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The Sou'wester, 1918, the yearbook of Drury College, Springfield, MO
Honor Roll, (this was during World War I).

A color illustration of the flag, and a gold wreath with the words, "To the Drury Men in the service of our country who, by their loyalty and devotion, by their courage and chivalry, are upholding the motto of their Alma Mater, "For Christ and Humanity," we dedicate this book."

It was in honor of the men listed below, (they are listed by their class, even if they did not graduate). If you are related to one of these men this page would look very nice framed in their honor.

We will send you a color copy of the page for $4.00.

Item # 10026
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Name Class of Branch of Service Notes
Albert, Paul B. 1902 U. S. Army  
Allebach, Franz Academy Aviation  
Allen, Bert 1919 Engineers  
Ambrogio, Malcolm 1916 U. S. Army  
Anderson, Walford 1919 U. S. Navy Photo of him.
Armstrong, Orland K. 1916 Aviation  
Arnold, Emmett 1915 Infantry  
Baldwin, A. W. 1909 Ordnance Dept.  
Baldwin, Maurice 1917 Aviation  
Bear, Frank 1919 U. S. Army  
Beiderlinden, William A. 1917 Field Artillery  
BeVier, Francis 1917 U. S. Natl. Army  
Blain, Reginald 1914 Infantry  
Bloomer, Paul 1917 U. S. Army  
Bolles, Amanuel 1918 Quartermaster's Dept.  
Bollman, Merle H. 1917 Aviation  
Boyd, Paul 1917 Forest Engineers  
Bray, William D. 1917 U. S. Marines  
Brooke, Glenn 1917 U. S. Natl. Army  
Brooke, Paul C. 1917 Engineers  
Campbell, John C. 1916 U. S. Navy  
Carroll, Boyd F. 1918 Infantry  
Case, W. Homer 1915 Field Artillery   
Chalfant, Clinton L. 1911 Infantry  
Chambers, Fred W. 1915 Infantry  
Claypool, Hugh 1916 Infantry  
Claypool, Patrick C. 1918    
Collins, Lawrence 1915 Field Artillery  
Cope, W. Carmel 1918 U. S. Natl. Army  
Cox, Harold A. 1914 Quartermaster's Dept.  
Cox, Lester 1919 Aviation  
Crank, Finley 1915 Quartermaster's Dept.  
Criss, Vance C. 1912 Forest Engineers   
Cunningham, William D. 1919 U. S. Army  
Davidson, Robert L. 1915 Aviation  
Derry, Harold D. 1917 Field Artillery  
Dowd, Lee M. 1918  
Dulin, James H. 1906 Field Artillery  
Duncan, Jack 1916 U. S. Navy  
Eastburn, Lacey A. 1917 Aviation  
Elliott, Kenneth B. 1916 Infantry  
Emerson, Ralph W. 1916 Ordnance  
Farmer, Vernon C. 1916 Mechanical Dept.  
Faulkner, William D. 1912 Infantry  
Fearl, Robert 1919 Truck Company  
Foster, John 1913 Aviation  
Fuson, Sam D. 1912 U. S. Navy 3 Paragraphs by him telling about life in the navy
Fyan, Robert W. 1914 Aviation  
Fyan, William H. 1918 Truck Company  
Garrett, John W. 1916 Aviation 2 long paragraphs by him about aviation
Gibson, Ralph B. 1914 Infantry  
Glynn, Robert R. 1912 Medical Reserve  
Goad, John M. 1916 Aviation  
Hall, Max Academy U. S. Natl. Army  
Harris, Cecil W. 1919 U. S. Navy  
Hartley, W. Elmo 1916 Ordnance  
Hays, Fred D. 1918 Infantry  
Herman, Edgar Academy Quartermaster's Dept.  
Horner, F. Ray 1914    
Hughes, Lester H. 1914 Infantry  
Humphrey, Elza . 1914 Y.M.C.A.  
Humphreys, Allan S. 1910 Chemical Service Section  
Hunt, Ira Augustus 1913 Artillery  
Hyder, Elton 1918 Aviation  
Jay, Fred J. 1917 Hospital Corps  
Jess, Morris H. 1920 Aviation  
Johnson, Earl A. 1915 Quartermaster's Dept.   
Kirkpatrick, George D. 1912 Y.M.C.A.  
Lamar, Robert L. Academy U. S. Natl. Army  
Leake, Leslie 1921 Aviation  
Lee, Lawrence 1917 Training Camp  
Likins, C. Cecil 1917 Aviation  
Lilley, James Frank 1916    
Lippman, Fred 1918 Aviation  
Lockwood, Arthur M. 1919 Infantry  
Lodge, A. Ivon 1912 U. S. Army  
Lodge, W. Perry 1912 U. S. Army  
Lowe, Horace Arch 1909 Medical Reserve  
Loy, Paul 1919 Ordnance  
Lyle, Floyd 1910 U. S. Army  
Mack, Allan Academy Aviation  
Mansfield, Earl 1914 U. S. Army  
Marx, Arthur C. 1915 Aviation  
Mayes, James J. 1892 Judge Advocate General  
McCammon, Owen 1920 U. S. Army  
McCary, Lyle B. 1920 Infantry  
McClure, W. Lionel 1916 Medical Dept.  
McCormack, Charles 1918 Medical Corps.  
McFarlin, L. L. 1919 U. S. Army  
McGregor, David N. Academy Infantry  
McKnolly, Charles 1918 U. S. Army  
McNish, Ernest A. 1914 Infantry  
Merritt, Harry W. 1916 Aviation  
Miller, Lloyd 1913    
Miller, Reeves 1909 U. S. Natl. Army  
Miller, Wyatt 1920 Truck Company  
Ming, Chris 1914 Aviation  
Mintrup, Louis J. 1918    
Moore, Rollin 1918 Aviation  
Murphy, Robert 1919 Truck Company  
Murray, Ray E. 1916 Quartermaster's Dept.  
Neville, Harvey 1918 Coast Artillery  
Nixon, George Reed 1913 U. S. Navy  
Orr, Wayne 1919 U. S. Navy  
Parce, Zan D. 1899 Medical Corps.  
Peake, Reuben T. 1913 Dental Reserve  
Pierce, Abial R. 1917 Truck Company Photo of "Bi" Pierce
Rathbone, Claude 1911 Aviation  
Reed, Gene B. 1916 Quartermaster's Dept.  
Riddlesperger, Ralph Academy Infantry  
Rissler, Gordon 1920 Infantry  
Robertson, Verne 1914 Hospital Corps  
Rogers, Harold 1911 Signal Corps  
Rogers, J. byron 1909 Coast Artillery  
Roper, Leon 1920 U. S. Army  
Ruffin, James E. 1916 Infantry 2 paragraphs by him about the infantry
Saunders, Earl 1918 U. S. Navy  
Saxe, Lee 1920 U. S. Navy  
Seaman, James 1919 U. S. Natl. Army Photo of him.
Sease, Clifford R. 1916 Navy  
Sebree, George M. 1918 Aviation  
Shannon, George I. 1917 Infantry  
Shannon, Marion L. 1915 U. S. Army  
Shepard, Edward M., Jr. 1910 Engineers  
Shinkle, Clifford 1917 Army  
Skidmore, George H. 1918 U. S. Marines  
Smith, Frank L. 1917 U. S. Natl. Army  
Snavely, Ralph 1919 Truck Company Photo of him & a paragraph about leaving for France.
Snyder, Leslie 1919 U. S. Navy  
Sperry, D. Clements 1919 Engineers  
Steele, Erben C. 1916    
Stonebraker, Barnard 1910    
Theodore, Demetrius N. 1916 Infantry  
Thompson, Edgar S. 1897 U. S. Navy  
Thompson, George M. 1915 Quartermaster's Dept.  
Thompson, Paul B. 1919 Infantry  
Thompson, W. Edward 1915 U. S. Natl. Army  
Thompson, Wilmer N. 1911 U. S. Navy  
Tyler, Harold Academy U. S. Army  
Umbarger, William 1919 Medical Corps.  
Vaughn, James R. 1906 Aviation  
Vaughn, Robert 1920 U. S. Navy  
Veaseman, Husted L. 1919 U. S. Navy  
Veirkamp, Franz 1917    
Walker, Harold M. 1916 Engineers  
Walker, Stanley 1920 Engineers  
Walker, Theodore P. 1908 Aviation  
Wasson, Lowell T. 1912 Infantry  
Weatherby, Ray V. 1914 Infantry  
Wessling, A. L., Dr. 1912 Medical Reserve  
Wetzel, Howard D. 1917 Ordnance  
White, J. Turner 1916 Field Artillery Photo of him & a paragraph about artillery.
Wickham, Ralph 1910 U. S. Army  
Willby, William H. J. 1913 U. S. Navy  
Williams, Dorsey A. 1914 Quartermaster's Dept.  
Williams, John W., Jr. 1918 U. S. Natl. Army  
Wills, William J. 1897 Medical Reserve  
Wilson, Charles G. 1919 Infantry Photo of him.

