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Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution, 1892-1903 Yearbooks

You never know what you will find from these old books. Some of the entries even have a facsimile of the person's Revolutionary War ancestors signature. There are also several women members. The listing includes their birthplace and occupation. If the person died during one of the years covered by the books, there is an obituary, which can be from one paragraph to several pages long. When the person was accepted into the SAR, the genealogy information for all of their Revolutionary War ancestors was printed in that year's book, along with a paragraph outlining the ancestor's service during the war. 

We will go through the volumes and copy the references for anyone listed that you are researching. 

Price: $5 Per Person Item # 10033

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A - F Surnames G - O Surnames P - Y Surnames
Abell, Mary Kingsbury
Ackart, David
Adams, Josiah Griswold
Adams, Leslie Emerson
Agard, Charles Walter
Aiken, William Appleton
Albee, George Emerson
Alden, James Everett
Allen, Bennet Rowland
Allen, Jeremiah Mervin
Allen, William Henry
Alling, David Royal
Alling, Edward Beardsley
Alling, George Alverson
Alling, Noyes Eli
Allis, Terrence Skinner
Almy, Leonard Ballou
Andrews, Frederick Fisk
Arms, Frank Thornton
Atwater, Edward Irving
Atwater, Edwin Bassett
Atwater, Frederick Sanford
Atwater, Harry Elihu
Atwater, William Jared
Atwood, Eugene Frederick
Atwood, William Hooker
Augur, William Chambers
Austin, Willis Rogers
Averill, Henry Eliphalet
Averill, John Chester
Avery, Addison
Avery, Edward Perry
Avery, Frank Montgomery
Avery, Irving James
Babcock, Courtlandt Guynet
Babcock, Nathan
Babcock, Samuel
Backus, Thomas
Bacon, William Turner
Bailey, Ezra Brewster
Bailey, Henry Latham
Bailey, John Henry
Baker, Ellis Benjamin
Baker, Isiah, Jr.
Baldwin, Abigail Jane
Baldwin, Charles Frederick
Baldwin, George
Baldwin, George Millard
Baldwin, Helen Maria Boyd
Baldwin, Henry
Baldwin, Samuel Wheeler
Banks, Edwin
Banks, Samuel Sherman
Barber, Oscar Maxson
Barber, William Pond
Barbour, Samuel Lynes
Barker, Charles Coffin
Barker, George William
Barlow, Charles Couch
Barlow, Thomas Dewitt
Barnes, Amos Foote
Barnes, Thomas Attwater
Barnes, William Alstine
Barney, Samuel Eben
Barnum, George Starr
Barnum, Phineas Taylor
Barrows, Freeman Wilson
Barrows, Pitt
Barry, Carlos, Jr.
Bartlett, Josiah
Bartram, Ezra Harris
Bartram, Isaac Newton
Bartram, Orlando
Bates, Albert Carlos
Bates, Nathan Denison
Bates, Sarah Glazier
Batterson, James Goodwin
Beach, George Watson
Beach, Henry Ledlie
Beardsley, Edward Watson
Beardsley, James Edwin
Beardsley, Lucy J. Fayerweather
Beardsley, Morris Beach
Beardsley, Samuel Fayerweather
Beckwith, Cyrus Grosvenor
Beckwith, Oliver Russell
Beecher, Ebenezer Benton
Beecher, Edward Collins
Beecher, Lucius Wheeler
Beers, Henry Clay
Beers, Robert Canfield
Belcher, William
Belden, Channing Snow
Belden, Frank Ernest
Belden, Herbert Eugene
Belknap, Leverett
Bennett, Martin Toscan
Betts, Henry Benjamin
Bevins, LeGrand
Bidwell, Jasper Hamilton
Bigelow, Hobart Baldwin
Bill, Charles
Bill, Edward Lyman
Bill, Henry
Billard, John Leander
Bingham, Edwin Henry
Bingham, Theodore Alfred
Bird, Theodore
Birdsey, Eli Coe
Birdseye, Isaac Washington
Bishop, Henry Alfred
Bishop, Joseph
Bishop, Seth Woodford
Bissell, Clinton Talcott
Bissell, Frederic Clarence
Bissell, Hiram Jarvis
Bissell, Thomas H.
Blake, Silas Leroy
Blake, William Phipps
Blakeslee, Charles Henry
Blakeslee, Fred Gilbert
Bliss, Frederick Spencer
Bliss, Walter
Boardman, Thomas Jefferson
Boardman, William Ellis
Boardman, William F. Joseph
Boardman, William Greenleaf
Bond, Frank Stuart
Bond, Henry Richardson
Bond, William
Bond, William Williams
Bostwick, Leonard
Bosworth, Fred Ezra
Boughton, Henry Isaac
Bouton, William Henry
Bowen, James Barton
Bowers, Dwight Eliot
Bowers, Edward Augustus
Bowers, George Newell
Boyd, Edward Ebenezer
Bradley, Clarence Peck
Bradley, Frederick Truman
Bradley, George Thomas
Bradley, Nathaniel Lyman
Bradley, William Justis
Bragaw, Griswold
Brainard, Fisk
Brainard, Leverett
Brainerd, Frank
Brainerd, Judson Baldwin
Brayton, Charles Erskine
Brewster, John Denison
Brigham, Frank Markham
Brigham, Walter Damon
Brinley, George Putnam
Brinsmade, John Chapin
Bristol, Cornelius Gardner
Bristol, George William
Bristol, Phineas S.
