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Business cards, from the 1890's up to about 1950

If you find a relative here, want to get the price of a business card, or just want more information on any of these, send an e-mail to:

Business Place Person Notes Item #
Aluminum Co. of America Philadelphia, PA Huber, E. J.   10599
Atlantic Hwy. Nurseries Hampden Highlands, ME Mitchell, C. L.   10454
Beech-Nut Packing Co. Milwaukee, WS Morris, R. J. On the back is a handwritten note from Jack to Ann 10531
Blue Heron Grill St. Augustine, FL     10409
Blythedale, MO Personal Taxes Card Blythedale, MO McDaniel, Fern Shows taxes paid for 1965 10396
Blythedale, MO Personal Taxes Card Blythedale, MO Van Hoozer, Pearl Collector who signed Tax Card for 1965. 10396
Boston Clothing St. Paul, MN Polski, R. F. "Outfitters of the male sex" 10429
Brady, Matthew P. Chicago, IL   Attorney 10429
Brewster, Alice L. Portsmouth, NH   Antiques 10454
Brown & Day, Inc. St. Paul, MN Betts, Loel X-Ray & Hospital Supplies 10429
Brown & Day, Inc. St. Paul, MN Friestedt, Louis J. X-Ray & Hospital Supplies 10429
Caldwell, J. E. & Co. Philadelphia, PA Albright, Lawton V. Jewelers & Silversmiths 10599
Calif. Insurance Fund San Francisco, CA Stirrat, John 1939 10396
California Consolidated Water   Ruhnka, John Arrowhead Spring Water 10531
Capitol Life Ins. Grand Junction, CO Nicholson, John G.   10396
Cary, W. S. Flanders, NJ   Fire Sand & Kaolin 10409
Century Business College Chicago, IL Winslow, Frank Stockbridge   10531
Century Business College Chicago, IL Pease, Frederic Irving   10531
Chicago Flower Shop Chicago, IL   Flowers for Miss Ann Peyton at the Southmoor Hotel 10531
Clements, Elmer H., Mrs. Winterport, ME   Antiques 10454
Cliff Sanborn St. Johnsbury, VT   Rooms for tourists 10454
Colburn, W. E., Mrs. Chicago, IL   Photo of guest house 10531
Courtesy House Marlboro, NJ Schanck, Henry, Mrs.   10454
Cozy Cove Apartments Delake, OR Baird, Robert L.   10396
Danforth's Dining Saloon Portland, ME   Boarding, Gents $3, Ladies $2.50; Dinner 25 cents 10409
Dennett Farm Conway, NH Dennett, Ralph "Travelers' Home" 10454
Desnoyers, Dr. Fall River     10429
Dispatch Pub. Co. Erie, PA Hopkins, G. U.   10409
Dispatch Pub. Co. Erie, PA Robinson, W. J.   10409
Dr. Krafft's     Lunch counter in Metropolitan Life Building, 23rd St. at 4th Ave. 10409
Draper & Kramer Chicago, IL Narrow, Harold C. Property Mgmt. 10531
Edinboro Independent Edinboro, PA Carrington, M. E. Newspaper 10409
Effie's Liquor Store San Diego, CA Applestein, Frank   10519
El Paso County B.Y.P.U. El Paso, TX Riley, Buford A.   10396
Elder's Café Portland, ME     10454
Electrolux, Inc. Philadelphia, PA Lusch, Jacob F.   10599
Federal San Diego, CA Ernie Loans 10519
Federal Land Bank Berkeley Pohl, George W.   10396
Franchina, Francesco St. Paul, MN   Italian Counsul 10429
Fraser's Dept. Store Indian Lake, NY     10409
Fred Wilson's Indian Trading Post Phoenix, AZ     10396
General Electric X-Ray Corp. Philadelphia, PA Bell, J. H.   10599
General Steel Castings Corp. Eddystone, PA Veihl, E. E., Jr. 1942 10599
Gibbinelli, F. St. Paul, MN   Boots & Shoes 10429
Grant the Printer Buffalo, NY     10409
Graymere Bridgton, ME Corliss, Hallie M., Mrs. Antiques 10454
Guizot's History of France Albany, NY Brown, John Agent 10409
Hall, Robert G. Dover-Foxcroft, ME   Refinishing 10454
Hanson, Andrew L. Dover, NH   Antiques 10454
Higgins' Antiques Wells, ME     10454
Hillcrest North Conway, NH Lancaster, E. G., Mrs.   10454
Holt, Lester K., Mrs.     Personal Calling Card 10396
Hood, Homer Linsley, Mrs.     Personal Calling Card 10396
Hotel De France, Restaurant Santa Barbara, CA     10396
Hunt, Elaine Beverly     Personal Calling Card 10396
Island Hotel San Diego, CA     10519
Kahn's Oakland, CA Kincaid, Cal   10396
Kelly, W. D., Dr. St. Paul, MN     10429
Kirks' Indian Store Phoenix, AZ & Manitou, CO Kirkpatrick, O. H.   10396
Kirks' Indian Store Phoenix, AZ & Manitou, CO Kirkpatrick, L. A.   10396
LaSalle Hotel Chicago, IL Stewart, Graeme Printed with his signature 10531
Lawton, R. M. & CO. St. Paul, MN   Real Estate 10429
Le Roy Rooms San Diego, CA     10519
