Stewart, George 1821-1891 Wythe Co., VA
Stradley, John R. 1825-1905 Hiwassee College, TN
Stringfield, James K. 1839-1870 Asheville, NC
Stringfield, Thomas 1796-1858 Strawberry Plains, TN
Sullins, Timothy 1812-1885 Knoxville, TN
Sutton, Philip 1828-1896 Princeton, WV
Swisher, H. B. d. 1864 Greeneville, TN
Swisher, Jesse G. 1803-1866 Calhoun, TN
Thompson, L. W. 1849-1878 Floyd, VA
Turner, William L. 1811-1889 Jonesville, VA
Varnell, John M. d. 1857 Calhoun, TN
Wagg, John D. 1835-1866 Hillsville, VA
Walker, Edward W. 1866-1901 Graham, TN
Wampler, Joseph F. 1848-1900 Shell Mound, TN
Waugh, Henry P. d. 1898 Morristown, TN
Weatherly, Samuel S. 1857-1905 Emory, VA
Wexler, Edwin C. 1828-1865 AL
Wheeler, Samuel R. 1816-1890 Alderman, VA
Wiley, Ephraim E. 1814-1893 Emory, VA
Wilkerson, Thomas 1830's ? Abingdon, VA
Wilson, Leander W. 1816-1851 ?
Winton, Wiley B. 1812-1878 Springfield, MO
Witcher, William W. 1815-1892 Cleveland, TN
Wolfe, James K. 1847-1900 New Providence, TN
Woodward, Alexander E. 1832-1904 Tate Springs, TN


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