Bronson, Arthur Hart
Bronson, Charles French
Bronson, Henry Trumbull
Brooker, Charles Frederick
Brooks, Ansel Jones
Brooks, Irving Stone
Brooks, Isaac Watts
Brooks, James Weston
Brooks, John Norton
Brooks, John Wadhams
Brown, Charles Wesley
Brown, Freeman Monroe
Brown, George Selah
Brown, Harry Hinman
Browne, John Dean
Browne, Thomas Nicoll
Brusstar, Benjamin Franklin
Bryant, Edward Ballard
Bryant, George Clarke
Bryant, Thomas Wallace
Buckingham, Charles Booth
Buckingham, John Aaron
Bulford, John Henry
Bulkeley, Morgan Gardner
Bulkeley, Stephen
Bulkley, Erastus Brainerd
Bull, Thomas Marcus
Bull, William Lanman
Bullard, William Sumner
Bunce, Edward Merrill
Bunce, John Lee
Burbank, James Brattle
Burbeck, William Henry
Burgess, George Franklin
Burnham, George Stanly
Burr, William Handford
Burrall, George Beach
Burroughs, Frederick Charles
Burroughs, Henry Clarence
Burroughs, James Richard
Burrows, Wilbur Fisk
Burrows, William Henry
Burton, Charles Edward
Burton, Franklin
Burton, George Lorenzo
Burton, George Riley
Burton, Silas
Burwell, Robert Noyes
Bushnell, Asa Carroll
Bushnell, Ericsson Foote
Bushnell, Frank Chapman
Bushnell, Philo Anson
Bushnell, Winthrop Grant
Butler, Sidney Perlin
Buttolph, Charles
Butts, Charles Richard
Butts, George Coit
Butts, Henry Lathrop
Calef, Arthur Benjamin
Calef, Jeremiah Francis
Calef, Samuel Prescott
Calef, Thomas
Calhoun, David
Calhoun, David Samuel
Calhoun, John
Calhoun, Joseph Gilbert
Calkins, Frederic Hudson
Camp, Elizur
Camp, Franklin Abraham
Camp, Harry Crosby
Camp, Herbert Latimer
Camp, John Spencer
Camp, Susie Healy
Campbell, James
Cantwell, Frank Arthur
Carroll, Adams Pope
Carroll, George Wyman
Cary, Frederic William
Case, Benjamin Franklin
Case, Newton
Cash, Walter Scott
Catlin, Abijah, Jr.
Catlin, William Hopkins
Chaffee, Joseph Dwight
Chamberlin, Albert Stevens
Chamberlin, Frank Doolittle
Chamberlin, James Henry Percival
Chamberlin, Smith Tuttle
Champion, John Newton
Chandler, Charles Edward
Chandler, Randolph Henry
Chandler, William Erasmus
Chapin, Charles Edward
Chapin, Gilbert Warren
Chapin, James Henry
Chapin, Mary Adella Glazier
Chapman, Annie Bliss
Chapman, Charles Sherman
Chapman, Dwight
Chapman, George Pickering
Chappell, Alfred Hebard
Chappell, Frank Huntington
Chappell, William Saltonstall
Charlton, John Howard
Chase, Henry Sabin
Chase, Irving Hall
Cheney, Frank Woodbridge
Cheney, John Sherwood
Cheney, Knight Dexter
Cheney, Louis Richmond
Chesebrough, Amos Sheffield
Chesebrough, Sheffield
Chew, James Lawrence
Choate, Charles Nelson
Clapp, Alfred Selden
Clapp, William Henry
Clark, Charles Hopkins
Clark, Clarence Lincoln
Clark, David
Clark, Edward Lewis
Clark, George Clifford
Clark, Herman Daggett
Clark, Noyes Dwight
Cleveland, Lemuel Woodward
Coburn, John Stratton
Coe, Andrew Jackson
Coe, Benjamin Lee
Coe, Charles Pierson
Coe, Edward Stevens
Coe, Edward Turner
Coe, John Walter
Coe, John Williams
Coe, Levi Elmore
Coffin, Owen Vincent
Cogswell, Frederick Hull
Cogswell, Leonard White
Cogswell, Richard Baldwin
Coit, Alfred
Cole, Charles James
Collier, Thomas Stephens
Collins, Atwood
Collins, William Erastus
Colton, Olcott Bliss
Comstock, Albert Seymour
Comstock, Cornelia E. Carter
Comstock, Moses Warren
Comstock, William Henry Harrison
Conant, George Albert
Cone, Edward Payson
Cone, James Brewster
Cone, Joseph William
Cone, Robert Buckland
Congdon, Carey
Conklin, Harry Shepard
Conklin, William Palmer
Converse, Alfred Woods
Converse, Charles Augustus
Cook, Frederick Thomas
Cooke, Lorrin Alanson
Cooley, Charles Parsons
Cooley, Francis Rexford
Copley, George Daniel
Corbin, Albert F.
Corbin, Algernon Booth
Corbin, Frank Addison
Corbin, Frank E.
Corbin, George W.