Legion House Orange, CT Meyers, Mrs.   10454
Leon's Liquors San Diego, CA     10519
Little Shop Philadelphia, PA   1948; Gifts, Candsles, Rogers Silverware, etc… 10599
Lone Eagle Tea Room Kennebunkport, ME     10454
Madsen, S. T. & Co. Woburn, MA   Butter, Cheese & Eggs 10409
Malis, S., Mr. Washington, DC     10429
Marshall's Pantry Stillwater, ME     10454
Marsh's Pine Tree Lodge Bangor, ME   Photo of lodge 10454
Melton Mowbray Pork Pies Hollywood, CA     10396
Metropolitan Utilities Dist.     Admission Card for Dinner, April 9, 1945 10396
Mo. Mex. Motion Picture Corp. St. Louis, MO Brennan, Daniel B.   10396
Modern Auto and Tractor School San Francisco, CA Stafford, C. E.   10396
Montemarano, G. St. Paul, MN   Grocers 10429
Moran & Ingraham Syracuse, NY   Hoop Skirts & Fancy Goods 10409
Morse Mansion Bath, ME Flood, Clarence N. Antiques 10454
Mountain States Agency Denver, CO Stebbins, Raymond H. Insurance 10531
Murphy, Antonine, Rev. China     10429
N. S. Koos & Son Co. Grand Rapids, MI Riemersma, C. H. Fertilizer, Kenosha, WI 10531
Nanking Café San Diego, CA     10519
Nara, The San Francisco, CA     10396
National Life Minneapolis, MN Pierce, A. G.   10429
National Life Of Vermont St. Paul, MN Talbot, Bertram H.   10429
National Life Of Vermont St. Paul, MN Murphy, Wm. H.   10429
Notre Dame de Lourdes Minneapolis, MN Guillot, Joseph   10429
O. K. Buffet & Bar San Diego, CA George & John   10519
O. K. Sample Room Coal City, IL Dittberner, M. A. Meals 10429
Oceanlake Bakery and Coffee Shop   Weingart, William "Cleanliness at all times", 1940 10396
Odone, Rev. St. Paul, MN   On Back, "Written in a very nice handwriting by Mr. Nicholas Martinelli, of St. Paul, R.I.P." 10429
Orange Lantern Portland, OR     10396
Orange Mill Barbecue Bend, OR Dyer, Pauline & Jack   10396
Page, Spearing & Co. Guilford, ME   Crockery, China, etc…, 1894 Calendar 10454
Panama Café San Diego, CA Angus, C. M.   10519
Panama Café San Diego, CA Gregovich, Nick   10519
Panama Café San Diego, CA Kostich, Sam   10519
Paramount Locker Club & Grill San Diego, CA     10519
Pellegatti, F. New York, NY     10429
Reliance Life Ins. Co. St. Paul, MN Goduto, Angelo   10429
Reo Rooms San Diego, CA     10519
Robin Hood Inn Oakland, CA     10396
Rogers, Edward G.     596 Summit Ave. 10429
Rumsey Electric Co. Philadelphia, PA Henry, J. A.   10599
San Carlos Coffee Shop Yuma, AZ Dullas, Pete "Air cooled by refrigeration" 10396
Schaeffer, Harry D. Berks County   Candidate for Judge of Orphans' Court 10409
Shadows, The San Francisco, CA Rebmann, Carl & Genevieve   10396
Shanly, Geo. M. Oakland, CA   "Parlor Sets, Couches" 10396
Sherman Lodge New Haven, CT Neal, E. G., Mrs.   10454
Sigler, Wm. H., Dr. St. Paul, MN     10429
Skyliners, Outdoor Club Central Oregon Stafford, Cynthia Membership Card, 1929 10396
Skyliners, Outdoor Club Central Oregon Becker, Eleanor Club Secretary, who signed Membership Card for 1929. 10396
South Platte Valley Ass'n Lewellen High School McDaniel, Fern 1962 Faculty Pass 10396
Spexarth, Phyllis Mildred     Personal Calling Card 10396
Square Deal Clothing Co. St. Paul, MN Marks, S. H.   10429
St. Ignatius College Chicago, IL Ponziglione, Paul M. May 11, 1897 Written on back 10429
Stafford, Barbara Mae     Personal Calling Card 10396
Stickney, Bell & Co. Smethport, PA   Open house in 1890 10409
Tadich Grill San Francisco, CA Buich Bros.   10396
Thom McAn Safety Shoes Philadelphia, PA Crowley, V. J.   10599
Thomas & Betts Co. Philadelphia, PA Nelson, C. G. 1941 10599
Varady, Eva Astoria   School of dancing, singing, radio &TV 10409
Varga, Louis C. Garfield, NJ   Radio & TV Service 10409
Vonnegut, Alfred St. Paul, MN   Church goods 10429
Western Bud Saskatoon, Canada Dunn, Linus E. Brewing Co. 10531
Wood Specialty Shop Bangor, ME   Woodworking & Repair 10454
Wosk, Harry S. San Diego, CA   Jewelers & Clothiers, 1939 10519
Yankee Maine Enterprises New Harbor, ME Hanna, L. E. Lamps 10454
Yankee Maine Enterprises New Harbor, ME Hewlett, John Lamps 10454
Yorke, Harry H., Mrs. Wells, ME   Antiques 10454
Zomenimor, Vyisder Zenzaris, Orzis     10531
Zulich & Adams Adams, PA   Tonics 10409