Ancestor Info is a free access genealogy database, made up of dozens of smaller databases. We are different from many of the databases on the internet, because we own all of the materials we index. When you order information from us, we send you the original item or we copy the information directly from the original source.

We have hundreds of unique antiquarian sources with thousands of citations. Many of these books, documents and historical records are one of a kind or are extremely rare, but we have indexed them to assist in your research. We index biographies, directories, yearbooks, alumni guides, obituaries (necrology), tax books, journals, magazines etc... We might have ads from the old family business or family farm, salary or school records, an obituary which ranges from one paragraph to several pages long or records of war service. When we send you copies of this type of information, we also send the title page, any lists of abbreviations or other relevant pages.

We have thousands of biographies ranging from one paragraph to several pages long, and many of these include a photo, portrait or engraving. During the late 1800's and during the 1920's, (before the Great Depression came along) almost every area of the country did Who's Who type books of locally prominent people, and many clubs and civic groups did a directory featuring biographies and sometimes photos of their members. So even if your ancestor was not rich and famous, we might have them listed.

If your ancestors are in one of our high school or college yearbooks, we can send you copies of their photo or listing, but we also send copies of the school calendar, general interest photos of the school and classmates, and there is usually a section with jokes or corny stories. It is almost like visiting the school 75 years ago, while your ancestors were young. Some yearbooks also include information on faculty and alumni.

Our collection of several hundred original, vintage photographs includes antique photos of all types; cabinet cards, tintypes, carte-de-visite (CDV's), portraits and  real photo postcards (RPPC). We also have photo albums, group photos from family reunions, the workplace and schools. Most of these photos are over 75 years old.

Our ephemera collection has over 1,000 pieces includes vintage or antique documents, letters, billheads, invoices, postcards, wedding invitations, business cards, prescriptions, matchbook covers, Victorian trade cards, school programs and school souvenirs. Most of these items range from 50 to over 125 years old.

Whether you are researching your family roots (or lineage), we can help. Please check our database for all the branches and surnames from your family tree. We have also been able to assist writers and collectors in their background research on the history of people or companies in our database. We cover everything from birth records to obituaries, military service during the Civil War and World War 1, and almost every aspect of daily life and day to day business in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

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