Corbin, Peter
Corbin, Philip
Cornish, Louis Henry
Cornwall, Henry Augustus
Cothren, William
Couch, Darius Nash
Couch, George Winchell
Couch, John Oscar
Countryman, Franklin
Countryman, William Arthur
Covey, William Elijah
Cowell, George Hubert
Cowles, Edwin Stephen
Cowles, Frank
Cowles, Frederick Leonard
Cowles, Ruel Pardee
Cowles, Samuel Wallace
Cowles, Sidney Morris
Cram, George Washington
Crane, Augustin Averill
Crane, George William
Crawford, George Eugene
Crippen, Daniel Webster
Crowell, Edward Harris
Crump, John Guy
Cummings, Francis Asbury
Cunningham, Joseph burrall
Curtin, Roland Gideon
Curtis, George Munson
Curtis, Lewis Beers
Curtiss, Homer Augustus
Cutler, Ralph William
Daboll, Loren Emerson
Danforth, Joseph Warren
Daniels, Frederick Jennings
Dann, Horace Edgar
Dann, Wallace
Daskam, Samuel
Davis, Charles Ethan
Davis, John Hubbard
Davis, Solon Periander
Davison, Edward Henry
DeLamater, Richard Woolsey
Deming, Edward Hooker
Deming, Ferdinand, Jr.
Deming, Lucius Parmenias
Denison, Charles Wilberforce
Denison, Frederic
Denison, Lee Shannon
Dewell, James Dudley
Dewell, James Dudley, Jr.
Dibble, Ezra Beach
Dickerson, David
Doolittle, Edgar Jared
Doty, Saamuel Colt
Douglas, Benjamin
Downes, William Elijah
Driggs, George Asa
Drown, John Wilson
Dudley, Frederick Amos
Dunham, Ralph Clark
Dunham, Sylvester Clark
Dustin, Charles Edward
Dyer, Daniel Thomas
Eames, Carlos Sidney
Earle, Arthur Winthrop
Easterbrook, Frederick James
Easterbrook, Nathan, Jr.
Eaton, Daniel Cady
Eddy, Arthur Herbert
Edgar, George Parker
Edgarton, Frank Carlton
Edmond, John Ducasse
Edwards, Frederick Bulkley
Edwards, Henry Chandler
Eggleston, Percy Coe
Eldridge, James William
Eliot, William Richards
Ellis, Benjamin Franklin
Ellis, George
Elmore, Samuel Edward
Elton, James Samuel
Elton, John Prince
Ely, Calvin Luther
Ely, Richard Sheldon
Ely, William Davis
Ely, William Henry
Emmons, Edwin Justin
English, Benjamin Rice
English, James Edward
Everitt, Edwin Brownson
Ewing, Chester Wilcox
Fairchild, Alfred Beach
Farnham, Elias Bushnell
Farnsworth, F. Benjamin
Farnsworth, Frederick
Farnsworth, William Eugene
Farrell, Franklin
Farren, Merritt Augustus
Farren, Roswell Bradley
Faxon, Nellie Adelle White
Febiger, Lea
Felt, Levi Lincoln
Felt, William Pomeroy
Fenn, John Roberts
Fenn, Linus Tryon
Fenton, Charles
Ferry, Edwin Sterling
Field, Burr Kellogg
Field, Frederick William
Fitch, Charles Wellington
Fitch, Nathan Burton
Fitts, George Henry
Fitts, Henry Eben
Fletcher, Henry Frederick
Flint, Henry Hall
Foote, David Thompson
Foote, Edward Bliss
Foote, Ellsworth Irving
Forbes, Oliver Tyler
Ford, George Hare
Ford, Nelson Drake
Ford, William Elbert
Foster, Frederick Rose, Jr.
Fowler, Charles Holt
Fowler, Frank Seamon
Fowler, Herbert Greene
Fowler, Oswin Hart Doolittle
Fox, Charles James
Fox, Edward Gager
Fox, Edward Levi
Fox, Simeon Joseph
Franklin, William Buel
Frisbie, Edward Laurens, Jr.
Frost, Charles Warren Selah
Frost, Russell
Fuller, Edward Eugene
Fulton, William Edwards
Fyler, Anson Priest
Gallup, Asa Lyman
Gallup, Charles Davis
Gallup, Frederick Loren
Gallup, Hanry Haskell
Galpin, William Adams
Garde, Andrew Earl
Gardiner, Curtis Crane
Gardiner, Frederic
Gardner, Nathan Reynolds
Gardner, Robert Sylvanus
Gates, Elizabeth M. Larrabee
Gay, Frank Butler
Gaylord, Hezekiah
Geer, Albert Laberge
Geer, Erastus
Geer, Frances Ardelia
Geer, William Hamilton
George, James Herbert
Getman, Charles Henry
Gilbert, Charles Edwin
Gilbert, Levi Carroll
Gilbert, William Truman
Gildersleeve, Alfred
Gillett, Albert Brown
Gillette, Elisabeth Daggett Hooker
Gilman, Daniel Coit
Gladden, William Henry
Gladding, Charles Frederick
Gladwin, Joseph Churchill
Glazier, Charles Mather
Glazier, Daniel Johnson
Glazier, Frank Dwight
Glazier, Mary Oliva
Godard, George Seymour
Goddard, Henry Perkins
Godfrey, Charles Cartlidge
Godillot, John Fitch
Gold, Theodore Sedgwick
Goodrich, Alfred Russell
Goodrich, Arthur Lewis
Goodrich, Elizur Stillman
Goodrich, Theodore Hamilton
Goodrich, William Henry
Goodsell, Buel
Goodsell, Daniel Ayers
Goodsell, Lewis
Goodsell, Zalmon
Goodwin, Charles Lincoln
Goodwin, Francis
Goodwin, George Dorr
Goodwin, George Henry
Goodwin, George Russell
Goodwin, James Junius
Goodwin, Nelson Jones
Goodyear, Edward Bassett
Goodyear, Robert Beardsley
Goodyear, Watson Edward
Gorham, Julius Hubbard
Gorton, Joseph Chapman
Gorton, Philip Griswold
Gough, Charles Henry
Grant, James Monroe
Grant, Roswell
Graves, Joseph Alvin
Greeley, Edwin Seneca
Greeley, Franklin Maston
Greene, Jacob Lyman
Gregory, James Glynn
Griffing, Martin Hoyt
Griggs, David Cullen
Griggs, John William
Griswold, Charles
Griswold, Edward Hammond
Griswold, Esther Eliza Hammond
Griswold, George Frederick
Griswold, George Gilbert
Griswold, Howard Rowland
Griswold, Rebecca Eddy Norton
Griswold, Robert Sage
Griswold, Roger Marvin
Griswold, Rufus White
Gross, Charles Edward
Gross, William H.