Ancestor Info is a free access genealogy database, made up of dozens of smaller databases. We are different from many of the databases on the internet, because we own all of the materials we index. When you order information from us, we send you the original item or we copy the information directly from the original source.

We have hundreds of unique antiquarian sources with thousands of citations. Many of these books, documents and historical records are one of a kind or are extremely rare, but we have indexed them to assist in your research. We index biographies, directories, yearbooks, alumni guides, obituaries (necrology), tax books, journals, magazines etc... We might have ads from the old family business or family farm, salary or school records, an obituary which ranges from one paragraph to several pages long or records of war service. When we send you copies of this type of information, we also send the title page, any lists of abbreviations or other relevant pages.

We have thousands of biographies ranging from one paragraph to several pages long, and many of these include a photo, portrait or engraving. During the late 1800's and during the 1920's, (before the Great Depression came along) almost every area of the country did Who's Who type books of locally prominent people, and many clubs and civic groups did a directory featuring biographies and sometimes photos of their members. So even if your ancestor was not rich and famous, we might have them listed.

If your ancestors are in one of our high school or college yearbooks, we can send you copies of their photo or listing, but we also send copies of the school calendar, general interest photos of the school and classmates, and there is usually a section with jokes or corny stories. It is almost like visiting the school 75 years ago, while your ancestors were young. Some yearbooks also include information on faculty and alumni.

Our collection of several hundred original, vintage photographs includes antique photos of all types; cabinet cards, tintypes, carte-de-visite (CDV's), portraits and  real photo postcards (RPPC). We also have photo albums, group photos from family reunions, the workplace and schools. Most of these photos are over 75 years old.

Our ephemera collection has over 1,000 pieces includes vintage or antique documents, letters, billheads, invoices, postcards, wedding invitations, business cards, prescriptions, matchbook covers, Victorian trade cards, school programs and school souvenirs. Most of these items range from 50 to over 125 years old.

Whether you are researching your family roots (or lineage), we can help. Please check our database for all the branches and surnames from your family tree. We have also been able to assist writers and collectors in their background research on the history of people or companies in our database. We cover everything from birth records to obituaries, military service during the Civil War and World War 1, and almost every aspect of daily life and day to day business in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

While we charge a fee to send copies of information or original items, it is a small price to pay to find potentially valuable information from long ago (and it may even help with that brick wall you have been facing in your research).

Please use the on-site search engine at the top of this page to see what family treasures we may have waiting for you. Or visit our home page for a detailed overview of the resources we have available.

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