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1897 Harrisburg, PA Teachers and School Officials


Table of teachers and janitors.
For teachers table shows school and grade taught, where they were educated, when they started with the school system, years of previous experience, type of teaching certificate, number of days they worked or were absent the previous year and their salary by month.

The janitor's table shows which school they worked at, home address and, their salary by month.

There are also full page photos of; Paul A Hartman, Lemuel O. Foose, D. Daniel Hammelbaugh.

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Item # 10025

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Adams, Emily J.
Adams, S. Elizabeth
Aumack, Luella
Baker, S. Elizabeth
Baldwin, Maud E.
Barton, Ida M.
Bates, John L.
Beard, Margaret
Beatty, Emma F.
Bell, Mary E.
Bender, Anna M.
Biebower, W.
Bishop, Eliza A.
Bousman, George
Bradley, Florence M.
Bradley, Katie G.
Bradley, Mary E.
Breininger, Erminia
Breininger, Helen
Burrow, Bertha W.
Butler, Mary
Cahill, Margaret
Chrisman, M. Bertha
Cloud, Charles B.
Coleman, R. Emma
Connelly, Myra
Cooper, Carrie H.
Crabbe, Louise M.
Crone, Emma S.
Crowe, Amanda L.
Crowl, Anne V.
Crowl, Mary K.
Dase, Jennie E.
Dennis, Charles H.
Devor, J. Edwin
Dollar, John
Dunlap, Fannie A.
Earl(e)y, Stella S.
Edwards, Mary G.
Evans, Lorena G.
Ewing, Phila M.
Fager, Charles B., Jr.
Fahnestock, W. M.
Faries, Carrie L.
Fickinger, Frank E.
Fisher, Clara
Fisher, Emma M.
Fitzimons, Lillian
Flender, Renee
Foose, Lemuel O.
Fosnaught, E. Gertrude
Frantz, Mary H.
Fritchey, Genevra
Gamble, Maude I.
Gause, L. H.
Gebhardt, Carrie D.
George, Lile
Gibson, P. B.
Glennen, Nellie
Gotta, Minnie E.
Graybill, Elizabeth
Grayson, Maud P.
Grove, M. A.
Guerpillon, Mme. M. C.
Haehulen, Lottie R.
Haifleigh, Ka?e E.
Hammelbaugh, Kath.
Hargest, Mary K.
Hartman, Jessie R.
Hartman, Paul A.
Hellerman, Sallie E.
Hepford, Gertrude M.
Hepford, Minerva S.
Hoagland, Virginia
Hockley, Adam J.
Hoffman, Gertrude M.
Hogan, Mary H.
Hoke, Myrtle M.
Horting, Anne K.
Irwin, Blanche
Jackson, Elma L.
Jauss, Lizzie F.
Johnson, Charles W.
Johnson, Fannie L.
Johnson, Julia A.
Johnson, Leonard Z.
Jones, Joseph G.
Kauffman, Walter L.
Kaufman, Eliza B.
Kennedy, Maude E.
Kepple, Emily
Kieffer, Annie M.
Kirk, William E.
Knox, Elizabeth S.
Kozer, Josephine R.
Landon, S. G.
Laurie, Annie K.
Layton, M. H.
Lefever, Emma R.
Lego, Rachel A.
Lemer, May
Lloyd, Issac
Loyer, Catherine
Lutz, Clara M.
Lynch, C. Lavina
Lynch, John D.
MacAlarney, Emma L.
Machen, George S.
Maley, John D.
Marshall, W. H.
Marshbank, Anna
Martin, Laura S.
Masterson, Robert
Maxwell, Sarah B.
McCall, Carleton C.
McClune, Lottie
McConnell, Minnie K.
McCord, Annie M.
McLaury, F. M.
McNiff, M. Katharine
Mehaffie, David I.
Meixel, Zac T.
Meredith, Clara L.
Meyer, May A.
Midlam, Anna M.
Miller, A. Gertrude
Miller, Bert
Miller, Harriet P.
Miller, J. C.
Miller, Lillie E.
Miller, Olin W.
Miller, Sarah J.
Mitchell, Jennie F.
Moore, Charles W.
Morgan, Annie L.
Morrow, Hannah L.
Moyer, Nettie
Moyer, Rosa
Musser, William H.
Nieman, Georgia W.
Nolen, M. Louisa
O'Connell, Annie
O'Connell, Catherine
Orr, James C.
Orth, Carrie L.
Orth, Rebecca
Patterson, Anna
Phillips, Mary A.
Pilkay, Bertha N.
Pilkay, Mary R.
Piper, Kate M., Mrs.
Pye, Richard D.
Pyle, Willard R.
Rice, D. Edgar
Robins, Selina A.
Roe, Adda S.
Rose, Edward G.
Royal, Mary E.
Runkle, Gertrude M.
Ryan, Julia J.
Ryan, M. Ella
Sample, Minnie E.
Sample, Virginia F.
Sayford, Marion W.
Schlick, Agnes
Schuddemage, Clara M.
Schuddemage, Katherine
Scott, John P.
Sears, Harriet R. H., Mrs.
Sees, Carrie
Seibert, Emma J.
Seymour, Samuel
Sheaffer, John B.
Sheets, Issac
Sheley, Josephine
Shiffer, Mary
Shimmell, L. S.
Shireman, Clara S.
Sites, Emma M.
Sites, Mary C.
Skane, Mary E.
Sleichter, Mary E.
Smith, John H.
Snavely, Linda M.
Sophas, W. H.
Sourbeer, J. Frank
Sparrow, Daisy
Stambaugh, S. P.
Stewart, Ida M.
Straede, Kate M.
Stuart, James
Sullivan, Margaret
Sullivan, Mary E.
Swartz, Sarah E.
Swope, Anna M.
Thomas, Fin. I.
Tittle, A. May
Tittle, Elizabeth
Urich, Iola E.
Vaughn, Mabel
Vaughn, Roberta
Vollmer, Mary M.
Walkemeyer, Nettie M.
Walzer, Anna M.
Watson, Amy M.
Weeber, Alice H.
Weitmyer, Annie L.
Wert, Anne U.
Williams, Marguerite
Wilson, Jessie C.
Wilson, Sue F.
Witherow, Alice
Workman, John
Young, Robert
Zeiders, Katherine
Zimmerman, Alberta


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