Grumman, William Edgar
Guild, Frank Eugene
Gulliver, Frederic Putnam
Gulliver, Henry Strong
Hale, Almarin Tracy
Hale, John Mills
Hale, Julia Lucy
Hall, Arthur Elisha
Hall, Eugene Ashley
Hall, Henry Harrison
Hall, James Philip
Hall, John Loomer
Hall, Russell Lewis
Hallock, Edwin
Halmilton, Frank Lorenzo
Halsey, Jeremiah
Hamilton, Paul David
Hammond, Edward Payson
Harmon, Edward Frederick
Harmon, John Milton
Harriman, Frederick Durbin
Harris, Walter St. George
Harrison, Henry Baldwin
Harrison, Osmund
Hart, Charles Edgar
Hart, Ferdinand Austin
Hart, Franklin Henry
Hart, Harry Barton
Hart, Nathaniel Reeves
Hart, William Augustus
Harwood, Pliny LeRoy
Hatch, George Edwin
Hatch, Levi Parsons
Hatch, William Lovell
Havens, Francis Wayland
Havens, Franke Stuart
Havens, Owen Rewick
Hawley, Charles Wilson
Hawley, Elias Sill
Hayden, Edward Simeon
Hayden, Hezekiah Sidney
Hayden, Jabez Haskell
Hayden, Nathaniel Warham
Hayes, Nathaniel Jocelyn
Heath, Edwin Lansing
Heaton, John Edward
Helme, John Welch
Heminway, Harry Hinman
Heminway, Louis Marshall
Heminway, Merritt
Hendee, Edward Dwight
Henry, Edward Stevens
Herrington, Alfred Gilbert
Hewins, Caroline Maria
Hewitt, Charles Jefferson
Hewitt, Elisha
Hewitt, Harrison
Hicks, Augusta Isham Thomas
Higgins, Edwin Werter
Hill, Ebenezer
Hill, Ebenezer, J.
Hill, Ebenezer, Jr.
Hill, John Read
Hill, Mary Ellen Mosman
Hill, Robert Wakeman
Hillhouse, James William
Hills, Jonas Coolidge
Hills, William Ellery
Hillyer, Charles Tudor
Hillyer, Drayton
Hilton, Charles Henry
Hitchcock, Arthur Cornwall
Hitchcock, Henry Preston
Hodge, Justin
Hodge, Justin
Holbrook, Supply T.
Holbrook, Supply Twyng
Holcombe, John Marshall
Hollister, Herbert Henry
Hollister, John Clark
Holmes, Charles Leland
Holmes, Joseph
Holmes, Rufus Edward
Holmes, Walter Wetmore
Hooker, Edward
Hooker, Edward
Hooker, Edward Beecher
Hooker, Edward Williams
Hooker, Thomas Williams
Hooper, Joseph
Hopkins, Samuel Henry
Hopson, John, Jr.
Hopson, William Fowler
Hosmer, Frederick Arthur
Hotchkiss, Edwin Benton
Hotchkiss, George Leander
Hotchkiss, Hobart Legrand
Hotchkiss, Ira Catlin
Hotchkiss, Norton Royce
Hotchkiss, Orrin Wait
Hotchkiss, Samuel Milo
House, Charles Edwin
Houston, James Borland
Hovey, Horace Carter
Howard, Daniel
Howarth, James Ashworth
Howe, Samuel Henry
Howland, Harriet Margaret Learned
Hoyt, Benjamin Franklin
Hoyt, Henry Thacher
Hoyt, Heusted W. R.
Hubbard, Gaston Tryon
Hubbard, Josiah Meigs
Hubbard, Leverett Marsden
Hubbard, Stephen A.
Hubbard, Walter
Hubbard, Walter Bulkley
Hubbell, Harvey
Hubbell, Joseph Birdseye
Hughes, Oliver John Davis
Hulbert, Thomas Henry
Hull, John Alfred
Hull, Richard Lay
Humiston, Bennett Newton
Humphrey, Hosea Dayton
Hungerfield, Mrs. Caroline Catlin
Hungerford, Caroline Catlin
Hungerford, Clarence Catlin
Hungerford, Frank Louis
Hungerford, Newman
Hungerford, William Churchill
Hunt, Frederick Samuel
Hunter, John Lathrop
Hunter, Orange Dwight
Huntington, Austin
Huntington, Charles Wesley
Huntington, Frederick Lambert
Huntington, Henry Lathrop
Huntington, John Taylor
Huntington, Joseph L. Weatherly
Huntington, Robert Watkinson
Huntington, Robert Watkinson, Jr.
Hurlbutt, John Belden
Huth, Charles Sackett
Hyde, Burrell Woodworth
Hyde, Frank Eldridge
Hyde, Theophilus Rodgers, Jr.
Hyde, William Waldo
Ide, Herbert Chandler
Ingalls, Phineas Henry
Ingersoll, Charles Anthony
Ives, Fred DeWolf
Ives, John
Ives, Leland Howard
Ives, William Walter
Jackman, Angier March
Jackman, George William
Jackson, Frederick Augustus
James, Howard K.
Jennings, James Henry
Jennings, John Joseph
Jewell, Charles Alexander
Jewell, Lyman Beecher
Jewell, Pliny
Johnson, Aholiab
Johnson, Andrew Loomis
Johnson, Beaumont Henry
Johnson, Charles Coit
Johnson, Edward Franklin
Johnson, Edwin Comstock
Johnson, Joseph Warren
Johnson, Marcus Morton
Jones, Clarence Edward
Jones, Daniel Albion
Jones, Henry Roger
Jones, William Frank
Joslyn, Minnie Brown
Judd, Edward Hubbard
Judd, George Edwards
Judd, Henry Green
Judson, Stiles
Judson, Stiles, Jr.
Keeler, Charles Bradley
Keep, Howard Henry
Kellogg, Allyn Stanley
Kellogg, Charles Poole
Kellogg, Edward Wilberforce
Kellogg, Eliza Noble
Kellogg, John Prescott
Kellogg, Lucia Hosmer Andrews
Kellogg, Stephen Wright
Kellogg, William Williams
Kelsey, William Andrews
Kendall, George Fitch
Kendall, Nathaniel Wyeth
Kenney, John W.
Keyes, George Alfred
Kimberly, Enos Sperry
King, Harvey Briggs
Kingsley, Henry LaBaron
Kingsley, William Thomas
Kinney, John Coddington
Kissam, Daniel Whitehead
Klock, Edwin Judson
Knapp, Herbert Merton
Knight, William Ward
Kuhns, Oscar
Lacey, Rowland Bradley
Lambert, Edward Richard
Landers, Charles Smith
Landers, George Marcellus
Lanman, Charles Rockwell
Lathrop, Henry Clinton
Lay, Julius Gareche
Leach, James C. Edward
Leach, Robert Hill
Learned, Bela Peck
Learned, Horace Coit
Learned, Walter
Lee, William Wallace
Lee, Wilson Horatio
Leeds, John Harris
Levi, Henry Beach
Lewis, Albert Newell
Lewis, Henry James
Lewis, Isaac Chauncey
Lewis, John Benjamin
Lewis, Robert Harris
Lewis, Rufus Warren
Lincoln, Frederick Miles
Lincoln, George Stanley
Lines, Edwin Stevens
Lines, Henry Wales
Lines, John Marshall
Linsley, Charles Foote
Linsley, Solomon Fowler
Lippitt, Charles Cobb
Lockwood, David Benjamin
Lockwood, Edgar
Lockwood, Frederick Ayres
Lockwood, Frederick St. John
Logan, Walter Seth
Loomer, Silas Fuller
Loomis, Seymour Crane
Loomis, William Horton
Lord, Everett Edward
Lord, George Thatcher
Love, William DeLoss, Jr.
Lovejoy, John Ford
Lummis, Frank Carlos
Lupton, Henry Whiting
Lyman, David
Lyman, Henry Alexander
Lyon, Ernest Porter
Lyon, Irving Whitall
Mac Naught, George Kilpatrick
Maltby, Julius
Manwaring, Wolcott Barber
Maples, Brainerd Wells
Marcy, Thomas Knowlton
Markham, Ernest Arthur
Markham, Francis George
Marshall, Warren Ward
Martin, George Bushnell
Marwick, Albert
Mason, Frank Herbert
Mathewson, Albert McClellan
Mathewson, Arthur
Matson, William Lewis
Mattoon, Burton Hamilton
Maxwell, Francis Taylor
Maxwell, George
Maxwell, Robert
Maxwell, William
May, Calvin Sloane
May, James Oscar
McDonald, Theodore Hungerford
McManus, Alonzo
McManus, Alonzo
McNeil, Charles Leverett
McQueen, John Barnes
Meech, Stephen Billings
Merriam, George Couch
Merrill, Augustus
Merrill, Augustus
Merriman, William Buckingham
Mersick, Charles Smith
Merwin, Augustus White
Merwin, Edwin Fletcher
Merwin, James Jones
Merwin, John Newton
Merwin, Samuel Edwin
Metcalf, William Henry
Middlebrook, James Robert
Middlebrook, Louis Frank
Miles, Frederick
Miles, Frederick Plumb
Miles, Richard Winter
Millard, Gertrude Hills
Miller, Eugene Spencer
Mills, Dwight Phelps
Mills, Lyman Allen
Mills, William Skilling
Mitchell, Emlyn Valentine
Mitchell, George Henry
Mitchell, Lampson Preston
Mix, Charles William
Mix, Eli
Mix, Elisha, Jr.
Mix, John Walter
Mix, Willis Lee
Monroe, Charles Fabyan
Monson, Frank Augustus
Montgomery, Phelps
Moore, George Woodbridge
Morehouse, Cornelius Starr
Morgan, Henry Churchill
Morgan, Lewis Lyman
Morgan, William Denison
Morgan, William Edwin
Morris, John Emery
Morris, Jonathan Flynt
Morris, Richard Cooper
Morse, Gardner
Morse, George Newton
Moseley, William Hamilton
Moses, George Newton
Mull, Laura Hale
Munger, Edwin Holmes
Munson, Luzerne Ithiel
Muzzy, Adrian James
Naramore, Frank Julian
Nettleton, Arthur Treat
Newcomb, George Franklin
Newell, William Gilbert
Newton, Arthur Duane
Newton, Charles Edward
Newton, Charles Watson
Newton, George Baker
Newton, Henry Gleason
Newton, Roger Watson
Nichols, Stephen
Nickerson, Leonard Jones
Niles, William Porter
Noble, Charles Henry
Noble, George Belden
Noble, Thomas Kimball
Norcross, Henry Fanning
Norkett, Franklin Sisson
North, John Curtiss
Northrop, Birdsey Grant
Northrop, Henry Evans
Norton, Thomas Lot
Norton, Walter Whittlesey
Noyes, Franklin Babcock
Olcott, Isaac Waterman
Olcott, William Marvin
Olmsted, Albert Henry
Olmsted, Frederick Law
Orcutt, Willie Francis
Osborn, Allan Merwin
Osborn, Norris Galpin
Osborne, Arthur Dimon
Osgood, Frederick Larned
Palmer, Edward Cleveland
Palmer, Edwin
Palmer, Edwin
Palmer, John Gideon
Palmer, Ralph Averill
Pardee, William Osmond
Parish, James Heald
Parish, Roswell, Jr.
Parker, Charles
Parker, Charles
Parker, Charles Julius
Parker, Henry Fitch
Parker, John Dwight
Parker, Robert Prescott
Parker, Timothy
Parsons, Andrew Sloper
Parsons, Charles Henry
Parsons, Dwight Alfred
Parsons, George Middleton
Payne, Frederick Weller
Payne, George Washington
Pearl, Edward
Pearson, Edward Joseph
Peasley, Frederick Merrick
Peck, Arthur Trimble
Peck, Charles
Peck, Charles
Peck, Eugene Benjamin
Peck, George William
Peck, Joel Ward Simmons
Peck, Miles Lewis
Peet, George Church
Pellett, Daniel Loomis
Pelton, Henry Hubbard
Pelton, James H.
Penfield, Loren Dwight
Penfield, Loren Hall
Pepper, Warren Henry
Perkins, Charles Clark
Perkins, Charles Smith
Perkins, Nathaniel Shaw
Perkins, Warren Shubal
Perry, John Hoyt
Perry, Winthrop Hoyt
Phelps, Alfred William
Phelps, Antoinette Randolph
Phelps, Charles Gustavus
Phelps, Dexter Eddy
Phelps, Dryden William
Phelps, Jeffery Orson, Jr.
Phelps, Roswell Harvey
Phelps, Sylvanus Dryden
Pickett, Charles Whittlesey
Pickett, Edwin Starr
Pickett, Rufus Starr
Pierpont, George Sherman
Pierson, Decius Latimer
Pitkin, Sara Howard Loomis
Plant, Samuel Orrin
Platt, John Henry
Platt, John Henry
Platt, Orville Hitchcock
Plimpton, Frederick
Plimpton, James Manning
Plimpton, Linus Bacon
Pomeroy, Charles Backus
Pomeroy, Harris Starr
Pond, Edgar LeRoy
Pond, Jonathan Walter
Pond, Philip, II
Pond, Walter
Poole, George Eugene
Poore, John Robinson
Porter, Eugene Jay
Porter, James Ward Beecher
Porter, John Addison
Porter, Noah
Potter, Robert Ansel
Powers, Harry Stewart
Powers, Tudor Wolcott
Pratt, Thomas Strong
Prentis, Edward
Prescott, William Henry
Preston, William Henry
Prince, Christopher Edward
Prince, Walter Franklin
Putnam, Albert Day
Quinley, Gurdon Whitmore
Quintard, Charles Augustus
Quintard, Frederick Homer
Quintard, Henry Harrison
Randall, Herbert
Rathburn, Beriah Safford
Raymond, Gilbert Smith
Redfield, Edward Walker
Redfield, Henry Sherman
Redfield, William Thompson
Rembert, John Raphael
Reynolds, Joseph G.
Rhoades, David Peck
Rice, Frederick Benjamin
Rich, Charles Marvin
Rich, John S.
Richardson, William Montague
Richmond, William Henry
Ripley, Charles Everett
Risley, Charles Hooker
Risley, Oliver H. King
Risley, Stephen Goodale
Ritter, Wallace Steele
Roach, Albert Owen
Robbins, Charles Sedgwick
Robbins, Edward Denmore
Robbins, Philemon Wadsworth
Robbins, Robert Williams
Robbins, Thomas Williams
Roberts, Albert Candee
Roberts, George
Roberts, Henry
Robertson, Abram Heaton
Robinson, Henry Cornelius
Robinson, Lucius Franklin
Rockwell, Charles Lee
Rockwell, George
Rockwell, Warren Ayres
Rockwell, William Francis
Rockwood, Abby Ann Abbot
Rogers, Ernest Elias
Rogers, Horace
Root, Edwin Park
Root, Ella Goodman Moseley
Root, Francis Pitkin
Root, George Wells
Root, Joseph Edward
Root, Judson Hall
Rowland, Henry Lincoln
Rowland, Herbert Samuel
Royce, Albert Lee
Royce, Alfred Lee
Rudd, Charles Edwards
Rudd, Malcolm Day
Rudd, William Beardslee
Russell, Frank
Russell, Gordon
Ryder, Ely Morgan Talcott
Ryder, Henry Clay
Sage, George Henry
Sage, John Hall
Sanford, Charles E. Pangman
Sanford, Elias Starr
Savage, Edward Josiah
Savage, George Edwin
Schauffler, Henry Frank
Schenck, Martin Bryant
Scofield, Walter Keeler
Scott, George Ai.
Scott, George Al
Scott, Henry Walter
Scott, Merritt Bradford
Scranton, Charles Woolsey
Scranton, William Dowd
Scribner, Edwin Monroe
Sears, Selden Philo
Sears, Selden Philo
Seeley, William Elmer
Segur, Gideon Cross
Seward, Frank
Seward, Herbert Frank
Seymour, Alice Elvina Powers
Seymour, Dudley Stuart
Seymour, George Dudley
Seymour, Horace Spencer
Seymour, Laura Hollister Pond
Seymour, Robert Taylor
Seymour, Susan Hayes Smith
Shaler, Emory Cornelius
Sheffield, Thomas Denison
Sheldon, Charles Anson
Shelton, Charles Edward
Shelton, Charles Egerton
Shelton, William Roumage
Shepard, Carroll Sylvanus
Shepard, James
Sherwood, Henry Clinton
Shipman, Arthur Leffingwell
Shipman, Nathaniel
Sibley, William
Sill, Edward Everett
Sill, George Eliot
Silliman, Lewis Burr
Simmons, Abel Henry
Simmons, Ichabod
Simmons, William Smith
Simonds, Henry Dwight
Skinner, William Converse
Slade, Lucius Myron
Sloper, Andrew Jackson
Slosson, Frank Spooner
Smith, Andrew Henry
Smith, Archer Jerome
Smith, Chandler
Smith, Charles Hanno
Smith, Ferdinand Burr
Smith, Frank Clifton
Smith, George Brainard
Smith, Harry Acker
Smith, Henry Herbert
Smith, Herbert Raymond
Smith, Jane Treat Hills
Smith, Jerome Collins
Smith, Joel West
Smith, John Fox
Smith, John William Burke
Smith, Jonathan Trumbull
Smith, Joseph Richard
Smith, Louis Stocking
Smith, Ralph Herbert
Smith, Richard Bishop
Smith, Robert Ralston
Smith, Samuel Wheeler
Smith, Sarah Jeanette Boyd
Smith, Walter Mather
Snow, Charles Paul
Southworth, Frank Asher
Spalding, James Albert
Spaulding, Elmer Haynes
Spencer, Alfred Lawrence
Spencer, Alfred, Jr.
Spencer, Elmer Ellsworth
Spencer, Francis Elihu
Spencer, Frederick Albert
Sperry, Mark Leavenworth
Sperry, Nehemiah David
Squires, Elisha Bancroft
St. John, George Buckingham
St. John, Howell Williams
Stagg, Henry Price
Stanley, Alix W.
Stanley, Edward North
Stanley, William Frederick
Stanley, William Martin
Stanton, John Gilman
Starkweather, John Austin
Starr, Frank Farnsworth
Starr, Jonathan
Stearns, Henry Putnam
Stedman, John Woodhull
Stedman, Lewis Hosmer
Steele, Edward Daniel
Steele, Elisha Jones
Steele, Henry Merriman
Steele, Thomas Sedgwick
Steiner, Bernard Christian
Sterling, George Curtis
Sterrett, Harry Lardner
Stetson, James Ebenezer
Stevens, Charles Warren
Stevens, Frederick Hollister
Stevens, Frederick Sylvester
Stevens, George Clark
Stevens, Jennie May Daskam
Stevenson, Henry Cogswell
Stevenson, William Shelton
Stillman, Henry Allyn
Stivers, James Howland
Stoddard, Frank Everett
Stone, Charles Greene
Storrs, Samuel Porter
Stoughton, Dwight George
Stratton, Edward Curtiss
Street, Frederick Burton
Strickland, George Elihu
Strong, Horace Hubbard
Sugden, William Edward
Sutliffe, Bennett Hurd
Sutliffe, John Thomas
Swain, John Dewell
Swift, Edward Strong
Swift, Talmadge
Swords, Joseph Forsyth
Talcott, Hart
Talcott, Mary Kingsbury
Talcott, William Hart
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Henry Wyllys
Taylor, James Palmer
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Thomas Porter
Taylor, William Oliver
Thayer, George Burton
Thomas, Anna Hill
Thomas, Edgar
Thompson, Curtis
Thompson, Edward Foote
Thompson, George Lewis
Thompson, Isaac Walter
Thompson, James Wilcox
Thompson, Rhoda Augusta
Thompson, Sherwood Stratton
Thomson, Arthur Cecil
Tilden, Roy Earnest
Tileston, Henry Mellus
Todd, Milo Apollos
Tolles, Charles Levi
Toquet, Benjamin Honore
Townsend, John Webster
Townsend, Joseph Hendley
Tracy, David Wallace
Tracy, Lemuel Howard
Treadwell, John Prime
Treat, Arthur Barnes
Trowbridge, Francis Bacon
Trowbridge, Rutherford
Trowbridge, Thomas Rutherford
Trubee, David
Trubee, Samuel Curtiss
Trumbull, Jonathan
Trumbull, Thomas Brinckerhoff
Tucker, Charles Arthur
Tucker, George White
Turner, Charles
Turner, Elisha
Turner, George Sherman
Turner, Luther Guiteau
Tuttle, Byron
Tuttle, William Pierson
Twichell, James Carter
Twiss, Waldo Clinton
Tyler, Alice Jane
Tyler, Augustus Cleveland
Tyler, Robert Shipman
Tyler, Sylvanus
Upham, Charles Leslie
Upson, Albert Stevens
Upson, Lyman Allyn
Upson, Theron
Van Deursen, William Walter
Van Slyke, William Webster
Veader, Daniel Hicks
Vibbert, Howard Cooke
Viets, Carl Jay
Viets, Mary Comstock
Wadsworth, Clarence Seymour
Wadsworth, Edward
Wadsworth, Philip
Wadsworth, Robert Anderson
Wainwright, William A. Muhlenberg
Wait, John Turner
Wakelee, George Newell
Walker, Elisha Hubbell
Walker, James
Walker, William Francis
Waller, William Edwards
Ward, Frederick Sherman
Ward, Henry Chauncey
Ward, James Austin
Ward, Watson Lauren
Ward, William
Warner, Edgar Morris
Warner, Henry Abijah
Warner, Samuel Harris
Warren, Herbert Cleveland
Warren, Joshua Raymond
Warren, Tracy Bronson
Warren, William Watts Jones
Waterbury, William Ferris
Watson, Alice Cheever Lyon
Watson, Thomas Lansdell
Weaver, Elisha Harris
Weaver, Henry Clay
Webb, Rodolphus Lovejoy
Webster, Elizabeth Sizer
Weed, Henry Harrison
Weed, Ira DeWitt
Weeden, Clarence Dexter
Welles, Edwin
Welles, Edwin Stanley
Welles, James Howard
Welles, John N.
Wells, Albert Samuel
Wells, Osmer Beach
Wells, William Stiteler
Wessels, Henry Walton
Wetherbee, William Stearns
Wetmore, Charles Edward
Whaples, Meigs Heywood
Wheeler, Elonzo Sterne
Wheeler, Joseph Kellogg
Whipple, Durand
White, Herbert Humphrey
Whiting, Ezra
Whitney, Eli
Whittemore, Harris
Whittlesey, Granville
Whittlesey, Heman Alonzo
Whittlesey, Herman Charles
Wickham, Almeron William
Wickham, Clarence Horace
Wilcox, Dwight Parker
Wilcox, William Walter, Jr.
Wilcoxson, Albert
Wildman, Leonard Delacour
Wiley, James Allen
Wiley, William Henry
Williams, Aaron White Cook
Williams, Charles Fish
Williams, Charles Henry
Williams, Charles Merriam
Williams, Charles Stewart
Williams, David Willard
Williams, Frank Backus
Williams, George
Williams, George C. Fairchild
Williams, George Goodwin
Williams, Harry Roberts
Williams, James Baker
Williams, James Stoddard
Williams, Philip Keeney
Williams, Samuel Hubbard
Williams, Samuel Porter
Wilson, George William
Wilson, Grove Herrick
Wilson, Oliver Eugene
Woodbridge, James E.
Woodruff, Rollin Simmons
Woodruff, William Thomas
Woodward, Henry
Woodward, Joseph Gurley
Woodward, Russell Gardner
Woodworth, Henry Leroy
Wooster, Henry Read
Wooster, Ira Beebe
Wordin, Thomas Cook
Wright, Asahel Johnson
Wright, Ervis Elgin
Wright, Otis Olney
Wright, William Alvin
York, Samuel Albert



Ancestor Info is a free access genealogy database, made up of dozens of smaller databases. We are different from many of the databases on the internet, because we own all of the materials we index. When you order information from us, we send you the original item or we copy the information directly from the original source.

We have hundreds of unique antiquarian sources with thousands of citations. Many of these books, documents and historical records are one of a kind or are extremely rare, but we have indexed them to assist in your research. We index biographies, directories, yearbooks, alumni guides, obituaries (necrology), tax books, journals, magazines etc... We might have ads from the old family business or family farm, salary or school records, an obituary which ranges from one paragraph to several pages long or records of war service. When we send you copies of this type of information, we also send the title page, any lists of abbreviations or other relevant pages.

We have thousands of biographies ranging from one paragraph to several pages long, and many of these include a photo, portrait or engraving. During the late 1800's and during the 1920's, (before the Great Depression came along) almost every area of the country did Who's Who type books of locally prominent people, and many clubs and civic groups did a directory featuring biographies and sometimes photos of their members. So even if your ancestor was not rich and famous, we might have them listed.

If your ancestors are in one of our high school or college yearbooks, we can send you copies of their photo or listing, but we also send copies of the school calendar, general interest photos of the school and classmates, and there is usually a section with jokes or corny stories. It is almost like visiting the school 75 years ago, while your ancestors were young. Some yearbooks also include information on faculty and alumni.

Our collection of several hundred original, vintage photographs includes antique photos of all types; cabinet cards, tintypes, carte-de-visite (CDV's), portraits and  real photo postcards (RPPC). We also have photo albums, group photos from family reunions, the workplace and schools. Most of these photos are over 75 years old.

Our ephemera collection has over 1,000 pieces includes vintage or antique documents, letters, billheads, invoices, postcards, wedding invitations, business cards, prescriptions, matchbook covers, Victorian trade cards, school programs and school souvenirs. Most of these items range from 50 to over 125 years old.

Whether you are researching your family roots (or lineage), we can help. Please check our database for all the branches and surnames from your family tree. We have also been able to assist writers and collectors in their background research on the history of people or companies in our database. We cover everything from birth records to obituaries, military service during the Civil War and World War 1, and almost every aspect of daily life and day to day business in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

While we charge a fee to send copies of information or original items, it is a small price to pay to find potentially valuable information from long ago (and it may even help with that brick wall you have been facing in your research).

Please use the on-site search engine at the top of this page to see what family treasures we may have waiting for you. Or visit our home page for a detailed overview of the resources we have available.

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